Using Essential Oils in Food and Beverages

Maria Low
July – August 2022 • Vol 3, No 122

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, have you ever been disappointed with the taste? Have you ever wondered what happened to the delicious taste that you remember from days in the past of a cucumber, a zucchini or tomato?


The organic farmers can tell you why things have changed. For commercially raised food, natural principles of soil restoration are not followed.

If the soil is in an area where certain nutrients are not in the soil, it takes a lot of labor to improve the soil with compost. The essential pH and nutrients are needed to create the most wonderful alchemy to provide a vital plant and subsequent food vitality. If crops are not rested or rotated, the earth is not restored for the following seasons.

We need the various vitamins, minerals, major, minor and trace compounds and essential oils that are found in root vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, fruits, sea vegetables and seeds that are grown in rich, fertile soils. However, depleted soil is not the only way plants are depleted in the modern world. Improper cooking techniques, high temperatures, microwaves, and not chewing properly also cause deficiencies in the human body.

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