Near Downtown Livingston, MT

David Christopher Lewis
July – August 2022 • Vol 3, No 122

With our economy experiencing high inflation as food, gas, utilities and other consumer goods skyrocket, it’s a great time to grow food locally on our own properties. In addition to saving money, eating fresh produce provides a much healthier alternative to the equivalent grown in other states or countries.

In 2018, my wife Mona secured funding through grants and donations (via our 501c3, Paradise Permaculture Institute), to purchase from Four Season Tools Company what’s called a Rolling High Tunnel (RHT)—a greenhouse that can be moved on stationery rails to more than one position. In our case, the 30’ x 48’ RHT greenhouse we erected, from a kit with the help of a half-dozen friends, can now be moved by two to four people to three positions. This allows us to extend the growing season on both ends and grow hardy greens all through the winter!

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