March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3


January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2


November – December 2022 • Vol 4, No 1


September – October 2022 • Vol 3, No 123

From the Editor…

Vegan Snickerdoodles – Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice • J. Haugen
Cultivating Your Inside Space • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Grounding in the Present Moment • Barbara Woodbury
Holistic Animal Care… Why Go Natural? • Kim Shotola
Live Better, Feel Better… The Wonders of PEMF • Sheila Hildebrand
Meditate Daily to Remain Heart-Centered & Healthy • David Christopher Lewis
Realigning Your Subtle Energies • Uschi Beck
Release Your Pain for Good! • Johanna Paulston
The Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D • Tiffany Nelson
Natural Joint Repair Without Pain Pills or Surgery! • Ed Nordby
The Jones Astrology Chronicles: A Pure Thought… • Kevin Raphael Fitch
The Flow-Through Diet • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
The Transylvanian Sunrise • Raymond Ziemkowski
Holy Basil: Queen of the Herbs • Crystal Maceira
A Headache in the Pelvis? • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA, C.Ped
The Big Picture of the Aquarian Reset • Christopher Lee Rudy
My Camino Story • Part 4 • Sasha Woods
The Miracle of Balanced pH • Maria Low


July – August 2022 • Vol 3, No 122

From the Editor…

French Green Lentil Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers,
Fresh Herbs, Kalamatas & Feta • Janice Feuer-Haugen

You ARE the Universe! • Barbara Woodbury
A Year-Round Greenhouse! • David Christopher & Mona Lewis
Connecting with Mother Earth! • Uschi Beck
The Feng Shui of Traveling Happy! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Transmission Meditation for Body and Soul • Sheila Forester
Twin Flames Romances—Best Summertime Reading • Cheryl L. Eckl
Natural Joint Repair Without Pain Pills or Surgery! • Rosemary Silzly
Do Psychiatric Medications Lead to Mass Shootings? • Dr. Joseph Mercola
How Your Gallbladder Affects Your Health • Crystal Maceira
8 Best Foods for Energy Levels • Tiffany Nelson
Conscious Eating! • Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT, P.Tr
Progressive Relaxation • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
Building & Living on Wellness Real Estate • Mary Cassidy
Vetted, Safe and Affordable Dental Care in Mexico • Gene O’Neil
The Language of Love Between Animals & Humans • Kim Shotola
STRESS! Its Impact & How to Manage It • Sheila Hildebrand
Nature’s Ultimate Superfood • Christopher Lee Rudy
The Woman & The Fortune Teller • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Practicing Patience, Persistence & Gratitude • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Holding Space • James V. Fix, CS, RM(T)
Herbal Detoxification: The Body Heals Itself! • Elaine Rylin
Finding Solutions for the Food Vitality Problem • Maria Low
My Camino Story‚ Part 3 • Sasha Woods
How to Manage Fatigue and Increase Energy! • Bethel Wagner
More Healing Energy—Please! • Marissa Allen
MFR: Fast & Effective—Free at Last! • Mary Loveless, LMT


May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

From the Editor…

Miso Cilantro Pesto w/ Ramen, Asparagus, Noodles • Janice Haugen
Realigning Your Subtle Energies • Uschi Beck
Acts of Kindness • Barbara Woodbury
New Book: Reflections on Ineffable Love • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
Strengthening Your Liver • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
Home Sweet (Wellness) Home • Mary Cassidy
The Great Aquarian Awakening: 12 Keynotes • Christopher Lee Rudy
Seedlings of Appreciation & Gratitude • Janet Little
How to Manage Stress and Cultivate Health • Bethel Wagner
Hope and Action: Antidotes to Despair • Lynne Girdlestone
Your Worth or Net Worth? Money’s Emotional Side • Dawna Campbell
What’s a Breathwork Seminar • Denis Ouellette
Tony Robbins: About PEMF! • Sheila Hildebrand
The Frequencies of Life • Maria Low
Soul—A Healing Center • Marissa Allen
Natural Joint Repair w/o Pain Pills or Surgery! • Tracy Welter
Going Solar? What to Consider & Expect • Jim Hilger
Longevity and Your Liver! • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
Inner Peace through Face Relaxation • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
The Wolf as Teacher, Guide and Pathfinder • Kim Shotola
My Camino Story‚ Part • Sasha Woods
Astrology as Nature • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Energy Fields that Heal • Mary Clement, Ph.D., JD/MSW
Myofascial Release Study Groups • Mary Loveless


Mar – Apr 2022 • Vol 3, No 120

From the Editor’s Wife…

Recipe—Wild Rice Cranberry Muffins • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Times of Our Lives • Barbara Woodbury
The Essence of Relaxation • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
The Feng Shui of—Happiness! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Your Personal Year Number for 2022 • Barbara K. Michael-Grover
A Night at the Center • Kevin Raphael Fitch
What About Our “Emotional Immunity”? • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Financial Fitness Redefined—Align Heart, Mind & Soul • Dawna Campbell
Integrating Polarities in Our Lives • Jennifer Butler
Healing Benefits of Green Clay • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
The Results System™ • Get Immediate Results in Your
Personal Life & Business • Mary Clement, Ph.D., JD, MSW
How School Stands in the Way of Our Healing • Idgie (Bridget) Carson
Eat the Colors of the Rainbow • Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT
CranioSacral Therapy for Children • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Your Rainbow Bridge—Animals Are Trying to Reach You • Kim Shotola
If You Have Cells… PEMF Can Help You! • Sheila Hildebrand
Natural Joint Repair Without Pain Pills or Surgery! • Mary Cremean
My Camino Story • Sasha Woods
Sage Wellness Center & Apothecary • Bethel Wagner
The Benefits of Deep-Tissue Massage • Lloyd Shanks
Painting with Essential Oils • Maria Low
Getting to the Truth About Solar • Jim Hilger
Myofascial Release for Lower Extremity • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA.