2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Christopher Rudy
May – June 2023 • Vol 4, No 4

To paraphrase Proverbs [29:18]—With vision, the people thrive. Without it, perish the thought! Let’s all focus pure intention. It’s the Heart of Global Common Sense. What kind of world do we want, folks? Is it true that global humanity prefers health & peace over disease & war? Are you aware of the Great Awakening that is going mainstream very fast?  Would you agree that an economic reset will thrive only with a Universal Currency of Conscience for Unity in our Diversity?

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”

~ James Madison, 4th US President and Chief Architect of the Constitution

The ‘Quickening’ as Mass Awakening

The computer/Internet revolution has created an instant-everywhere and interactive global village that is now maturing with a new Common Sense of global Netizens who Network for the Net worth of Net Reality with general enlightenment of both ‘The Crisis’ and ‘The Opportunity’.

After 3 years of global crisis via mass perception deception, enlightened Netizens have witnessed many of us who prefer-red comforting lies for our “health & security” rather than unpleasant truths that expose the Big Lie of ‘Crisis Capitalism’ for profit and power without Constitutional principle.

Global humanity has succeeded on Earth to the point where systemic corruption is being exposed as a divisive dialectic that creates and manages dystopian dis-ease and disinformation, via powerful special interests that have a vested interest in keeping common sense—and control—from people, NOT “of, by and for the people;” all of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

In response to corruption and disruption of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a new Common Sense is emerging among global ‘Netizens’ who are networking for the Net worth of unity in our diversity as our global ‘Net reality.’

As you watch the following videos, keep in mind that our Galaxy is a giant torus field, as is our Sun, the Earth, your brain, cells, and every atom in the universe; the Unified Source Field.

The Geometry of Spirit into Matter and the ‘Dance’ (Flow) of Spirit that Matters!

Watch: THRIVE I for FREE at: ThriveOn.com

Watch: THRIVE II now at: FreeToThrive.com/movie/thrive-ii/

Watch: Eye of the Universe—Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom at: Youtu.be/pCpLWbHVNhk

Thanks to Charles Dominique for sharing this fractal geometry music video—a window into the pattern of the Holographic Universe. Welcome to the InnerNet!

Keep in mind that the body is a holographic field, and there are many fields within the auric field around the body as commonly imaged with Kirlian ph