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EFT TAPPING for Animals & People

Effectively Addressing Emotional Causes and Energy Disruptions

Kim Shotola
Sept – Oct 2023 • Vol 4, No 6

EFT is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping. An energy method that started in psychotherapy practices, EFT practitioners noticed that amazing physical healings were also occurring. They found the reason this was happening was because EFT can address emotional causes or energy disruptions in the body, and traditional medicine does not focus on this aspect.

Just as in people, animals can have emotional problems that are expressed through disruptive behaviors or health issues. EFT has helped animals that have been through

a traumatic experience, such as a fire, hurricane, car accident, mental or physical abuse, or loss of a beloved human or animal friend.

EFT has the ability to help animals diminish or eliminate issues such as:

  • Anxiety due to being separated, going to the vet, etc.
  • Known or suspected past mental or physical abuse
  • Known fears such as thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Unknown fears
  • Aggression towards people and other animals
  • Depression and grief
  • Health issues such as pain, allergies and sensitivities
  • Lack of harmony with other animals and people
  • Training and focus problems

Most people are familiar with the terms acupuncture and acupressure, where certain points are stimulated on the body of people and animals. EFT is done by tapping on energy meridian points with your finger tips that tie in with particular emotions and organs.

People can easily learn EFT to help conditions they are facing along with learning how to assist animals and other people with their challenges. The traditional way of doing EFT is to tap on particular points on the body and say particular phrases. There is a wonderful intuitive way of doing this.

Because animals are so sensitive, holistic methods, including EFT, should be adjusted accordingly. We created an EFT Muscle Testing Flow Chart to determine if EFT will benefit an animal and if so, the ideal way and then the proper method of delivery, such as tapping on a person for the animal, tapping on a stuffed animal for the animal, or tapping directly on the animal. The last rarely is the best delivery method since it can be uncomfortable for the animal or cause distress. The amount of sessions an animal needs can also be determined, knowing that animals often respond more quickly than humans to all kinds of energy work.

An incredible benefit of EFT is that when a human does tap on their own body to help another person or an animal, the tapping has the ability to also help them. This commonly occurs and is called “borrowed benefits.” For instance, a lady in a small class I was teaching was doing EFT to help other ladies in the group. When it came her time for those in the group to tap for her, the tremendous pain in her leg where before even a subtle touch was excruciating was totally gone—she could slap her leg repeatedly with her hand and felt no pain at all.

EFT is a beautiful, energetic modality that can assist many, including animals. If you don’t know how to do it, perhaps you’ll consider learning it.

Since 2006, Kim has been a holistic animal wellness instructor and professional animal communicator, offering classes, programs and consultations. She’s teaching an EFT for Animals and People Zoom Class on September 13 and 20. Attend live or watch the recordings. Earn your certificate. To register for this class, go to:

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Animals Have Messages for You

They’re in Your Life for a Reason!

Kim Shotola
July – August 2023 • Vol 4, No 5

Animals are in your life for a reason. Sometimes you have to look on a deeper level for the truth to be revealed.

What health conditions may mean:
It may be similar to an issue you have. For instance, you may have pain in your right hip, and they do, too. You may have had it first, and they are trying to take it from you in order to help you.

Flip side. They may have had the pain first and because of your connection, you have taken it on.

Animals may also be asking you to take a closer look at your own health and by them be-coming ill, they give you an opportunity to learn how to help heal them. Many animals want you to explore ways to help them AND yourself with nutrition, holistic methods, and spending time together.

Look closer at behavioral issues:
Ask yourself why this could be happening. Anxiety or depression may be a result of your animal not realizing you are returning home. If they aren’t told they have a forever home, they may wonder, when you leave, if this is the last time they’ll see you. Tell them they have a forever home out loud.

Tell them when you leave and when you will be back. Some animals feel they have no purpose and need to be given responsibility. Tell them what their role is in your life and what that specifically means.

Some animals exhibit behaviors because they want you to work on yourself. Do you worry or stress too much? You may even display similar behaviors, and they are feeding off of you, trying to get your attention. Remember, most illness and behavioral problems are a result of unresolved emotional issues. Healing emotions means a happier, healthier and longer life for both of you.

Spirit animals have messages for you, too:
If your beloved animal has passed, did you know they can visit you? Chances are, they have been with you before, perhaps as a childhood animal.

Animals can provide guidance in your life about more than you realize. With Rainbow Bridge animals, this information can be more in depth and meaningful.

Many animals want to return to their pet parent in a new body to continue the life they had with them.

Simple but profound steps you can take with your animals:
Acknowledge that you realize who they really are —your teacher, your guide, your friend. Have faith and believe in the power—of their purpose, your relationship, their messages.

Do what you can to deepen your bond and understand them – spend more time with them, talk to them out loud, learn to ‘hear’ them.

If you don’t know how to speak telepathically to animals, please know that you are capable of awakening this innate ability within you in just one day. No matter what, animals are your teachers. If you determine what their messages are for you, it will change your life forever. Perhaps you will be inspired to do just that.

Kim is a professional communicator, animal wellness instructor and author that’s taught animal communication since 2006. Students receive weekly intuitive and spiritual development articles. Kim is teaching an animal communication teleclass on July 22. Visit: em>

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Is the Wolf Calling You

Actual Wolves Provide Guidance—Intensive Retreat in Bozeman

Kim Shotola
May – June 2023 • Vol 4, No 4

Do you know how magical the wolf is? Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. It is called the star of the celestial wolf, referring to the wolf coming and going between this world and the spirit world. The Milky Way is referred to as the Wolf Road or Wolf Trail, making reference to the road to Heaven. The wolf can help you connect more deeply with those who have crossed over. The wolf has many amazing qualities that are revered by many and they want you to know how they can help your life journey.

The wolf is a great teacher and pathfinder:

  • Think of the teachings and abilities of the wolf as Wolf Speak, Wolf Wisdom, and Wolf Medicine.
  • Wolf is intuitive and holds ancient wisdom. Their guidance has been ongoing for generations.
  • They can assist you to becoming in touch with your body’s own innate wisdom.
  • The wolf can help guide you on your life path, take control, and find your sacred direction.
  • Wolf medicine evokes courage, strength, protection, and healing.
  • They can show you how to raise your vibrational frequency and block undesirable energy.
  • The wolf can teach you how to communicate telepathically with animals, nature, and Mother Earth.

The wolf can help you discover yourself, through their eye