with Some Healthy Self-Giving!

Dawna Campbell
Nov – Dec 2021 • Vol 3, No 118

The holiday season is the season for giving. The problem is we are always giving. We give of our time, money, and energy, especially during the holidays. However, in order to give, we must know how to receive. Give yourself some gifts of Holiday cheer!

Give yourself the gift of nurturing you. This is a time for you to give to yourself, to recharge, replenish, and revitalize from your day. Nurturing yourself allows the mind to relax and to release extra electromagnetic frequencies we receive from electronic devices, restoring you back to balance. Some ideas could be a fifteen-minute walk outside to gather fresh air, a long overdue massage, or perhaps a luxury bath.

The benefits for nurturing yourself? For every 15 minutes of physical movement, you burn approximately 20 carbs, releasing endorphins, and eliminating potential excess weight you might gain throughout the holidays. A good deep-tissue massage will give your lymphatic system a complete workout and release built-up toxins from all the holiday cheers you consume. Warm water from a bath will recharge and replenish your energy. Water and blood both contain negative ions, and two negatives equal a positive—a win/win for you. However you choose to nurture yourself, the positive side effect is that when you fill yourself up first, you have more to give.

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