The Feng Shui of—
Spring Cleaning Is Here!

Michele Lewis, C.F.S.P.

Almost every book on Feng Shui talks about “decluttering” and keeping things neat and clean. Is it really that important? YES, it IS important to do regular purges of those things that don’t mean anything to you anymore, as well as maintaining cleanliness on a daily basis. If you’ve waited all year to clean up and clear out, Spring is the perfect time!


Physio-Energy Therapy®
Can PET Increase
Your Quality of Life?

Janet Burke & James Tree-Gilmore

During a PET session, our initial goal is to bring the client into a state of deep, neurological peace and stillness. When this is accomplished, the brain starts to release the building blocks for the regeneration of every aspect of the client’s body, mind and spirit, thereby setting up the interdimensional healing that is needed for the body to recover.


Unlocking the Mysteries of FRANKINCENSE: Ancient
Wisdom & Modern Science

Maria Low

All essential oils have a frequency that can be scientifically measured. Each species of plant has its own pitch or harmonic overtones. Frankincense has one of the higher oil frequencies. This is one of the reasons why it is used for anointing and emotional support. Anointing was used to “raise up” the person and free them from dark energy.