The Four Animal Protectors

Michele Lewis, CFSP
July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

In the last issue, I wrote about enhancing the outdoor area around your front entry. This time, let’s discuss incorporating Feng Shui principles in your garden and landscaping, as well as your entire outdoor space. One important aspect of our immediate external environment is its ability to protect us from destructive energy, as well as enhancing and magnetizing positive qi.

In Land Form Feng Shui, there are four “protectors” that are naturally occurring in the environment. These can also be created through landscaping and creative garden design. The four animals that symbolize this protective energy are: the black tortoise, the red phoenix, the green dragon and the white tiger (the fifth protector, the snake, resides within the dwelling).

The tortoise, with his high, rounded, protective shell should reside at the rear of the house/yard. In the natural environment, this would be a rounded hilltop. A building that is taller than your home that is to the rear will also provide some protection. If you have neither of these, you can create an energetic shelter by planting tall trees.

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