Is THE WOLF Calling You?
Actual Wolves Provide
Guidance—Intensive Retreat

Kim Shotola

Do you know how magical the wolf is? Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. It is called the star of the celestial wolf, referring to the wolf coming and going between this world and the spirit world. The Milky Way is referred to as the Wolf Road or Wolf Trail, a reference to the road to Heaven. The wolf can help you connect more deeply with those who have crossed over. The wolf has many amazing qualities that are revered by many and they want you to know how they can help your life journey.


The Deep Connection
Between Color & Music
Boost Your Health and
Emotions Through the Arts

Kathleen Karlsen

One day in my early twenties, I saw an ad for a health treatment that involved a combination of sound, crystals, music, and film. I was living in Los Alamos, New Mexico, high in the mountains. Intrigued by the unusual description, I decided to call and make an appointment. When I arrived, I was ushered into a room where there was a structure made of crystals in a large lattice, forming a pyramid. I was instructed to lay on the floor under the pyramid and was left in the quiet room for about 20 minutes…


Breaking Down
to Breaking Through
How Adaptable Are You?

Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.

“Change” in our lives is ongoing and highly variable. Some change is tolerable; some change is welcome and needed. Some change can be abrupt and unwanted, at least initially, but it can open a space or an opportunity for something else to break through…

Tom and his wife Lila were happily married living on a few acres of land in the country. They were once farmers and worked hard during the seasons, but now they were in their seventies and retired…


Meet Our Columnists

Maria Low

On Essential Oils

Enjoy Maria’s lifetime of knowledge on the use of powerful essential oils for health and healing in her extensive archive of articles. She uses Young Living’s line of products, one of the purest and most respected brands.

Animal Communication

Kim Shotola

Want to deepen your heart and soul connection? Want your animals to live their best lives? The Lightfoot Way’s holistic animal care helps your animals be happier and healthier, while YOU improve your intuitive abilities.