How I Used the Power of Sanskrit Mantras to Heal My Throat

Kathleen Karlsen
March – April 2019 • Vol 3, No 103

When I first began chanting, I had been on thyroid medication for over twenty years. The thyroid is the largest organ associated directly with the throat. According to esoteric teachings, the throat is the seat of power where emotions, intentions, praise, and criticism are all expressed.

The women in my extended family have struggled with thyroid issues for generations. On a physical level, my genetics for this particular organ are probably not ideal. Energetically speaking, the throat is a place of both vulnerability and strength. This can be heard in many of our idiomatic expressions. To attack someone else with lethal intent is to “go for the throat.” To put forth great effort is to “grab something by the throat.”

Chanting is a fantastic tool for creating a healthy, balanced thyroid because the vibrations of singing pass directly through the thyroid gland. There are also specific sounds that are precisely connected to the throat chakra.

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