Enhancing the Qi of Your Front Entryway

Michele Lewis
May – Jun 2024 • Vol 4, No 10

Have you begun tending your garden and all the spaces surrounding the outside of your home? This is the perfect time to take a critical, close look at the entire front area of your house, particularly the spaces that lead to the front entry.

What we see and look upon as we approach the place where we “hang our hat” penetrates deep into the psyche and can influence how we feel and how we perceive our life. What do you feel when you come home? Do you breathe a sigh of relief to be home, or would you rather be somewhere else?

What we encounter as we begin our approach to the front door is crucial. Are there weeds or plantings that need trimming? Does the landscaping around the front walkway want to “reach out and touch someone?”

It’s important to remember that qi will try to follow a pathway, just like we do. If you have difficulty getting to the front door, so will the qi. What we feel as we approach the front entry is exactly what the qi is bringing in. Is the trash can in the driveway or near the front walkway? Are there loose bricks or stones that could cause someone to trip? If you have a paved walkway, keep it nicely swept to welcome all who come, including the qi.

Having plants and flowers in beds near the entry can greatly boost the qi level. If you live in an apartment or condo, flowers or plants in beautiful pots can work wonders. Solar lights can be placed strategically along the path or in the planting beds near the entry or porch. This will “light the way” to your door. Hanging a nice size chime by your front door calls qi and good energy in. You can also hang colorful banners

or flags or other things that move, like little whirlygigs. Any decorative garden items aesthetically placed are great. If your garage extends beyond the line of your front porch or door, it can take the attention away from the front entry and home itself. The above suggestions will also help with this particular problem: When I have felt the need to clear energy or bring in extra good qi, I will turn on the porch light and leave it on all day. The energetic benefit far outweighs the minimal extra cost on my electric bill.

If you’re thinking of planting trees this season, avoid placing them in a direct line with the front door. A better placement, if possible, is to the left side (as you face the front of the property). This brings the live qi of the green dragon “guardian.” If you already have trees in your front yard, hang bird feeders or houses to attract birds and their live energy. Trees, especially larger ones, are particularly good placed in the backyard or rear of the property, especially if the land is flat and there is no natural protection from hills. This helps create the protective energy of the black tortoise “shield” to guard your back and create a secure, comfortable space that you want to be in. And that is what all of your gardening efforts should create—a secure, comfortable space that you want to be in!

Trained in China and the US, Michele Lewis is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and has been a Feng Shui professional since 1998. She is available for consultations on-site or via phone. By using the timeless principles of the art and science of Feng Shui, Michele can help you bring balance and beauty to every aspect of your life. She is also a Certified Qigong Instructor of Ling Gui Healing Qigong School, Liu Dong’s Method. Michele Lewis can be reached at 406-224-0803, or at taodesigns@ymail.com.