Natural All-Purpose Cleaner & Garden Booster

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
May-June 2018 • Vol 3, No 98

Our garden is planted, the compost pile is organized, and summer vacations are in mind. I start thinking about my two favorite things to do on vacation and when visiting family. One is to visit other gardens and the other is to check out the health-food stores in that area.

Years back, on a trip to Malaysia, I noticed that all the health-food stores had this system set up to make a fermented enzyme from garden and kitchen compost. The final product was available for sale with instructions on how to make your own, which I’m including here. Imagine! An all-purpose household cleaner and disinfectant, an air purifier, an insecticide and pesticide, organic fertilizer, and environmental ozone booster, even for clearing drainpipes—all from my kitchen and garden scraps?

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