Chinese Lunar New Year of the Metal Rat

Michele Lewis, CFSP
January-February 2020 • Vol 3, No 108

Aren’t we all looking forward to a new year? The Chinese Lunar New Year for 2020 is celebrated on January 25 this year, which is the first day of the new moon in the first lunar month. The New Year is an extended holiday in China—their biggest celebration—and will end on February 8. This is the full moon and it’s celebrated with the Lantern Festival. The full force of this exciting New Year will actually commence on February 4, which is the first day of the Chinese astrological year, also known as The Start of Spring.

The honored animal for 2020 is the rat, and the element for 2020 is metal, with a yang attribute. The Rat is a clever, strategic animal, and it’s element is calm, cold, yin water and rain, which gives the Rat an edge on intelligence and quick thinking and allows it to solve problems with piercing vision. Something is always going on in that sharp mind!

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