Excerpts from Raphael’s Latest Mini-Book

Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
Jan – Feb 2024 • Vol 4, No 8

The astrologer savored the last gulps of his Golden Bobcat. The waitress, showing up next to the astrologer’s shoulder, whispered her inquiry, “Mr. Jones, shall I refill your glass?” The noise level roused from anticipation to an exhilaration of cheers.

Seated at the square table, Jones was still thinking of an answer, that is, whether to go for another glass. The bar was electric with excitement. The waitress looked up at the TV screen. Two men were seated at Jones’ table, one sat across from him and the other sat to his immediate right.

Jones noticed the laminated horoscope the men had brought him. They were from the Special Computations Office. “Molly, thank you, but I’ll pass on that refill.”

“It’s on the house now, Mr. Jones. The MSU Bobcats beat Utah Tech sixty-three to twenty.”

“That is great news! And thank you, but I’ll return next Saturday for another. Please, call me Ahmad.”

“Sure thing! I will remember the next time.” Molly disappeared behind Jones into the kitchen.

The men lifted their drinks off the copper top table.

“I see you’ve photocopied a page from my book. Would you please ask the question again?”

With an enthusiastically gruff voice, the man on the right said, “Montana is a state with space, amounting to one hundred forty-seven thousand square miles, but only with a little over a million people.”

The other man across from Jones added in smoother tones, “Is there anything in the natal chart that illustrates the spaciousness of the state?”

“Yes,” said the man to the right. “If you can find a planetary marker or markers, we can create a formula to focus high-frequency energies of light all over the state.”

“To do… what, where—and how?” Jones asked.

Both men leaned forward and said. “To help protect our state.”

“From what? And do you have a permit for that?” Jones asked laughingly with a touch of seriousness. Satisfied that these men were good-natured, based on his years as a cop, Jones then pointed to the horoscope.

“Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of space and time, respectively. In some accounts, they are known as the Buddha and the Mother. The concepts of space and time, in that order, also apply here. Buddha, as space, implies consciousness, for consciousness has no spatial limits, just like the state of Montana presents vistas of space that allow the mind to soar for miles. This is a reference to the expansion of consciousness. Mother implies structures of time.

“Montana’s chart, based on the time that Benjamin Harrison officially proclaimed it a state of the union, Jupiter, the planet associated with limitless space, was in the 1st House of the state and its people. It marks untrammeled space.” Energetically, Jupiter has an affinity with the state because of the assimilation of its beneficences, in time, with Montana’s birth.”

There was some consternation after that remark.

“But Capricorn is on the Ascendant, which is ruled by Saturn,” the man across from Jones said, “and that negates Jupiter’s promise of spaciousness.”

“Only if you perceive a negation by accepting that rule. What if Capricorn provides structure to Jupiter’s space, via hills, valleys and mountains? Can you imagine not seeing the Crazies while driving on US Highway 90? The two play well together. Of course, the rule in astrology is that Jupiter is at its Fall in Capricorn. Re-member, though, that astrology can be ruled by thought. So, if you’re going to build something to ward off anything to ‘protect’ our state, it should have its basis in thought. You shouldn’t require a permit for that… And speaking of protection, do you know about Montana’s role in preventing the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962?”

“No!” the men said with anticipation.

“You can read it in my book on Montana’s astrology, which states, ‘October 26, 1962, marked the date when the 10th Strategic Missile Squadron Launch Facility Alph-06 went on what is called strategic alert, due to the discovery that the Soviet Union had been placing nuclear missiles in Cuba.’”

Jones looked at his watch, then said, “Progressed Mars (missiles) at 10 degrees Scorpio, 46 minutes, squared Montana’s progressed Ascendant (Mon-tana) at 10 degrees Aquarius, 59 minutes.” The two men were at rapt attention.

Looking again at his watch, with a sense of urgency, Jones continued, “So, progressed Mars squared Montana’s progressed Ascendant from its co-ruled sign of secrets (Scorpio). The moment became significant when paired with Minuteman ICBMs (housed 84 feet deep near Belt or Great Falls, Montana) on Strategic Alert.”


“Gentleman, please excuse me. I have an appointment. But regarding Montana’s spaciousness and the relocated chart of Montana, Helena has Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius, at zero degrees on the horizon. This effusive fire sign is associated with the freedom of wide-open spaces. Was this useful to you and your noble efforts to strengthen and protect our treasured state with light?”

“Yes indeed! Go Cats!”

A Bit of Montana’s Astrology by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

From the White House in Washington, D.C. to Montana’s State Capital, the beginnings of Montana as a new state—along with its astrology—began. A Bit of Montana’s Astrology:

  • Explores the powershifting transformation from the Territory of Montana to statehood.
  • Raises awareness of the role that Light and Sacred Fire has in Montana’s astrology.
  • Discusses the current Mahadasa (Great Cycle) in Montana…
  • And much more!

Kevin D Raphael Fitch, is a writer, philosopher, novelist, and professional astrologer. He currently lives in Living