Energy Optimization for Cellular Rejuvenation & Life Extension!

Christopher Rudy, UltraMedics Services
Mar – Apr 2024 • Vol 4, No 9

What if a friend told you that they discovered a little known “miracle supplement” that was literally worth its weight in gold to ancient Chinese Emperors… and today is used by doctors in drip-IVs to bring back the immune system after it is weakened by chemo and radiation? Read on if that intrigues you, and learn how to get a free bottle.

Those ancient Chinese were smart. They mapped out the energy meridians of the body for acupuncture thousands of years ago. They knew that royal jelly was made by bees for the queen bee, who was 3-to-5-times bigger, lived much longer, and was often laying its weight in eggs every day.

This miracle of nature is what creates a queen bee from a normal worker bee larva—not genetics. Bees suck out the nucleic material from tiny openings in the microscopic pollen grains, and store it to create and feed a queen bee. It’s the richest source of concentrated nutrients at the source of the food chain. [Note: Swedish Flower Pollen Extract is plant-based and harvested without bees.]

This was the superfood for emperors, who were the “king bee” to numerous concubines. Today immunologists and oncologists use a nutraceutical-grade form of royal jelly with three unique processes for quality control:

  • Select pollens—with the optimal micronutrient profile for humans—are harvested from select flowering plants.
  • The rock-hard microscopic pollen husks are shredded for extraction of the nutrient-rich nucleic material.
  • The complex molecules are predigested with enzymes to optimize nutrient assimilation.

What if your friend also told you that this miracle extract has been used for 60 years in Europe as a preventive for colds and flu, and to keep natural immunity strong?

You never heard about this during COVID because it was taboo to talk about natural immunity and natural remedies to prevent or treat flu-like symptoms. Like “safe and effective vaccines” (experimental mRNA gene therapy)—that became mandatory for many of us—only the official treatment protocols with Remdesivir and ventilators were allowed in hospitals, killing a majority of those who received both, and yet, blamed on COVID…

But I digress into extremely controversial territory… We all know that Big Pharma and Big Media only have our health and welfare in mind… Fifty-five years ago, as a teenager, I was given pollen pills for pollen allergies, and my symptoms went away. It was the same Swedish company that developed the allergy RAST test used by doctors to diagnose allergies worldwide. For almost as many years, Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) has been the leading natural remedy for urethritis and prostatitis in Asia and Europe.

But in America, drugs dominate. This goes back to the early 1900s, when John D. Rockefeller financed 1100 medical schools across America, making pharmacology the core of medical-school curriculums. So, America’s first billionaire, when there were relatively few millionaires, parlayed his Big Oil fortune into drugs synthesized from his own petrochemicals.

He even financed legislation—see the Flexner Report—that made allopathic drugs-for-symptoms medicine the “Community Standard.” So, for a century we’ve witnessed Rockefeller’s medical-industrial complex virtually at war with ‘alternative’ (drug-free), natural-healing modalities, because of John D’s well-known philosophy that “competition is a sin.”

Today, what most people don’t realize is why Rocky’s “ethical drugs” are pushed incessantly on TV. In the 1970s, the Rockefeller overlords bought out controlling interest in all the mainstream media—CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., and they have deepened their media monopoly since then.

This practice of mass-media drug pushing is considered immoral and banned in every other nation on Earth except two. And perhaps now you can see how the collusion of Big Oil with Big Pharma and Big Media has monopolized the mass mind with an Orwellian, “Big Brother,” (Deep State) disease-care sys­tem that profits from disease treatment—not disease prevention. There’s no money in preventing that which they profit from treating.

Drug stocks are the darling of Wall Street and institutional investors. The sicker the public gets, the more drugs are sold, and the more money for the pension funds of those invested in drug stocks. This is a health-sabotaging racket that has resulted in a dramatic drop in the recorded life expectancy for Americans since COVID.

Perhaps you witnessed how the stock market thrived during COVID for Big Pharma, the most profitable segment of Wall Street. Newly minted billionaires came out of the mass vaccination campaign, but that was just the beginning. The horrendous level of harmful side effects—“mass pharmacide”—has also been a bonanza for Big Pharma, as they are now treating symptoms that they created with these experimental mRNA injections—not correctly labelled as vaccines.

As the vaccine-pushing hype was winding down, you probably noticed how the military-industrial complex picked up the slack with Ukraine mania… and now Gaza genocide? Making a killing, indeed!

So perhaps now—from a healthy viewpoint—you can apprecia