Sept – Oct 2021 • Vol 3, No 117

From the Editor…

Ratatouille—French Provençal Vegetable Stew • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Crystals & Sacred Geometry • Uschi Beck
Your Gut Microbiome—8 Supercharging Tips • Tiffany Nelson, MS, LAT, ATC, NTP
Health Coaching: Bright Light for the Future of Health Care • Bethel Wagner
Reverse Aging: Can We Turn Back the Biological Clock? • Kenneth Progreso
Love for Our Earth Family • Barbara Woodbury
Words of Relaxation • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
“Nothing Is as It Seems— Even When You’re Certain!” • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
How a Meth User Helped Me to “Walk in the Presence” • Janet Little
Home Is Where the Health Starts! All-Natural Removal of Mold,
Bacteria & Allergens from Your Home • Christopher Macecsko
Conduct Your Life with a Healthy Heart • Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT
Reclaim the Feminine at the FEnomenon Women’s Retreat • Deb Penner
3 Tips for Staying Calm During Uncalm Times • Dawna Campbell
Intuition and Your Animals • Kim Shotola
Natural Joint Repair Without Pain Pills or Surgery—Part 2 • Ben Carter
When Work Becomes Sacred • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
IRIDOLOGY: Ciliary Body Markings • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
Autumn’s Beauty and Tastes • Sasha Woods
The Jones Astrology Chronicles • Episode 4 • Kevin Raphael Fitch
My Dog Jhana Survives an Attack! • Maria Low
CranioSacral for Conception, Pregnancy & Birthing • James Fix, RM, CST
What’s a Breathwork Seminar? In 3 Montana Cities • Denis Ouellette, OBDS
& Myofascial Release Technique and Breathwork • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
CopperZap®! • Priscilla Schnarr
The Results System™: Workshop in Energy Psychology • Mary Clement, Ph.D.
C60—Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule—A Brief • Denis Ouellette


July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

From the Editor…

Recipe: Balsamic Beet Salad • Janice Feuer-Haugen
“One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison.” • Tiffany Nelson, MS, LAT, ATC, NTP
Crystals & Multidimensions • Uschi Beck
Feng Shui—The Four Animal Protectors • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Is SIBO Taking Over Your Life? • Dr. Peter Kozlowski
The Buffalo Spirit • Barbara Woodbury
Strengthening Your Energy Field • Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT
The Amazing Benefits of Pine Needles • Maria Low
Kindness as a Relaxor • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
“Light on the Path” & “Love on the Path Home” • David Christopher Lewis
Healing From Within: How & Why We Create Our Reality ThroughOur Beliefs, Thoughts, Words & Actions • Bethel Wagner
The Great Awakening and Future of ‘Normal’ • Christopher Rudy
Natural Joint Repair Without Pain Pills or Surgery • Jennifer Carter
Herbal Detoxification: The Body’s Power to Heal Itself • Elaine Rylin
The 4 Pillars of a Healthy Financial Mindset • Dawna Campbell
The Jones Astrology Chronicles ~ Episode 3 • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Hot Summer Tips for Animals • Kim Shotola
Don’t Fear That Trampoline! • Dr. Rick Bittner, D.C.
Inner Guidance Is as Close as Your Heartbeat • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
Iridology: The Collarette • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
Summertime’s Easy Livin’! • Sasha Woods
SomatoEmotional Release®—How It Works • James V. Fix, RM, CST
MFR: Most Conditions Are Reversible! • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA. C.Ped


May – June 2021 • Vol 3, No 115

From the Editor…

Toasted Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame Seed Sprinkle • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Mystery of Number 40 in Nature, Religion & Life • David Christopher Lewis
The Power of the Earth • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Weight Gain & Obesity—A Symptom, Not a Disease • Tiffany Nelson
Doctor, My Knee Is Killing Me! • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Everything Will Be Okay • Barbara Woodbury
Feng Shui— Good Qi Welcomes You Home • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Free Speech Is Legal and Ethical—Propaganda Is Not • Patrick Wood
In Praise of BREATHING! • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
Flower Essences for Animals • Kim Shotola
The Jones Astrology Chronicles—Episode 2 • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Spring Is Here… Time to Plant! • Merlin Campbell
Freedom from Fear—Are Fear & Stress Impacting Your Body? • Bethel Wagner
Women’s Health—Men’s Blessing A Primer on the “Biological Terrain”
for Mature, Loving Relationships • Christopher Rudy
Iridology: The Nutritive Zone • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
The Powerful Influence of Essential Oils • Maria Low
Common Sense • Dr. Paul Robbins, BD, AD, CBP
Chicken Soup—Divinely Inspired! • Sasha Woods
Sun “Kissed” and Heaven Sent • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
Crystal-Dance in Orgonite • Uschi Beck
C60—Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule • Denis Ouellette
MFR: Addressing Hip-Joint Pain • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA. C.Ped


March – April 2021 • Vol 3, No 114

From the Editor…

Recipe—Turkish Carrot Lentil Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Humor Amidst Lockdowns, Tragedies & Wars • David Christopher Lewis
What Is Functional Medicine? A Larger Toolbox! • Dr. Peter Kozlowski
Living as a Conscious Dreamer! (Part 4) • Claudia Bayr-Nobel
Longing for Ireland? The Twin Flames of Éire • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
Feng Shui: Using Color Creatively • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Choose to Be a Light in the World • Barbara Woodbury
The Briefest Relaxation Technique • Dr. Arnold L. Shapiro
Reframing Dis-Ease = Tool for Healing & Growth • Bethel Wagner
5 Strategies to Bulletproof the Immune System • Christopher Rudy
Your Animals in Spring • Kim Shotola
Arise, America, to a New Birth! USA’s Pluto Return • Kathie García
Movement & Wellness—Easy & Accessible • Kelly Miller
What’s a Breath-Work Seminar? • Denis Ouellette
Add Flavor to Your Journey! • Sasha Woods
The Jones Astrology Chronicles (# 1) • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Iridology: Subtypes by Physical Integrity • Crystal Maceira
Seed to Seal: Setting Standards for Essential Oils • Maria Low
CranioSacral Therapy for Masks, TMJ & Headaches • James V. Fix
Food Is Mood • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
Omyst®… Let the Healing Begin! • Dr. Noreen Mulvanerty
Crystals—A Tool for Everyone • Uschi Beck
C60—Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule—A Brief • Denis Ouellette
MFR = Xiphoid-Process Pain • Mary Loveless


January – February 2021 • Vol 3, No 113

From the Editor…

Recipe—Versatile Vegetable Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Chinese Zodiac…  2021—Year of the Metal Ox
Yogananda’s Energization Exercises • David Christopher Lewis
Graduating Earth’s Schoolroom • Tara Maier
From Ireland with Love • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
We’re Awash in Chemicals! Is It “Better Living”? • Lloyd Shanks
Living with a Terminal Diagnosis • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Getting Real About Plastics! • Maria Low
Iodine & Thyroid Health • Bethel Wagner
Marked by Opposites • Kevin Raphael Fitch, Astrologist
Holistic Animal Care • Kim Shotola
Crystals—and Color Therapy • Uschi Beck
Improve Heart Health with Hot Bathing! • Sara Middleton
IRIDOLOGY: Hazel and Brown Eyes • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
CranioSacral Therapy for PTSD • James V. Fix, RM, CST
So What Is on Your List? • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
What Happens When Superfoods Combine? • Christopher Rudy
Best Price for CBD? • Tiera Jaquel
C60—Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule • Denis Ouellette
A 2021 Epiphany! • Sasha Woods
An MFR Intensive (Part 2) • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA


November – December 2020 • Vol 3, No 112

From the Editor…

Recipe—Vegan Carrot Ginger Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
“Good Vibrations!” • Barbara Woodbury
Angelic Intercessions in My Life • David Christopher Lewis
Feng Shui—Holidays of Gratitude & Love! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
My Body as Guide… Healing from Coronavirus • Wendy Masterson
The Sad Story of Plastics • Lloyd Shanks
“Five Simple Changes” • Marlenea La Shomb
Super-Immunity Combo! • Christopher Rudy
The Yin and the Yang • Kevin Raphael Fitch
Sacred Tears • Robyn Bridges
Loving the Skin You’re In! • Jacqueline Chapman
How to Make this Winter Not Totally Suck • Sigal Samuel
Animals and Gratitude • Kim Shotola
Crystals—Polished or Natural? • Uschi Beck
Dear Bethel… Supporting Hypothyriodism (Part 2) • Bethel Wagner
Three New Irish Romance Novels • Cheryl Lafferty Eckl
Iridology: Subtypes of the Main Iris Types (Blue Eyes) • Crystal Maceira
Health Support for the Winter Season • Maria Low
Omyst®… Let the Healing Begin! • Dr. Noreen Mulvanerty
Summer Savory—Enjoy this Flavorful Herb! • Marlenea La Shomb
CBD Bath Bombs! A Perfect D.I.Y. Holiday Gift • Tiera Jaquel
C60: Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule—Brief History • Denis Ouellette
A Myofascial Release Technique Intensive! • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA


September – October 2020 • Vol 3, No 111

From the Editor…

5 Love Languages for Kids
“Holding Space” • James V. Fix, RM, CST
What Are Relaxors • Arnie Shapiro, MD
Recipe—Lentil Walnut Pâté with Mushrooms, Parsley, Rosemary & Thyme • Janice Feuer-Haugen
My “Spidey Senses” • Barbara Woodbury
Conversations with Covid • Christina Linhardt
“The Six Laws of Cure” – A Covid-19 Stress-Freedom Primer: It Starts with You! • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
Living Your Life as a Conscious Dreamer • Claudia Bayr-Noble
What Are Your Planes of Expression? • Barbara Michael-Grover
Buddha Breathing Technique for Personal & Planetary Well-Being • David Christopher Lewis
Yin & Yang: Macrobiotics’ Compass • Margaret McCoy
Unique Benefits of Supplements Containing Essential Oils • Maria Low
Feng Shui Tips for Children— Back to School! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
C60—The Most Powerful Antioxidant • Linda Hays
Super-Immunity Combo! Full-Spectrum, Biological Synergy for a Stronger Immune System • Christopher Rudy
Animals & Intuition • Kim Shotola
Information Age = Crystal Age! • Uschi Beck
“The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul” Iridology: Main Iris Constitutions • Crystal Maceira, CBP, LMT, MH
PAVe ~ Saving Our Children • Nancy Crawford
Wild Edibles in Your Own Back Yard! • Marlenea La Shomb, ND, LMT
The Grand Breath • Kevin Raphael Fitch
MFR, CranioSacral Therapy & the Cranium • Mary Loveless
Supporting Hypothyriodism • Bethel Wagner