The Garden/Farm Revolution

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
September-October 2018 • Vol 3, No 100

Following the natural cycles and seasons of Mother Nature, autumn is a time of layering her debris left behind from the harvesting of the fruits of her labor. This ground debris sits under winter’s blanket of snow, which for me last year began the first week of September. The breaking-down process utilizes soil microbes, turning vegetation back into soil for next year’s plant growth. Mother Nature is very efficient—she recycles everything. (See “The Humic/Fulvic Missing Link: It’s in the Leaves!” NLND Jul–Aug ‘16.)

The dirt beneath your feet is the key foundation to future healthy plants—and for us as we eat them.
I chose this natural method of mulch gardening years ago. I then combined it with the layered, “lasagna” and straw-bale methods. (See “Straw Bale Gardens—Breakthrough Method,” NLND May–June ‘15.) The mystic Anastasia, in The Ringing Cedar Series, also agrees with the natural layering process, reminding us that our planet Earth responds well to being worked, touched and caressed by loving human hands, using small hand tools. (See “Ancient Wisdom for Planting Seeds,” NLND Nov–Dec ‘17.)

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