Recognizing the Need for Protection May Be the Other Half.

Kathleen Karlsen
September – October 2019 • Vol 3, No 106

The old mansion in Chestnut Hills was three stories high, including an attic apartment. There were thirteen rooms for rent. I was in my early twenties and new in town with very little experience living on my own. I responded to an ad, rented a room and started a job in a restaurant downtown.

Shortly after settling in, I found a spiritual organization that appealed deeply to me. I began to attend regular study groups and services. This particular path was going to be a central influence on my soul’s journey for decades to come. My association with the group was a significant milestone.

One day a few months later, a friend I had met at work came over to visit me at the mansion. The phone in the kitchen rang while we were getting something to eat. My friend answered and went upstairs to let the couple in the attic apartment know that they had a call. There were no cell phones or wireless phones back then!

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