Using Astrological Chants to Enhance and Enrich Your Life

Kathleen Karlsen
November – December 2019 • Vol 3, No 107

The holiday season brings to mind the ever-present story of the Wise Men who followed a star to find the baby Jesus. Clearly, astrology is an important science! In fact, some experts in Eastern disciplines view astrology as the main Vedic science connected to mantras.

In his book, Manta Yoga and Primal Sound, David Frawley explains the association: “Mantras work on a subtle level that reflects the same forces as the planets and stars. While astrological positions are patterns of cosmic light, mantras are patterns of cosmic sound.”

One of the most amazing things about Vedic astrology and the use of mantras is that you don’t have to know whether a particular planet is placed well in your chart or not. Although a deeper knowledge of astrology or a consultation with a Vedic astrologer can be extremely helpful, astrological mantras function like adaptogens.

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