With this in mind, what new potentials for spirit-education exist when we invest time in nature, while bringing in a greater awareness of the stars and planets?

Kevin Raphael Fitch
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

Most people seek recreation, peace and a return to wholeness through investing time in and with nature. They hike along a sinuous trail up the side of a mountain; they white-water raft; they relax on a beach or by a river. The cyclic lives of the planets, constellations and stars in their interrelationships is simply more of nature, informing it with deeper meaning.

Astrology as nature brings this celestial science up close, for daily and even hourly observation and experience. To behold a rainforest or a mountain stream or an open field in this way is to reimagine nature linked to far-off worlds. One can begin to live with the energies and forces that are ordinarily displayed in astrological charts. We can experience them as living realities of those same energies while we walk to and from our homes, strive at our jobs, or sit talking with our friends.

We do these things naturally and along with nature. So, as we extend our definition of nature to include everything that lives beyond this world, then, by default, we can bring into our energetic perspective more of the living beauty of Earth, plus the domain of the rest of our solar system and beyond.

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