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The Esoteric Empath

Managing Empathy with Metaphysical Practice

Raven Digitalis
July-August 2017 • Vol 3, No 93

Living in Missoula is a great blessing. Having grown up here, and especially now as I co-operate a nonprofit multicultural temple, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a wide array of beautiful, kind, and empathetic individuals—indeed there is something special and sacred about these here parts! Empathy is on the rise in the world, and NW America is a shining example of this reality.

Though interpretations of empathy may be numerous, the essence remains the same through and through: empathy is the experience of emotionally mirroring or absorbing surrounding emotions. Additionally, and most importantly, the experience of empathy requires a response of compassion.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis

Looking at the Inner Truth When the Inklings of Disturbance Manifest

Connie Myslik-McFadden
May-June 2017 • Vol 3, No 92

Dear Connie,
I seem to be lurching from one crisis to another. I rear-ended someone last month, and the cost to repair my car was much more than our insurance will cover. I’m dealing with an injury to my neck, which is painful and is taking time and money to heal. The company I work for is going through major changes and I’m in danger of losing the position I’ve had for nine years. On top of that, our four-year-old Husky got out of our fenced yard last week and we haven’t seen her since. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Can you help?
Sincerely, —Sheila

Dear Sheila,
I’m sorry you’ve had so many crises in such a short period of time! Your feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm seem quite normal given what you’re going through. I will try to give you a spiritual perspective on these crises, which may make them easier to deal with.

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Barron Trump

An Astrological Look at the President’s Son

Jean Hart
March-April 2017 • Vol 3, No 91

It’s a bouncing baby boy! Yes, Barron Trump was bouncing when he was born. Uranus on his ascendant (rules his physical body) can make him jittery and seem like he can’t be still. Tall and lanky now at 10 years old, he has that Aquarian bounce when he walks. He also carries that awkward shyness that is the trait of a young boy with a 29-critical-degree decan, which puts Libra as the backdrop of that Aquarius on his ascendant. He will be a busy boy.

He is cute now and truly is going to be handsome, charming, restless, and always on the move when older. He is still just a boy, however, and I hope the media gets that and leaves him alone, because his chart shows he is very sensitive.

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