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Our Hand Gestures Are Sacred—

Let’s Use Them More Consciously!

David Christopher Lewis
November – December 2022 • Vol 4, No 1

Our hands are sacred extensions of our hearts when we are involved in any loving activity that serves life and others. Consider the lesser-known chakras within our hands that are activated whenever we engage them in sacred work. Beautiful energies are emitted from them, which are a blessing and a boon. Our consciousness is extended through our arms, hands and fingers, which expand the reach of our heart chakra. They are close to the level of our heart chakra, so its energy can move through our arms, hands and fingers to help heal and benefit life.

Consider all the gestures that we make and the things that we do with our hands. We can choose to make these gestures much more consciously and often more slowly, as if engaging in Tai Chi or Qi Gong movements. What we put our attention upon, we become. We may engage with the Eternal Now by using our hands more reverently and holily, with honor, respect and conscious attention, because we are magnifying everything with the energies that flow through them.

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Mysteries Unveiled—Aquarius Rising

A Reflection of Universal LOVE in the Global Mind

Christopher Lee Rudy
November – December 2022 • Vol 4, No 1

Those who know my story as a ‘metaphysician’ are likely aware that I regard the process of holistic healing for our global civilization in much the way as I view holistic healing for an individual. The same principles are at the heart of a parallel process.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions
of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson called that process “general enlightenment.” It sparked the American Revolution, thanks to Thomas Paine’s famous ‘wake-up call,’ with the most successful political writings in history, his Common Sense.

Today, this process of general enlightenment is being called ‘The Great Awakening.’ And its parallels to 1776 are amazing. Of course, now it’s a global affair.

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The Big Picture of the Aquarian Reset

Aquarius Will Be Known as the Quantum Age

Christopher Lee Rudy
September – October 2022 • Vol 3, No 123

The Aquarian Age will be the Quantum Age. We accelerated through the Industrial Age into the Space Age, and now the Quantum Age… and we’re still wrapping our heads around that! After thousands of years traveling only as fast as a horse would go, consider how we’ve gone from horse-and-buggy to the International Space Station in about a century.

Over the last 100 years, our Solar System passed through the intense quantum light of our Galactic Plane’s Photon Belt. Just as laser light can carry thousands of TV frequencies, Earth’s quantum field has been influenced by the collective Source Field of billions of other solar systems—all in alignment with the GREAT CENTRAL SUN.

Now we are entering the Aquarian sector, and the Great Awakening in the Photon Belt has initiated global quantum reality—a ’Unified-Field Consciousness’ of HOW we are conscious via the Universal Language of Light and the Cosmic Law of LOVE.

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Remain Heart-Centered & Healthy

Through Daily Meditation

David Christopher Lewis
September – October 2022 • Vol 3, No 123

When we enter into the stillness of our inner being and find the light of our Source present and centered there, that light is a witness to all that is vibrating throughout the cosmos. As we still our mind, our emotions, and our thoughts and feelings, we co-create with the Divine an intimate opportunity for communion of the highest order. We may experience an infusion throughout our being of that quiescent energy of Spirit. Spirit moves through us and all about us. The light affects the core of our being and leads us to Self-realization and enlightenment.

There are many forms that meditation can take. There are guided meditations, meditation in nature, walking meditation, meditation in complete silence. We can maintain a continuous level of meditation throughout the day in which we remain centered in our Divine Presence, being mindful and heart-centered and embodying love, peace and joy.

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The Great Aquarian Awakening:

12 Keynotes for Revelations

Christopher Lee Rudy
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

An unprecedented drama is playing out on the global screen of life. To say that this is a Time of Revelations is an understatement. There are 12 keynotes—12 frames of reference—for incrementally unveiling this Revelations drama of our changing world order. “Inch-by-inch, it’s a cinch. Yard-by-yard, it is hard!”

The Big Picture of Aquarian Transformation is definitely greater than the Sum of these 12 perspectives for the Great Awakening. Beyond the politically correct, ‘woke’ narrative is the conscientious, evolutionary ascent of each one’s awareness. Some call it a paradigm shift—others refer to it as a quantum or dimensional shift. So, celebrate the Great Awakening by digesting the food for thought in these 12 keynotes. Chew thoroughly, and enjoy!

The genesis of this drama is accelerated change in our world, due to a shift in the quantum-field energies, ‘morphing the matrix’ into an Aquarian Frequency Shift. We were winning from the beginning of this genesis, which is facilitated through our new ‘Net reality’—the instant, everywhere, interactive, communication capabilities now defining a global village—The Family of Mankind.

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Astrology as Nature • Kevin Raphael Fitch

With this in mind, what new potentials for spirit-education exist when we invest time in nature, while bringing in a greater awareness of the stars and planets?

Kevin Raphael Fitch
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

Most people seek recreation, peace and a return to wholeness through investing time in and with nature. They hike along a sinuous trail up the side of a mountain; they white-water raft; they relax on a beach or by a river. The cyclic lives of the planets, constellations and stars in their interrelationships is simply more of nature, informing it with deeper meaning.

Astrology as nature brings this celestial science up close, for daily and even hourly observation and experience. To behold a rainforest or a mountain stream or an open field in this way is to reimagine nature linked to far-off worlds. One can begin to live with the energies and forces that are ordinarily displayed in astrological charts. We can experience them as living realities of those same energies while we walk to and from our homes, strive at our jobs, or sit talking with our friends.

We do these things naturally and along with nature. So, as we extend our definition of nature to include everything that lives beyond this world, then, by default, we can bring into our energetic perspective more of the living beauty of Earth, plus the domain of the rest of our solar system and beyond.

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Timeless Teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

One of the Great Spiritual Teachers of the 20th Century

David Christopher Lewis
January – February 2022 • Vol 3, No 119

Of all the more recent spiritual teachers who have promoted what I consider to be advanced teachings worthy of study and application as we strive to initiate the Age of Aquarius, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov is probably the least known in the United States of America, yet also among the greatest of the 20th century. Born in 1900 in an area of Macedonia that is now part of Bulgaria, he met the Master Peter Deunov in 1917 and studied with him for 20 years before Deunov sent him to France in 1937 and before Bulgaria was overrun by the Nazis in World War II. Omraam delivered over 4500 talks over the next 49 years, passing from this world on Christmas Day in 1986. His teachings were given completely orally, yet have been transcribed and translated into over 40 languages and are primarily available in book form.

The Master, as he was called after returning from a year-long trip to India in 1959, during which he was given the name Omraam, promoted a natural and practical lifestyle that is rich in spiritual practices, including silent meditation at dawn before the sunrise, a vegetarian diet, singing prayerful songs, working closely with nature, and communing with divine spirits. Among these are numerous angels, who can inspire disciples to understand the holy sciences and the arts of conscious living. His talks were sublime and poignant to meet the challenges of his time, as well as now and are replete with practical wisdom that only a true sage can deliver.

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Hate~Woke~Wake~Hope!—Finding Common Ground

A Cosmic Perspective by Mike Adams from the Health Ranger’s “Situation Update” Podcast

Mike Adams
Jan – Feb 2022 • Vol 3, No 119

EDITOR—This is excerpted and transcribed from one of Mike Adams’ week-night podcasts, where he presents his analysis of current events via his alternative Internet platforms: and This Situation Update, broadcast on November 23, 2021, was titled: Australia Begins Covid Ethnic-Cleansing, Military Round-ups of Indigenous People. This issue is horrible in itself and well worth learning about. However, the chosen excerpts here are from Mike’s opening and closing remarks, where he takes a broader perspective and waxes philosophical. He asks us to establish common ground, where people of all persuasions can agree that they value their freedom and their bodily autonomy—God-given rights that no government should infringe upon.

Welcome to the Situation Update for Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021. This is Mike Adams. Thank you for joining me. I’m having a lot of difficulty putting together today’s Situation Update, because there’s so much chaos and confusion as we’re watching society fall apart—the Rule of Law, the DOJ and the FBI coming in and destroying as much evidence as possible on the Wakesha, Wisconsin SUV killer, which happened over the weekend. We’re seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We’re seeing the warning signs of the bioweapons release that’s coming and more push for more vaccines, including Fauci now saying he wants to vaccinate infants and toddlers, beginning in the first quarter of 2022…

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We All Need “Light on the Path”

& “Love on the Path Home”

David Christopher Lewis
July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

This wonderful magazine shares fantastic articles from health-conscious practitioners and advocates across Montana. We all desire to make a difference by both practicing and promoting lifestyles and modalities that honor the image and likeness in which our Creator has fashioned us—what “nature intended.” Through our own experiences and that of others, we’ve learned that when we move afield from our intended pathway by ingesting unnatural, chemically altered, modified, or biologically manipulated foods, drinks, and drugs, or when we engage in risky or dark behaviors and activities, our bodies, minds and spirits suffer, which allows disease or depressed states to set in.

Conversely, when we return to living as close to nature as possible—eating organically grown fruits, berries, melons, nuts, seeds, vegetables and herbs (preferably local and fresh), and when we act with loving-kindness, our bodies respond and restore us to health, vitality and well-being.

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The Great Awakening and Future of ‘Normal’

“Shift Happens!”

Christopher Lee Rudy
July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

For the last 50 years, I’ve leapt ‘ahead of my time’ pioneering the new frontier of ‘inner space’—the ‘InnerNet’ at the heart of the Internet. But this last year, the times have caught up with me. The future of now has arrived! It’s Being Called… ‘The Great Awakening.’

This ‘new normal’ is a paradigm shift—a reset of our world view. It is also known as a Dimensional Shift, or ‘General Enlightenment’ or simply, if you know your Bible, ‘Revelation.’ It’s a global rEVOLUTION (emphasizing 90% of the word).

As a visionary futurist who lectured at Buckminster Fuller’s World Game Studies Workshop in 1974—followed a few months later with an address to ten agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill — I’ve had five decades to ‘imagineer’ the optimal media, medical, and market megatrends shaping Golden Age models of sovereignty and Global Holistic Healing.

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