And Disease Prevention Is Our Right to Life

Christopher Lee Rudy
November – December 2021 • Vol 3, No 118

My apologies to any health-care workers who took offense at my previous article in this magazine in support of the unvaccinated. My life has been saved by skilled surgeons on multiple occasions, and these doctors and nurses will always be my heroes. But today, “bad medicine called good” is what we’re seeing with virus hysteria, vaccine mandates, and digital passports worldwide. What is happening, folks?

As a naturopath who developed four holistic health centers over 40 years, I admit I have my own bias when it comes to the current public-health system that profits from disease, not wellness. People no longer need to take a “red pill” to see that this corporate, privatized, health system puts stockholders before public health and their motive is profit, not health. Stockholders first is corporate law, not Constitutional Law. And the corporatocracy has been running amuck since the Supreme Court gave corporations personhood rights in a 2010 ‘Supreme Coup’—but I digress…

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