Integral Breathwork™ Seminars with Denis Ouellette
Optimal Breathing® Specialist • 30 Years Experience

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Flyer for Breathwork in Bozeman, MT (Oct 1, 2023)
NCBTMB Approved Provider for 5 Continuing Education hours.

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Sample 6-Page Seminar Info Packet (Seminar Is Open to the Public)

Letter to Health Providers (About Breathwork Facilitator Training)

Contact me to organize a seminar in your city!

I’ve held the half-day seminar in every major city in Montana, including Billings, Missoula, Bozeman and Belgrade, Butte, Helena, Great Falls, Havre, Livingston and Kalispell. I’ve also traveled to Pocatello, ID, Cody, WY, and into North and South Dakota. I’ve held larger, weekend events on the East Coast and several times in Montreal, Canada.

I am an NCBTMB Approved Provider offering CEU hours for these seminars, often adding a segment to train bodyworkers on how to incorporate more breathwork into massage and all kinds of healing work.

Private sessions available in the Livingston/Bozeman area.
Also offering private bodywork therapy sessions (25+ years experience).

Contact me for arrangements at (406) 333-4103, or send me an email here.

Click here to read a newspaper article on one of Denis’ recent seminars held in Minot, North Dakota.

What is Integral Breathwork™?

A “New World Paradigm” for the art, science and practice of Breathwork. Everyone can benefit from better breathing. Our seminar starts with a practical understanding of the physiology of optimal breathing and its calming effects on the body’s systems. We take some measurements and determine how you are breathing right now. We do several exercises to move you into a more optimal breathing pattern. We learn what proper breathing looks and feels like. We do preparation for, and then lie down and embark on, a safe and gentle breathwork session, which will oxygenate and detox your body. It can release stored tension and resolve past trauma. It will de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind, and emotions. Along with the supportive assistance of trained facilitators, your session will be guided by the innate healing intelligence of your body/mind, and uniquely suited to your needs. We take our time to complete, integrate and ground your experience, then enjoy a discussion circle and refreshments.

MOST OF OUR ENERGY should come from breathing, yet most of us access only 20% of our full breathing capacity, leaving our cells starved for oxygen and compromising optimum health. Improper breathing either causes or worsens every illness. Learning how to expand your breath in natural and healthy ways can help not only with various medical conditions (asthma, poor digestion, insomnia, high blood pressure, panic attacks, stress, etc.) but can increase longevity and support your quest for well-being and self-transformation.

Come experience the safe yet powerful therapeutic value of an in-depth Breathwork Session.
Learn take-home self-healing techniques.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Full oxygenation of the cells and the release of fatigue and toxins cleanses at a cellular level and gives you a “new lease on life.”
  • Improved breathing quality and quantity balances the nervous system’s “fight or flight syndrome,” providing energy reserves for better handling of daily stress and anxiety.
  • Removal of blocks to energy flow can enhance the healing of long-term conditions.
  • Increased creativity and personal power can help resolve negative habits and addictive behaviors.
  • Release of stored muscle tension, past emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, and “cellular memories.”
  • The breath becomes your daily “best friend” to help you regain balance and heal quicker.
  • This life-work is not done all at once but “one breathwork at a time.” It will produce lasting, transformational change.

Typical Seminar Agenda (length may vary)

12:30 Registration and Introductions
12:30 Optimal Breathing Assessments & Measurements
2:00 Physiology and Psychology of Breathwork with Q & A
2:45 Breathwork Exercises & Demonstrations
3:15 Goal Setting and Preparation
4:15 Group Breathwork Session
5:30 Sharing and Discussion with Fruit Feast
6:00 Closing

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