Unconditional Love & Loyalty to All Living Things

Michele Lewis, CFSP
January-February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

A very Happy Lunar New Year and welcome to the year of the Earth Dog! On February 16, 2018, we welcome a new beginning and a year of great opportunity. The dog is considered an auspicious sign in Chinese astrology. One of the most likeable signs, dogs are loyal and valiant, clever and intelligent, and always straightforward. Charismatic and attractive, they are also protective and take their assumed responsibilities most seriously.

And, of course, every sign has its weaknesses: sensitive and prone to cantankerous moods, stubborn and emotional, the dog will look for trouble around every corner. They also have a nose to discern who is friend and foe; if you’re a foe, watch out—as a dog threatened will defend his family, home turf, and causes with a passion and will bite if they feel threatened.

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