Thought Is Creative—Making Good Use of the Plutonian/Aquarian Energies

Kevin Raphael Fitch
May – June 2023 • Vol 4, No 4

From the standpoint of earth, transiting Pluto moved out of the tropical sign of Capricorn and then moved into Aquarius. It happened on Friday, 24 March 2023. What happened after Pluto entered Capricorn, on Sunday, 27 January 2008?

Many structures (Capricorn), like governments, big businesses and their established rules, regulations, laws, bylaws and policies—having reached the limits of concreteness, symbolized by Capricorn—experienced a Plutonian crumbling of sorts. The crumbling and refacing of many world structures altered the rules of the game of life. Pluto metamorphosized Capricornian or regulatory structures. While Pluto transited Capricorn, its influence coincided with the global recession of 2007-2009. (In December 2007, Pluto was in the last degree of Sagittarius and entered Capricorn on 27 January 2008.)

The housing market crisis of 30 December 2008 was a huge event, especially in the US. The Pluto-Capricorn duo affected structures like the family and its traditional institutions. (With Pluto in Capricorn, state, federal and local governments, are always in mundane opposition to Cancer, the sign of housing, family roots and traditions.)

Since Pluto was in Capricorn, and especially toward the end of the sign, where the influences of revolutionizing Aquarius was increasing, more than 60 coups and coup attempts had occurred in governments (Capricorn) around the world. The world is undergoing a power-shift where earth is becoming air. People will recognize and feel more the effects of thought on their bodies and circumstances.

The substantial element of earth (Capricorn) is yielding to the insubstantial element of air (Aquarius) through Pluto’s transit.

Now, this is an isolated factor in the scheme of the zodiac, yet an important one; for Pluto will move through tropical Aquarius till 10 March of 2043. Till that time, air (thoughts, metaphysical vibrations, thought transference, light-energy, etc.) will play an emerging dominant role in life. Learning to use thought, constructively, judiciously, joyously and beautifully will be the challenge of the next 20 years.

New thoughts (Pluto/Aquarius) versus old thoughts (Pluto/Capricorn). Scissors cut paper, the paper covers the rock, and the rock crushes the scissors.

In the game of rock, paper, scissors, Aquarius as paper is covering (dominating) the Capricorn rock. Our thoughts have an increased capacity to affect matter, as well the world of thought. We comprehend the power of thought to penetrate solid rock. We are also aware that nothing that appears solid is. Everything, even rock, is composed of vibrations, even light, which is encoded with certain information. Air is the more flexible element and so, the arrows of thought can affect the collective mental/air body of humanity (which is an Aquarian symbol of group integrity).

Saturnian structures, necessary controls, traditions, the old landmarks are being covered over by the sandstorms of thought along different lines. Footprints disappear. The world is becoming more in sync with the world of air. The power shift from cardinal earth to fixed air is up for grabs. To paraphrase Emerson: The key to the world is thought, and every person turns that key every moment, unconsciously, consciously!

The world of air or space is an immense arena in which to play the new game of life. There are laws (Saturn) of thought, as we remember Saturn’s co-rulership of Aquarius. The laws of thought lead to the freedom (Uranus) of the universe, if we take account of the primary Uranian influence of Aquarius.

Let us keep in mind the apparent fact that most of the tropical sign of Aquarius has, as its backdrop, the constellation of Capricorn. So, Pluto is still moving in Capricorn constellation and simultaneously moving in the tropical sign of Aquarius. Heliocentrically, Pluto is also in Capricorn. Here we can see the complexity of energies as they appear from different vantage points. But the meaning we ascribe to Pluto in tropical Aquarius is key. This is where astrology and thought come into play.

What if thought is guarded and used, not scattered and considered of value, and a real force in life. It is useful, now that Pluto transits Aquarius, to accept the concept that thoughts rule the world. The whole of humanity is getting a glimpse of the Aquarian Age, through Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, where cooperation, another term for brother/sisterhood, is a law of life, not just an idea. Individual liver cells, essentially, cooperate with one another, and so do certain families and groups. We can also include the planetary, systemic and cosmic families. They cooperate. Like the trine or grand trine in a horoscope, each individual can cooperate with the whole body of life. These are a few of the themes that are ascending upon the horizon of the horoscope of the earth.

As Pluto is the slowest moving planet/planetoid, all the other planets and their positions play sort of second fiddle to Pluto. In other words, Pluto’s overarching influence, due to the length of time it will spend in Aquarius, promotes new inventions. These inventions, which will be new to most people, but have probably been around for decades, will lead to thought-about-thought as the new frontier. Those who work more with inner and more subjective realities, and the higher worlds, will have a field day with the possibilities of constructively created though