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Are You Ready to Talk to Animals?

The First Step Is Developing a Stronger Connection

Kim Shotola
November-December 2018 • Vol 3, No 101

Animals are constantly trying to reach and teach us. They want to be heard. The first step is developing a stronger connection:

  • Tell your animal when you are leaving your home and when you will return. This knowledge is both reassuring and respectful.
  • Tell your animal about your day—every day. This may seem silly but they actually want to hear what is on your mind.
  • Walk and sit in nature with your animal on a regular basis. Nature is both energizing and grounding.
  • Be cognizant about what you put on your animal and around them. Replacing chemicals with natural options allows for a deeper connection.
  • For behavioral issues, tell them what you want them to do, not what you don’t want them to do. Picture clearly in your mind your desires. Tell them what positive reward they will receive for good behavior and make sure you follow through.

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Animals Have Messages for You!

Look on a Deeper Level for the Truth to Be Revealed

Kim Shotola
March-April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

Animals are in your life for a reason. Sometimes you have to look on a deeper level for the truth to be revealed. If an animal has a health condition, what could it mean? It may be similar to an issue you have. For instance, you may have pain in your right hip and they do, too. You may have had it first and they are trying to take it from you in order to help you.

Flip side: They may have had it first and because of your connection, you have taken it on. Animals may also be asking you to take a closer look at your own health and by them becoming ill, they give you an opportunity to learn how to help heal them. Many animals want you to explore ways to help them AND yourself with nutrition, holistic methods, and spending time together.

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