Astrology as Nature • Kevin Raphael Fitch

With this in mind, what new potentials for spirit-education exist when we invest time in nature, while bringing in a greater awareness of the stars and planets?

Kevin Raphael Fitch
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

Most people seek recreation, peace and a return to wholeness through investing time in and with nature. They hike along a sinuous trail up the side of a mountain; they white-water raft; they relax on a beach or by a river. The cyclic lives of the planets, constellations and stars in their interrelationships is simply more of nature, informing it with deeper meaning.

Astrology as nature brings this celestial science up close, for daily and even hourly observation and experience. To behold a rainforest or a mountain stream or an open field in this way is to reimagine nature linked to far-off worlds. One can begin to live with the energies and forces that are ordinarily displayed in astrological charts. We can experience them as living realities of those same energies while we walk to and from our homes, strive at our jobs, or sit talking with our friends.

We do these things naturally and along with nature. So, as we extend our definition of nature to include everything that lives beyond this world, then, by default, we can bring into our energetic perspective more of the living beauty of Earth, plus the domain of the rest of our solar system and beyond.

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Hate~Woke~Wake~Hope!—Finding Common Ground

A Cosmic Perspective by Mike Adams from the Health Ranger’s “Situation Update” Podcast

Mike Adams
Jan – Feb 2022 • Vol 3, No 119

EDITOR—This is excerpted and transcribed from one of Mike Adams’ week-night podcasts, where he presents his analysis of current events via his alternative Internet platforms: and This Situation Update, broadcast on November 23, 2021, was titled: Australia Begins Covid Ethnic-Cleansing, Military Round-ups of Indigenous People. This issue is horrible in itself and well worth learning about. However, the chosen excerpts here are from Mike’s opening and closing remarks, where he takes a broader perspective and waxes philosophical. He asks us to establish common ground, where people of all persuasions can agree that they value their freedom and their bodily autonomy—God-given rights that no government should infringe upon.

Welcome to the Situation Update for Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021. This is Mike Adams. Thank you for joining me. I’m having a lot of difficulty putting together today’s Situation Update, because there’s so much chaos and confusion as we’re watching society fall apart—the Rule of Law, the DOJ and the FBI coming in and destroying as much evidence as possible on the Wakesha, Wisconsin SUV killer, which happened over the weekend. We’re seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We’re seeing the warning signs of the bioweapons release that’s coming and more push for more vaccines, including Fauci now saying he wants to vaccinate infants and toddlers, beginning in the first quarter of 2022…

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Living with a Terminal Diagnosis

“A Powerful Emotional & Spiritual Journey”

Connie Myslik-McFadden
January – February 2021 • Vol 3, No 113

When a coffee mug slips out of Celeste O’Connell’s hand and shatters on her tile floor, she realizes something is terribly wrong with her. The recent stumbles on the stairs, the deepening of her voice, the weakness in her right arm and leg, are part of a mysterious pattern of frightening changes in her body.

Celeste is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She struggles to accept her fate and the loss of everything she loves—her husband, her college-age children, her work, and the rugged, spectacular Montana environment in which she lives. She creates a bucket list and tries to complete everything on the list, but as her symptoms worsen, she finds she cannot. A startling dream leads Celeste to a therapist who helps her explore her dreams and long-neglected beliefs about life and death.

Celeste thought about the Ten Commandments. How many had she broken? She had not committed adultery (though tempted twice), nor stolen, nor murdered anyone. Well, maybe in her heart once or twice. She had certainly taken the name of the Lord in vain, swearing more times than she wanted anyone, especially God, to know. She definitely coveted her neighbor’s gorgeous log home on a knoll high above the river. And what about the first commandment? ‘Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and soul,’ that one. Not even close. How could she obey that first commandment when she wasn’t even sure God existed? He or She was an idea, not a reality.

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Graduating Earth’s Schoolroom

Is Your Decision-Making Generated by Spirit?

Tara Maier
January – February 2021 • Vol 3, No 113

A common theme of separation has woven its way through the lives of my clients this past year. In addition to the loss of relationships, the pandemic has created even more isolation. This phenomenon was foretold to me in a hypnosis session of mine in 2018. I was shown a metaphor comparing our souls to small sticks and the Earth to a giant log. This log was covered in glue, and the sticks were cast onto it, fusing together in a crisscrossed, jumbled heap of karmic ties.

My guides said that, now, this glue is beginning to crack and the sticks are breaking loose; however, it is up to each soul to free him or herself completely. We must uncross ourselves from these karmic relationships and learn to stand alone. Once all sticks are free standing and whole within themselves, we will come back together in a nice, neat bundle and ascend. I believe this is the existential purpose of the solitude we have all been experiencing.

Dolores Cannon—the founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that I practice—foretold of a split in realities in her book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. Her thousands of clients were shown a future probability during their hypnosis sessions. The similarities in each account are uncanny. The Higher Selves and Spirit Guides of these clients explained how those who were a vibrational match would ascend to an ethereal realm while those who still had 3rd dimensional lessons to learn would remain in this world to participate in a slow evolution.

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Sacred Tears

Discovering the Life You Long to Live

Robyn Bridges
November-December 2020 • Vol 3, No 112

We live in such extraordinarily hard times! With the advent of Covid-19, fear is rampant, masks and distancing are mandated, and many are experiencing sorely diminished income and travel restrictions. Wild natural phenomena—floods, fires and hurricanes—are destroying homes and displacing animals and lives. It seems we are beset on all sides by seemingly endless wars and famine in the world, and by civil and political unrest and divisions. It’s such a challenge to find peace amidst all this chaos!

We each have a sacred task during this time, and it’s up to us to recognize it and take action. We can all serve others as we access loving responses to stress, stay in the present moment, and speak with conscious awareness. In addition, there are those who, if not caught in trauma-shock, are feeling called to engage in the world as never before. Some forge ahead on the front lines of social justice.

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Buddha Breathing Technique

for Personal & Planetary Well-Being

David Christopher Lewis
September-October 2020 • Vol 3, No 111

At the Hearts Center, we have practiced different techniques for breathing and meditation, all of which provide great benefits for our lives and the lives of those around us. What are the benefits of practicing Buddha Breathing regularly? Consciously breathing in light, prana or chi strengthens the immune system, brings physical vitality and health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and spiritual upliftment.

The practice of breathing meditation draws our attention to holding a powerful focus of love within ourselves, which we can offer wholeheartedly for the healing and wholeness of family, friends, colleagues and all others across the entire Earth. There are no limits to the expanse or the inclusiveness of our loving embrace.

It reminds us to use the challenges we experience in our own lives to connect with the challenges others are experiencing, and to actively assist them through our focused intention to cope with and transform those challenges.

We become powerful generators of love, light and joy for happiness and contentment across the planet.

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20 Years into the Millennium—But Who’s Counting?

Numerological Significance of 2020

Barbara Michael-Grover
January-February 2020 • Vol 3, No 108

Tempus fugit! Here we are in 2020! Seems like yesterday we were all anxious about the turning of the century into a new millennium (2000 and beyond). For example, we were anxious about the possible “Y2K crisis.” Some believed computes would crash. As it turned out, that was a “tempest in a teapot.” But, by contrast, the traumatic events of 9/11 have changed our world and taken away some of our personal freedoms as a result.

We all wondered, especially Numerologists and Astrologers, how the coming millennial years’ events would turn out. Now, 20 years later in retrospect, we see the unfolding of events, both individually and globally. The archetypical energy themes played out year-by-year have been dramatic and earth-changing, with political upheaval, mass immigration throughout the world, financial collapse, and huge divisions in public opinion, sometimes orchestrated by mass media, have polarized families, acquaintances, communities, and nations.

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A Past-Life Message to Humanity—

Letting Go of the Stories of Our Past

Tara Maier
November-December 2019 • Vol 3, No 107

During a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, a female client viewed a past life as a medieval soldier. The man’s name was Banyon, and he was incredibly strong and courageous. He exuded confidence, as he confronted a mad king about the impending fall of his kingdom due to the dictator’s own greed, gluttony, and incompetence. As conquering forces encroached the village, Banyon led the townsfolk to safety and left the king to his demise.

Years later, Banyon, living peacefully in a small mountain cabin, was approached by the soldiers of a new king. They asked him to fight for them, as his valor in battle was renowned throughout the land. Once again, Banyon displayed his confidence, as he spoke with this new ruler and declared that he would only lead the soldiers of a monarch who put his subjects before himself. Only after the king proved himself to be loyal to his people did Banyon go to fight for him.

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Solar Sciences of the Spirit —

Solar Meditation, Solar Gazing & Solar Health Practices

David Christopher Lewis
November-December 2019 • Vol 3, No 107

Spiritual seekers of today who desire to deepen their experience of the Divine can benefit from the powerful energies of the sun through the solar sciences. Allowing solar light to stimulate one’s physical body, aura and chakras is an ancient science that can accelerate intuition and inner peace to flow through our consciousness, being, and world.

Knowing and practicing the solar sciences of the spirit will become commonplace and popular as the sensitive ones use their inner gifts and higher talents to co-create conscious communities of light within a quickly evolving, solar civilization.

Solar meditation is a practice that involves arising early and greeting the source of all life-giving energies, the sun.

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What Is Paradise Like?

It’s Beyond Our Fondest Dreams!

David Lundberg
September-October 2019 • Vol 3, No 106

My belief in an afterlife began at a young age and was strengthened at age 20 when a radiant sun appeared before me. I then knew there was something more, beyond our Earth life, that awaited us. In the last several years, I set out to discover what else I could find on the afterlife, deciding to research in depth various descriptions about it. I learned a lot, and can only conclude that Paradise is most definitely real. Souls who live there report that it’s important for everyone to have a greater awareness of the varying experiences that await us after we leave the Earth.

Another name for Paradise is the “Summerland.” It has also been called, depending on the source, the “upper astral plane” or the “lower etheric octave.” It is an environment of great loveliness, more beautiful than Earth. There are also countless reports of “higher realms” beyond the Paradise level, even more beautiful, joy-filled, and peaceful.

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