The Perception Empowerment Process (PEP)

Christopher Rudy
July – August 2023 • Vol 4, No 5

As early as 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, identified what he termed the “four temperaments” or what we now know as the four styles.

Hippocrates observed that each of the four styles had unique characteristics, and that the different styles could be identified using a variety of indicators… in answer to simple questions.

In the 20th Century, Carl Jung, the Father of Modern Psychology, re-identified these styles as the four archetypes of fire-spiritual, air-mental, water-emotional and earth-physical.

The psychology of styles has thus emerged as a powerful tool for self-assessment and personal empowerment, including:

  • Understanding your personal communication style;
  • Awareness of developed and undeveloped communication abilities;
  • Providing communication strategies to become more effective in your home or work environment.


Use the link above to open and print out the 6-page PDF for this program. This is not a “test,” just an objective self-assessment, without thinking about it too much. Your first impression—on a 1-to-10 scale—is your personal self-evident truth.

  • 1st) Total the three circled numbers in each cell, and place that number in the semi-circle to the right at the end of each cell.
  • 2nd) Add down the Love, Wisdom and Power rows of cells (on pgs. 3, 4 & 5) and place these totals in the triangles at the bottom right. Add these three totals to the top half of the Scoring Grid on the next page.
  • 3rd) Add across the Love, Wisdom and Power rows of cells and place the total in the appropriate semi-circle along the right-hand edges of the 3 pages. Then use the bottom half of the Scoring Grid to add up the Physical totals from the top rows of the three Love, Wisdom & Power pages (3, 4 & 5). That becomes your Physical subtotal. Now do the same for the second rows on the three pages to get your Emotional subtotal, then again for the third (Mental) and fourth (Spiritual) to get their subtotals. Add up all four quadrants to get your Total Score.
  • 4th) Check your math. If it is correct, the Total Scores for the three triangles and for the four rows of semi-circles should be the same.
  • 5th) Now, transpose your totals onto the Circle of Attainment as follows: Use the twelve scores found in the semicircles on pages 3, 4 & 5. Your Love scores will go into the pink “pie slices” under their four respective quadrants. Your Wisdom scores will go into the yellow “pie slices” in their four respective quadrants; your Power scores will go into the blue “pie slices” in their four respective quadrants.

Use the scoring codes shown (from 6 to 30) and place a large dot in the correct concentric, circular row, either closer to the center of the circle (for lower scores), or closer to the outer rim (for higher scores).

This will give you a visual representation of your strengths and challenges within Love, Wisdom and Power in the Four Quadrants of Being.

LOVE is the nurturing quality of gentleness, vision and acceptance. WISDOM is an awareness and understanding of how life works when you thrust with Power or cohere with Love. POWER is the action-oriented ability to carry through—the Power to co-Create with Wisdom and Love.

So, the three-fold Love, Wisdom and Power factors are distinct, yet integrated. They are the building blocks of personal growth and development… like the three basic colors that combine to produce an almost infinite variety of shades and hues. It is from a mixing and blending of Love, Wisdom and Power that all accomplishment springs.

The Perception Empowerment Process (PEP)
is simply recognizing that there is an endless variety of lenses
through which we can view the world.

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The ancient adage of Know Thy Self is the initiation
of Self-Mastery with Effective Sensory Perception.

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By witnessing your thoughts to become conscious of HOW you are conscious,
you can discern your developed talent as well as where you might be stuck.