Blueberry & Blue Majik®
with Stunning, Blue Spirulina

Madi & Griff Whalen

I have been taking the fresh-frozen blue-green algae formulations from E3Live, located in Klamath Falls, OR, almost every day for 20 years for its high-potency, superfood nutrition and chlorophyll. Now this great company is offering a unique form of stunning, blue spirulina called Blue Majik that really makes your smoothies pop! —Editor


The Powerful Connection
Between CHAKRAS and
ORGANS of the Body

Kathleen Karlsen

Each of our organs in our bodies are associated with one or more of the seven major chakras. This connection gives keys to creating optimal health on both energetic and physical levels, as these can be stimulated and balanced using mantras, acupuncture, meditation, visualization, herbs, yoga practice, and other forms of exercise.


Gratitude for the Senses—
HEARING: Ancestral Gift
of Nature and DNA

Arnie Shapiro, M.D.

Hearing is a wonderful part of our life experience. In infancy, our parents’ voices are calming influences. We likely heard murmurings of these voices in utero. In childhood, hearing is a big part of learning, including language acquisition. We start enjoying music, singing, rhyming, and animal sounds. Children also like producing sounds.