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Natural Joint Repair

Without Pain Pills or Surgery—My Story

Clint Branger
March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3

My name is Clint Branger, and I am 58 years old. I was born in Red Lodge and raised in Roscoe where I live today. I’m sharing this story as a way of giving back a little bit for what I got. I feel good about saying what has happened with my knee, as it has really changed my life. Perhaps my story can help others know about this amazing medical opportunity.

When I was a Junior in high school, I was pole vaulting and didn’t have a spotter. I landed wrong and really messed up my knee. I had to have knee surgery at 18 years old. The doctors did a good job back then, and my knee recovered to function wonderfully for me for many years.

I grew up on the ranch and began bull-riding when I was 12. At 20 I started traveling the rodeo circuit full time. I sustained lots of injuries and really abused my knee a lot through my bull-riding years. I learned real quick when I got off a bull that if I didn’t have a good spot I would just land on my knee—which was better than landing on my foot—but it really abused it. It was amazing what my body was able to endure all those years, but I never gave my knee a break, and it really caught up with me later in life.

A typical day on my ranch involves being on horseback for about 4 hours per day. We ride on some of the steepest country, and are on our horses constantly as we move cattle. Doing that all day long wears you out, and you get tired.

In 2018 I was blessed to marry my wife Janna, and we now have the pleasure of running both my ranch in MT and her ranch in WY together. Her ranch requires us to be on horseback all day long, which really impacted my knee. Ever since I started those longer days of riding, I began noticing my knee starting to hurt quite a bit.

It started with an arthritic pain in my knee that was a constant annoyance. I would push through the pain and live with it, but I didn’t enjoy it. While working, my mind would be so focused on my work that I could endure the pain. But I would really feel it most when I was trying to relax and had time to think about it. When I would get up to walk, my knee would really hurt, and it was becoming a real problem. Arthritis pain is hard to explain, but when you are bone-on-bone on the inside of the knee, it really hurts.

The longer hours on horseback pushed me to the edge, as it was really impacting me, and I was ready to do anything to fix it. People said I might need a knee replacement. It seemed everyone around me was talking about getting knee replacements. That was all I knew to do in order to stop being in pain.

I was determined to do all I could to get it replaced, but being a type 1 diabetic, I was required to put off knee replacement surgery until I could get my blood sugar levels down in order to avoid infection. I successfully lowered my A1C and got myself lined up for surgery in the Fall of 2022.

Then I saw an ad on Instagram for the Joint Repair Clinic of MT and their natural alternatives to surgery. It caught my eye, and I thought I should look into the option for avoiding surgery. I talked with the doctor on the phone, and we went over my x-rays and discussed a treatment program that would help re-cushion my joints and lubricate my knee to take away the pain.

In my mind, I could relate that to putting hydraulic fluid in there, and it made sense to me as to how that could really help. I thought it was worth giving this a try before going through an irreversible replacement surgery. In the spring of 2022, I began my treatment program. Within a few days of the PRP treatment, I started to feel some noticeable results. It was just amazing to no longer feel the pain—it was really gone!

Ranch life requires me to keep pushing through. The work has to get done. Before getting help from the Joint Repair Clinic of MT, depending on how much work I was doing, it would get to where it was really a lot of misery. The pain was impacting my ability to fully enjoy my life. Now I no longer suffer from the arthritic pain in my knee like I did before. I can once again enjoy the simple things I love, like spending time with my wife.

A short while ago, we had a really long day up in the mountains in the BigHorn Basin and on the way out, it was mostly downhill—I started to feel a little reminder of the pain in my knee, and I was concerned about what the next day was going to be like, but when I got up the next day, there was no pain! It was a miracle—the pain is gone, and it has been such a blessing to be able to enjoy life without pain again.

Prior to the treatment, my arthritic knee hurt no matter what I was doing. Even when just sitting, eating or laying down to sleep. The pain was there all the time—it didn’t have a day off!

After the treatment, I have no arthritic pain—it is incredible—it is truly gone!

I can enjoy life that much more now that I don’t have the pain, and I am so thankful that I found the Joint Repair Clinic of MT and got their help.

The Joint Repair Clinic of Montana (with locations in Bozeman, Billings, Missoula, and Helena) has been helping many Montanans attain great results from arthritis, joint pain, and peripheral neuropathy. The professional staff uses measurable, scientific testing and x-rays to understand what is going on with your joints to help determine what may be the source of your pain. They can help you learn about the natural options that may be available for you and offer personalized-care programs to help your body naturally. They utilize the tissue from donated umbilical cords from live-birth, healthy moms and healthy babies, which helps the cushioning in your joints. Care packages can include Human Umbilical Cord Tissue (HUCT) allograft injections, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), chiropractic, home exercise coaching, nutritional supplements and dietary guidelines. Our Bozeman location offers additional pain management options including various ozone and light therapies. Call (406) 551-1787 today and mention this article to receive the discounted $49 consultation. 

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Spring Is in the Air!

Finding What Switches on Your Happy Hormones

Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT, P.Tr.
March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3

Dear Dr. Ma,

I remember being silly, curious, creative, and adventurous. But now I find myself tired, moody, worrying, and dragging through my day. What is my problem?

— Donna

Dear Donna,

If you find yourself in an arm-wrestling match with your hormones, who do you think is going to win? Your hormones, of course! As sunlight-activated chemical, hormonal, and energetic beings, it’s well known, through research and scientific studies, that every impulse, message, thought, feeling, and action throughout our bodies is sent out, regulated, monitored, and activated by a specific chemical hormone carrier—at the speed of LIGHT.

Everything, from the rhythmic beating of our heart and the peristaltic action of our digestive tract, to eyesight and whether you are seeing blue versus black, to whether you are tasting sweet or sour, to mood swings and hot flashes, is governed by hormones. Yet—and this is key—you, and only you, are in charge of that switch that turns those happy hormones on or not.

Why is that different for everyone? Because we all have different memories and experiences that activate chemicals and hormones. For example, turn the dial on the radio from Bach to Country Western and feel what kind of energy uplifts you. If I put a polka on, my mom, in her late eighties, turns into a different person instantaneously—lighthearted and dancing around the house! For others, it could be Christmas music, or oldies, or a waltz. So, number one, music moves your energy either up or down. You could sing, hum, or whistle while you work—it’s your choice. You are in control of that switch.

Number two is your sense of smell. With food, it’s the aroma of fresh-baked bread, or mama’s home-made apple pie. For others it’s the smell of pizza that gets them drooling. You name it—Italian, Chinese, Mexican, or a hamburger and fries. (By the way, pound for pound, DATES activate more happy hormones than chocolate, but without the calories, and they’re low on the glycemic index.)

Number three is—everything else! What flips MY switch into happy hormones? It’s horses and babies, flowers and colors, sunrise and the warmth of sunshine. It’s a breath of fresh air. And seeing seedlings sprouting in my garden sends my happy hormones through the roof… The list is endless.

So, find what switches on your happy hormones and love your happy life. Let Spring be the beginning of your new year. Get off to a great start; make it count.

—Dr. Ma

Send your questions to Dr. Ma La Shomb, N.D., LMT, P.Tr., by text only, along with your name and phone number, to (406) 224-5425. Email to Marlenea passionately works as a health coach and writer for all who are ready to find harmony and balance in body, mind, and soul through natural therapies and education.

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Bowenwork: Great for the Feet

And Just About Anything Else!

Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3

I have been a Bowenwork practitioner for over six years now. During that time, I have seen some amazing results through this gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork. There are so many applications that would be too numerous to write about them here. Here’s what I tell those that want to know what it can do: “If you have an issue, there is generally a Bowenwork procedure or a set of moves for that.” Babies to seniors and everyone in between can benefit from this effective modality.

Living in Montana gives me the unique opportunity to share this little-known form of bodywork to my clients. When they come in for a massage for the first time, I make sure to let them know of this form of bodywork, so they can have an opportunity to try it. They totally have a choice whether to receive a hands-on, full-body massage or Bowenwork. Most of the time, they choose Bowenwork, because their condition has not resolved with massage—or with any other treatment for that matter.

What do I say that compels them to give it a try? Well, I usually tell them that it resets the body’s “fight-or-flight,” sympathetic nervous system. It gives the body the tools it needs to heal. When the session is complete, they will be very relaxed. And I tell them that Bowenwork is a system of moves along muscles and connective tissues that enhances the body’s innate ability to heal, creating balance and resetting the nervous system out of “stress mode.”

In his booklet, “Understanding the Bowen Technique,” John Wilks describes Bowenwork as a very gentle form of natural healing. In order to appreciate its subtlety and depth, the therapy really needs to be experienced. These booklets are available to inform the client about Bowenwork. (To learn more, read my previous articles in this magazine, archived here.)

Bowenwork is different from a regular massage in that I will apply a few moves, then step away from the client and let the body “receive and process” for a couple of minutes or longer, depending on the procedure being applied. I then will continue with the process of applying a few more moves and let the body respond by stepping away for another couple of minutes, until the procedure or session is complete.

One of the key areas that Bowenwork addresses is the feet. If you or someone you know has foot problems, you will want to know that there is another very effective option to address issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, tight and inflexible feet, difficulties with balance, hammer toes, cold feet, heel spurs, and other foot problems. When there is an ankle injury, Bowenwork can usually be done right away if there are no broken bones and no bleeding involved. I have had some great results in helping my clients with various problems with their feet. When there are chronic foot issues, the knees and hips can also be involved. So yes, there is a procedure for that!
Recently, in one of my Introduction to Bowenwork classes, a student who had chronic knee issues was taught the first four moves of the Knee Procedure. She emailed me later that day and raved about how much movement she had. She could feel it all the way into the hips and into the feet. She was walking around swinging her hips having a great time with her daughters. That was in a practice situation, and she still received amazing results.

Over time, I have become more and more passionate about Bowenwork. In Australia, where it originated almost 70 years ago, insurance companies pay for this unique form of bodywork.

I teach the Introduction to Bowenwork class regularly. Mark your calendars! My next class is March 18th. Look for me in Livingston at the Holistic Healing Fair on April 15th. I have another Intro class on April 22nd. On July 13–16, I will teach my first set of students Bowenwork so they can work toward becoming a practitioner themselves!

If you are interested in having a treatment, please contact me. If you would like to learn how to become a Practitioner, then go to, click on “Find a class,” and sign up today. Or contact me and I can help you through the process.

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The Mighty Lemon

For Better Digestion & Liver Support—Even Cleaning!

Maria Low
March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3

Valued for centuries all over the world, the small but mighty lemon, in water first thing in the morning, or in these clean and potent products, can get rid of phlegm, ease asthma, promote heart health, alkalinize your pH, normalize blood sugar, help digestion & more.

The small but mighty lemon has a rich history all over the world! The lemon is believed to have originated from Northeastern India. In addition, the ancient Egyptians ate lemons to protect themselves from several forms of poison. Later, the Americas were introduced to lemons in 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the mid-1700s, the Scottish doctor James Lind discovered that sailors could be cured of scurvy with lemons. At that time, vitamin C had not yet been discovered. Historically, lemon juice was the sole source of citric acid used as a preserving agent in food production.

Nutritional Properties of Lemon
Lemons are “anionic,” which means they have more electrons (negatively charged ions) of energy in their atomic structure. Most foods are cations (positively charged ions). The lemon is one of the only foods on the planet that has more “anions” than “cations” in its atomic structure. Saliva, hydrochloric acid, bile, and the stomachs’ digestive juices are all anionic.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice helps to remove toxins from the digestive tract. Support your liver first thing in the morning by drinking a big glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. One lemon contains 50% of your recommended daily vitamin C. Lemons contain not only vitamin C, but also potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Lemons are higher in potassium than apples or grapes!

Lemons at Home
Did you know that lemon juice is naturally antibacterial? Do you have a dirty dishwasher? Add lemon juice to the rinse cycle to clean. Dirty roasting pans? A teaspoon of lemon juice will cut grease. Hard water spots on faucets? Cover the area with lemon juice, wait 15 minutes, then wipe clean.

Smelly onions or garlic? Cut a lemon in half and rub the cut end over the cutting board. This will remove any scent from your cutting board. Or spruce up ugly grout by spraying lemon juice, allowing it to stand for ten minutes, then scrubbing off.

Young Living Essential Oils is fortunate to have an abundance of citrus oils from its own farms that comply with the Seed to Seal Standard. One hundred percent pure Lemon Essential Oil is available for purchase, as well as other incredible lemon products from the new line called Lushious Lemon.

Lushious Lemon Hand Soap & Lotion
Young Living’s unique supply of citrus trees inspired the first formula of Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap. The hand soap has plant-based ingredients for cleansing, along with natural antibacterial qualities. The lemon trees are grown at the Young Living farms in South Africa, the United States, and Argentina.

The science department at Young Living began formulating and testing citrus combinations to make a rich cream that also had anti-toxic components. The product created from this testing is called Lushious Lemon Lotion. The beautiful scent and qualities of Lemon Myrtle from Australia enhances the healing qualities of the lotion.

After applying Lushious Lemon Lotion on your hands, your skin will feel soft and smooth. The lotion can also help to moisturize your feet. If you put on cotton socks after applying the lotion, the oils will continue to work on your feet as you walk around. The lotion coats the skin; however, it still allows the skin to breathe. This is a vegan formula, free from chemicals and synthetics. What makes this formula even more unique is the oil from water-melon seeds that absorb quickly and protects against aging of the skin.

Lushious Lemon Essential Oil Blend
As the experimentation continued, what evolved next was the Lushious Lemon Essential Oil Blend. The essential oils added to this blend provide optimal health support. The blend includes Myrtle essential oil, long known for cleansing and healing the skin. Other oils that amplify the blend’s strength include: Ylang Ylang, Spearmint, and Eucalyptus. The formula is powerful yet provides a beautiful, clean scent.

The Lushious Lemon blend is not only used on location straight or mixed with a carrier oil, but it can be used in a diffuser to purify the air and lift the spirits. Lushious Lemon is a lovely blend that should not be overlooked. Rather than using each of the oils individually, this blend has the right amount of each oil to create a powerful, synergistic effect. Perfect as a gift, anytime of the year!

Make inquiries and learn more from Young Members who make essential oils a part of their lifestyle:
Maria Low • Member #10279 •
Kathleen Karlsen, • Member #1043288 •
Kasondra Grillo • Member #29010370 •


References: Beddoe, Alexander F., Biological Ionization in Human Nutrition. 6th Edition, Whitman Publications, 2002.

Myofascial Release for Abdominal Discomfort

It Could Mean that Your Pelvis is Out of Alignment!

Mary Loveless
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

Some people complain of digestive problems, constipation, cystitis, tilted uterus, pelvic pain, hip pain, reflux, trouble breathing, urinary incontinence, or sacroiliac pain. Just imagine your belly as a bowl, holding all your vital organs. It is suspended by fascia. When things are suspended, the viscera can get injured and start constricting or twisting and applying undue stress to your organs—not to mention twisting the pelvis and causing one leg to appear longer.

If your pelvis becomes out of alignment, it starts to involve the lower back, then your thoracic, then your shoulders. Before you know it, your neck starts to hurt, then your jaw… sooner or later you may start suffering from migraines. Not everybody comes in with the same complaints.

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UltraMedics—Awaken and Stimulate Your Own Stem Cells

for Advanced, Holistic, Self-Care Benefits

Christopher Rudy
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

Optimal-health devotees may well be aware of stem-cell research and applications for rejuvenating cellular health. But stem-cell treatments have been expensive and with invasive injections. Fortunately, that has changed.

Recent stem-cell breakthroughs have advanced on both the physical and quantum level. The bio-energy terrain is definitely upgraded. And the synergistic benefits can seem almost miraculous and at a comparatively inexpensive, do-it-yourself cost. This is now possible with nature’s most concentrated superfood, combined bio-energetically with quantum stem-cell-stimulating ‘patches’.

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Relaxation with Biofeedback at Home

Warming the Heart Warms the Hands!

Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

Cold hands are tense. Warm hands are relaxed. We can tell a lot about a person’s emotional state by shaking their hand. We can gauge our own stress level by touching our hand to our face (in indoor room temperature, 69–73° F). Cold hands indicate a predominant Stress Response. Warm hands indicate a predominant Relaxation Response. It is all due to blood flow to the extremities. The hands and feet are at the “end of the line” of our arteries. The built-in Stress Response redirects blood to our brain and musculoskeletal system, in preparation for fight or flight in an emergency or threat.

In prior issues of this magazine, I have presented various Brief Relaxation Techniques that are designed to induce the Relaxation Response and counter the Stress Response. With practice, all Brief Relaxation Techniques will warm the hands. In this issue, I will focus on hand-warming techniques, and describe how hand temperature can be measured easily and accurately.

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The Wonder of Wolfberries

A Look at NingXia Red, Young Living’s Bestselling Product

Maria Low
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

I am often asked during presentations, “What product is the biggest seller for Young Living Essential Oils?” Some would guess Lavender essential oil, or perhaps Thieves or Wintergreen or Oregano. You may be surprised that it is none of these! The most requested and best-selling product is NingXia Red, a nutritious juice made from wolfberries.

How did Young Living founder, Gary Young, come across NingXia Wolfberries? One day, a woman scientist named Sue Chao walked through the door at his modest office and warehouse. She had with her a bottle of Young Living Essential Oils. She held up the bottle to Gary Young and asked him, “What is the chemical composition of the contents in this bottle?”

Gary passed the bottle under his nose and told her his estimation of the percentages of the terpenes called linalool and eugenol. She thought to herself, “How can he know that? I am going back to the lab and will test the oil and see whether he is correct.”

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