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The Healing Crisis

They Say It’s Darkest Before the Dawn

Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA, C.Ped.
March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

“Why are my symptoms feeling worse?” What you are experiencing is the healing crisis — sometimes you feel worse before you feel better. Why does this happen? This occurs as you begin to release into the deeper layers of restrictions. Not only can the symptoms intensify, but also other sensations or emotions may come to the surface.

Usually this process lasts around 48 hours, but can go on longer. This is your body’s way of bringing your awareness into what you are actually dealing with everyday, but you “tune out” and don’t feel. At times, it can feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step backwards…

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From Prozac to Parkland:

Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings?

Selwyn Duke
March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

EDITOR: As our hearts break again in mourning for the young lives lost, and as we search for answers and causes for this ongoing tragedy, I use this platform to address a little-discussed and yet important factor in the country’s mass shootings. This is an abridged version of a balanced article published on February 17th, 2018, which can be read in full at

While mass killers generally have guns in their hands, another commonality is that they often have psychiatric drugs in their blood. The difference, though, is that it isn’t guns that have the side effect of “homicidal ideation.” The Parkland, Florida, shooter who murdered 17 on Valentine’s Day was on medication for emotional issues, his aunt related. This is now a familiar story…

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Triple-Berry Chia Pudding

Smooth, Luscious, Nutritious—No Cooking Required

Janice Feuer-Haugen
March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

Perhaps, like me, you’ve read the rave reviews about chia seeds and chia puddings. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even made them a few times. And, perhaps like me, they never worked for you. That is until I read this amusing and well-written article by Joe Yonan in the Washington Post. He suggested high-speed blending the ingredients. What a difference!

And now that I know that it’s possible to substitute frozen berries for fresh, this Triple-Berry Chia Pudding has become even more flavorful and more deeply colored. Actually there are two secrets for a smooth, luscious, delicious and nutritious Triple-Berry Chia Pudding…

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Everyday Herbal Delivery Systems

Barefoot Gardening

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

As I eagerly await the springing forth of the very first seedlings of the year, my perennial herb garden is already showing promise. The deer and rabbits have taught me that it’s first come, first serve! We all know that fresh is best, yet living in the mountains of Montana, we have to be creative with our wintering over garden produce, using fresh-dried, frozen and canned as a last resort.

Ninety percent of everything I can’t eat fresh, I dry, due to its easy storage and the many ways it can be preserved, processed and consumed, also known as the delivery system, and how it will be efficiently utilized by the body. Today we think that everyday herbs are something to just spice up a dish or make it tasty. Our ancestors, however, knew that herbs are chock-full of nutrients and were used as everyday foods, and also as medicinals…

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Tuning Your Bio-Waves

Bridging the Gap between Mental & Physical

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

Everything in the universe is in vibration. When photons and electrons and atoms, cells and molecules vibrate, they produce electromagnetic fields—waves surrounding our bodies and all living things—just like the waves formed in a pond when you toss a pebble into it. These waves are formed and transformed by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and life experiences.

When we are out of sync, perfect-pitch tuning forks can easily restore the life-waves, reharmonizing our rhythms “naturally.” Sound balancing is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within your bio-magnetic life-wave energy field…

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How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Tristan Sophia, Psy.D.
March-April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

Dear Dr. Sophia, My friends tell me that I put myself down all the time. I have finally realized that, not only do I talk badly about myself to others, I also say mean things to myself in my head! I’m 36 years old and I’ve been doing this for probably 25 years. I want to stop being so self-critical but I don’t even know where to start. —HC

Dear HC, It’s absolutely possible to stop negative self-talk! We all have an inner voice but some of us have one that’s more critical than kind. Not only can you learn to silence your inner critic, you can learn to say kind things to yourself (and believe them). What’s challenging is that it’s an ingrained habit. We get so used to our thoughts, we barely notice what we say to ourselves.

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March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

From the Editor…

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Causing Mass Shootings? • Selwyn Duke

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Miracle Superfood: Power from the Flower • Christopher Rudy
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The Healing Crisis: The Dark Before Dawn • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
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2018 Lunar New Year— Year of the Earth Dog

Unconditional Love & Loyalty to All Living Things

Michele Lewis, CFSP
January-February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

A very Happy Lunar New Year and welcome to the year of the Earth Dog! On February 16, 2018, we welcome a new beginning and a year of great opportunity. The dog is considered an auspicious sign in Chinese astrology. One of the most likeable signs, dogs are loyal and valiant, clever and intelligent, and always straightforward. Charismatic and attractive, they are also protective and take their assumed responsibilities most seriously.

And, of course, every sign has its weaknesses: sensitive and prone to cantankerous moods, stubborn and emotional, the dog will look for trouble around every corner. They also have a nose to discern who is friend and foe; if you’re a foe, watch out—as a dog threatened will defend his family, home turf, and causes with a passion and will bite if they feel threatened.

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SPROUTING: Winter’s Indoor Garden

Barefoot Gardening

Marlenea La Shomb, ND
January-February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

As our gardens rest in frozen ground under a blanket of snow, our bodies also need this time of winter’s quiet to repair and rebuild, but they still require those fresh, raw, organic greens. ‘Tis the season for sprouting seeds! Keeping it simple. The very easiest methods can be done in a strainer, or larger seeds in a colander.

I use a wide-mouth, quart-size canning jar. Here’s how: 1) Put a maximum of 1/4 inch to 1/8th inch of seeds in the bottom of your wide-mouth jar to leave growing room. 2) Fill with cold water, leave overnight so the seeds swell. I keep mine at the kitchen sink for easy rinsing. Cover with nylon netting (from a fabric store) and a rubber band, or non-aluminum window screen (from a hardware store) holding it in place with a canning band…

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Winter and the Water Element

Giving Back to Yourself This Year

Valerie Schwankl
January-February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

Under heaven, nothing is more soft and yielding than water. Yet, for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better. It has no equal. The weak can overcome the strong; The supple can overcome the stiff. Under heaven, everyone knows this. Yet, no one puts it into practice. —Tao Te Ching, Ch. 78

As we begin the new year, we have officially cycled into the water element! In contrast to the fire, warmth, and yang energy of summer, this is the most yin time of the year. Darkness, stillness and cold temperatures prevail. Within the snowy folds of winter is an invitation to rest, nourish and consolidate resources. Through exploring the organs and acupuncture channels associated with the water element, we can find ways to live harmoniously with the season, and better prepare our bodies for the coming year.

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