A Reflection of Universal Love in the Global Mind

Christopher Rudy
May – Jun 2024 • Vol 4, No 10

Back in 1974, I addressed ten agencies of the Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill.
Finally, we’re seeing the Aquarian Quantum Age gain some traction!

Fifty years ago, in July of ‘74, I attended Buckminster Fuller’s month-long World Game Studies Workshop at the University of Pennsylvania. We did future modeling of the abundant energy capabilities of hydrogen-fuel-cell technology, that utilizes specific frequencies to split the H2O water molecule and separate the Hydrogen fuel for burning with the oxygen component to power cars and clean energy generators for home and industry. No toxic combustion side-effects.

Back at that time, Stanley Myers and others were running cars across the country by simply putting water in the fuel tank. This simple, quantum technology—utilizing frequency to split the water molecule—was demonstrably proven, and the implications were vast. “Energy, Earth & Everyone” is the book we published from our research. In the Foreword, R. Buck-minster Fuller wrote:

“This book makes it incontestably clear that it is feasible to harvest enough… energy… to provide all humanity and all their generations to come with a higher standard of living and greater freedoms than ever have been experienced by any humans and to do so by 1985, while completely phasing out all further use or development of fossil fuels, atomic and fusion energies.”

Of course, this was disruptive technology, disrupting the Big Oil status quo monopoly. Stanley Meyer was assassinated after refusing to back down on a mass production facility. In Germany, Mercedes Benz produced some buses that ran on the water fuel cell, but they were shut down. In Japan, a company went into production of a small car that ran on water… but they were also shut down. Are we now seeing a Great Awakening to quantum water power folks?

Hydrogen-Burning Alpenglow Hypercar Is About to Go Endurance Racing

April 14, 2024 / New Atlas: “After a couple of hell-raising concept iterations, Alpine’s hydrogen combustion fire-and-ice Alpenglow super-racer is finally prepped and revved up for the track. It’ll make its dynamic debut next month at the Spa-Francorchamps 6-Hour Endurance Event in Belgium, running its hydrogen combustion engine on its first public outing.”

The denial of abundant H2O energy for all is not for the lack of the how-to science—

Trillions of dollars are at stake for Big Oil, so they bankroll the climate crisis industry—controlled opposition—blaming bogus CO2 emissions, like they blamed an invisible virus with the same hyped-up warnings of mass casualties if we don’t take the shot, lock down society, and surrender our sovereignty for security—until we had neither.

Look how that has worked out! The “pharmacidal” medical-industrial complex makes a killing on vaccines—in the short term—and profits ten-fold on a life time of harmful side effects. They lied that they were safe and effective, and now they deny there are millions worldwide who have been killed or severely harmed.

“Ever since the COVID-19 vaccine came out, 1.1 million Americans have died excessively, 4 million were permanently disabled, and another 28 million were seriously injured.”

~ Article by Edward Dowd, HERE

Personally, I had my children ‘vaccinated’ with nontoxic homeopathic nosodes by a medical doctor who was also a homeopath. Now they have their own children, and I strongly advise them to avoid the highly toxic new mRNA shots that are genetically modifying kids with an insane injection schedule of 64 shots.

Listen to what Joe Rogan clearly stated recently—2 minute video HERE—about the medical hypocrisy of “mass pharmacide” with mRNA shots. But I digress…

While at Bucky’s World Game, I gave a lecture on the trending future of breakthrough communication technologies for upgrading our core Constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly, etc.

Some of the attendees of World Game were members of the World Future Society and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Committee for the Future, and after my lecture, they asked me to give the highlights of my lecture to ten agencies of the Federal Government a few months later at a ‘Futures Summit’ that debriefed the U.S. Government on scenarios for celebrati