These true stories are from those who have attended our breathwork seminars in the last few years (with the exception of “Young Indian Brave” a therapy session I did with a young man 25 years ago.) They will give you a deeper understanding of the potential of Integral Breathwork—the hows and whys of combining good physiological breathing with breathwork, and the benefits that can result. Breakthroughs come in many shapes and sizes and we offer people several ways to have these—if and when they want them. The stories that follow describe some vivid breakthroughs.

A breakthrough can be achieved by changing how we think of ourselves and our situations. Taking full responsibility for everything in our world can transform us from victim to master. This starts with recognizing the need for change and having a willingness to forgive and move on. It may take courage to embrace the past in order to alter the future. Change may involve the determination to open yourself to natural healing methods and/or the power of grace. It usually involves intent, trust, and courage. We start with the intent to change; then we trust that the healing process can make things better; then we muster the courage to act and sustain the effort until a breakthrough is reached. The French root for courage is coeur, which means “heart.” We define courage as “the coming of age of the heart.”

The stories chronicled here are people’s peak experiences. These may have come right away or may have taken several sessions to build up to. Not all breakthroughs are dramatic. When people come out of breathwork simply feeling refreshed and content, they’ve had a good session and learned how to improve their life. Not all breakthroughs are pleasant. Some sessions can be messy. People can become very cold, or hot and sweaty, as their nervous system adjusts itself. People can weep or laugh or do both. They may glimpse heaven or look into what has been for them a personal hell. In the next section, you’ll read discussions on how to work with people who come to breathwork with a more than ordinary share of burdens, or with blocked energy. Some may have uncomfortable reactions or difficulty integrating their experiences. Great care is taken to bring them back to their center before they leave our six-hour seminar, and follow-up is done when needed. I am grateful to include in this section perspectives from some of the world’s foremost breathworkers.

You will read about physical and emotional healings, spontaneous regressions, extrasensory encounters, and spiritual experiences, but breathwork may involve all or none of these for you. Whatever happens will depend on what you and your body are ready for on that day. And if some discomfort comes up, great victories can still be gained from it and profound lessons learned.

As you’ll see from our promotional material in the Appendix, the Integral Breathwork seminars are presented from a secular, better-breathing-for-health perspective. This allows people from all walks of life, and from all religious persuasions or none, to feel comfortable coming to this work. Those who recount spiritual experiences during breathwork are those who bring to this work their own understanding of spiritual dimensions. Integral Breathwork starts with correcting the breathing pattern. It is used for self-clearing, oxygenating, detoxing, and energizing. It can be approached purely physiologically; and significant breakthroughs can and do happen just there. Or, people may add their intent to invite spirit into the process in whatever way works for them.

The energy that flows in with the breath—and with the light, the sound, and the water—will follow their thoughts, enhance their aspirations, and strengthen their beliefs. When spirit heals, she is considerate. She doesn’t barge in. She waits to be called, she comes in increments, and she takes on the form each person is most comfortable with.

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Testimonials written by attendees after attending the Integral Breathwork Seminar
Reprinted from “Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound and Water”

No Limits to What I Feel I Can Do Now!

Marianne B.

Good Morning!

I want to say a huge thanks to you all for the preparation and work you put in for an extraordinary day yesterday. [Breathwork Seminar in Montreal, 2007]. For me, I can only say, BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH and MORE BREAKTHROUGHS! As draining as my experience felt yesterday, the message I got is RELEASE ! I was surrounded by wonderful people and felt so safe even at times where the experience I was feeling was much fear. Every facilitator for me shared a soothing and calming energy which brought me to my BREAKTHROUGH.

Last night when I got home, I was exhausted. I ate just a little and then had a nice, candlelit bath. Layed in bed, read a little, and then retreated my day of so much work with a comedy movie. By 9:30 pm, I was asleep, slept very well. Woke up this morning with a little bit of anxiety, but I allowed it to just flow. There is still much processing going on for me, and I decided to just let it. Then this magnificent energy happened. The person I was talking about yesterday at the end of the day’s discussion was my husband. He is the person I’ve allowed to create all of my hurt, and pain, and anger I was describing. I shared with the group how I went through the pain and then let it go, telling myself that I will no longer accept to live in the fear of his bad behavior towards me, etc. Wel