from Mark Pederson’s “Nutritional Herbology”

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
July-August 2017 • Vol 3, No 93

Herbs make up a special part of our gardens. Many of them will grow in most soil conditions, even indoors, and they are perennials— coming back year after year. The herbs that I’ve found to be easy to grow and mostly deer-resistant here in the mountains of Montana are: thyme, golden and green oregano, yarrow, lavender, lemon balm, the mint family, comfrey, dandelion, nettles, and of course, all kinds of garlic and onions.

Very hardy rosemary will take over, so keep it contained. Parsley is a bi-annual and needs to be resown every other year. Basil does not like the wind or cold, so I purchase mine. Then there are the annuals, such as dill, fennel, chamomile, calendula, chickweed, and many others that will reseed themselves most years.

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