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January – February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

From the Editor...

Vegetarian Green & Yellow Split Pea Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Love is the Key in 2018 • Chantal Hale, LMT, MFRT
Deeply Grateful! • Barbara Woodbury
D3: The Sunshine Vitamin • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Silicon: Strengthening, Magnetic Element • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Essential Oils for Happy Babies and Children • Maria Low
Healing Your Animals with Energy Work • Kim Shotola
What’s a Life Coach, Anyway? • Tristan Sophia, Psy.D.
Introducing InLight™ Therapy • CJ Puotinen
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency • Robin Blanc Mascari
Winter and the Water Element • Valerie Schwankl
Upgrade Your Immune System with SPX • Christopher Rudy
Hazardous Cancer-Causing Foods! • Georgia Cold
Sprouting—Winter’s Indoor Garden • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Natural Element Kills Germs, Prevents Illness • CopperZap LLC
Importance of Liver Cleansing • Amanda Kimmel
Releasing Emotional Trauma • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Sclerology: Complement to Iridology • Crystal Maceira, LMT, MH
2018: Chinese Year of the Earth Dog • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Age Related Hormone Decline • Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT
Measure Your Three Treasures • Deborah Lee
Myofascial Release for Balancing Your Hips • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

November – December 2017 • Vol 3, No 95

From the Editor...

Recipe: Sugar Plums: Everything Delectable • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Opening our Minds & Hearts! • Barbara Woodbury
Co-Creating with the Wisdom of the Planets • Kristine Backes, MA
Ancient Wisdom for Planting Seeds • Marlenea La Shomb
Stress & Gut Health • Amanda Kimmel
It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas! • Maria Low
The Heart & Soul of Animal Communication • Kim Shotola
Why Small Miracles Matter • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
You’re Made for More • Tera Wombolt
Sweet from the Inside Out • Georgia Cold
Chakra & Crystal Work • Sara Gibbs, NCMT
Facial Rejuvenation: Microcurrent & Color Light Therapy  • Deborah Lee
Keeping Your Brain Active—Squared! • Marlenea La Shomb
Thyroid: The Hormone Symphony Conductor • Michael Lang, ND
What Is Iridology? • Crystal Maceira, LMT, MH
SomatoEmotional Release® How It Works • James V. Fix, RM, CST
The Feng Shui of—Thanksgiving • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Incorporating Smell with Hypnotherapy • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
UltraMedics: Prevention and Holistic Care • Christopher Rudy
Iodine: You Aren’t Getting Enough • Toby McAdam
Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

September – October 2017 • Vol 3, No 94

From the Editor...

Green Tomato Chutney w/ Apples, Raisins & Ginger • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Forgiveness & Surrender • Barbara Woodbury
Natural Beauty with Essential Oil Makeup • Maria Low
The Time is Now to Eradicate Heart Disease & Strokes • Marlenea La Shomb
~ and ~ Autumn Wild Edibles & Berries • Marlenea La Shomb

Veterans’ PTSD—New Role for Emotional Freedom Techniques • CJ Puotinen
Blossoming with the Code in Your Fingertips • Shyralee Mitchell
Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose • Michael Fraser & Robin Wilson
Clearing Out Summer’s Heat for Winter’s Health • Kristine Backes, MA
Scientists Rediscover an Ancient Way to Prevent Illness • CopperZap LLC
Toxic Chemicals Found in Newborn Babies! • Georgia Cold
Estrogen: Queen of Hormones • Michael Lang, ND
Dowsing Today: Directing Nature’s Abundance • Mary Clement, Ph.D.
Know Thyself through Thy Face! • Deborah Lee
Unwinding & Rebounding Intro to Myofascial Release • Chantal Hale
The Feng Shui of—Fall’s Sights, Sounds & Scents • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Easy Self-Compassion When Life Becomes Difficult • Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
SomatoEmotional Release® Releasing Energy Cysts • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Is Hypnosis for the Weak Minded? • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Healing Made Fast, Simple, Non-Invasive & Pain-Free • Tamera Rackham
What is Colon Hydrotherapy and How Does It Work? • Amanda Kimmel
Authentic Pain Relief: Self-Help Myofascial Stretching • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

July – August 2017 • Vol 3, No 93

From the Editor...

Summer Squash Ribbons with Pesto • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Call to Heal! • Barbara Woodbury
Limitations & Liabilities of our Value Judgments • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Bright Line Eating—The Game Changer • Marlenea La Shomb
Copaiba Essential Oil for Animals & Pets • Maria Low
Powerful Self-Healing Herbs: A Native-American Gift • Elaine Rylin
Summer & the Fire Element • Valerie Schwankl
Low-Back Pain • Rick Bittner, D.C.
A Friend Indeed! GoFundMe Campaign for Cheryl Laures • Nancy Hufnagel
CranioSacral Therapy What It Is... How It Works... • James V. Fix, RM, CST
The Importance of Colon Cleansing • Georgia Cold
The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women • Michael Lang, ND
Harmonizing with the Rhythms of the Cosmos  • Kristine Backes, MA
Your Face Tells the Truth! • Deborah Lee
Brainspotting: What’s in the Body Is in the Brain (and vice versa) • Rebecca McNeil
Keeping Kids Healthy this Summer • CJ Puotinen for Carol Wilcock, RN
Managing Empathy with Metaphysical Practice • Raven Digitalis
The FENG SHUI of—Cut Flowers & Live Plants • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Finding a Good Pilates Trainer • CJ Puotinen for Melinda Leas
Beginning to Heal from Depression • Nancy Hufnagel . . .
Acts of Kindness Have Astonishing Health Benefits • Scott Mautz
Better than Coffee The Buzz w/o the Bad • Christopher Rudy
Enjoy Your Herbs! • Marlenea La Shomb
"Free at Last!" with MRT • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

May – June 2017 • Vol 3, No 92

From the Editor...

Garlic Scape Pesto w/ Parsley, Walnuts & Pecorino • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Ask Connie—The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Energy Healers & Mineral Helpers • Barbara Woodbury
Phosphorus: “The Light Bearer” • Marlenea La Shomb
2-Minute Miracle Gel™ • Venice Coates
Discover Einkorn—an Ancient Grain • Maria Low
Doctor, My Knee Is Killing Me! • Rick Bittner, DC
Ode to Massage—Lessons from a Lifetime of Body Tune-Ups • Denis Ouellette
A Musical Journey through Latin America • Patricia Mills
CranioSacral Therapy for Children • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Depression—#1 Cause of Illness & Disability Worldwide • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Juice Cleansing for Energy & Weight Loss • Georgia Cold
The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy • Michael Lang, ND
Happiness Is to Be... Pain Free!—Radon Therapy • Leah Compton
Are You Manifesting Your Beauty from the Inside Out? • Deborah Lee
The Science of Hypnotism • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Your Garden Is a Goldmine of ENZYMES! • Marlenea La Shomb
Why Is My Dog Behaving Like This—Bella’s Story • Karen Nowak
Runners & Joggers • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

March – April 2017 • Vol 3, No 91

From the Editor...

Recipes—Creamy Lima Beans & Greens Soup • Janice Feuer-Hauge
Power Dialogues: from Reacting to Responding • Rebecca J. McNei
Missing Square in the Quilt—Missing Piece of the Soul • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D
The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show • Barbara Woodbury
The Feng Shui of the Energy of Spring • Michelle Lewis
Winning the Bed-Bug Battle with Essential Oils • Maria Low
Acupressure Tapping: A Universal Healing Tool • CJ Puotinen
Letting Go of Your Belief System • Chantal Hale, LMT, MFRPb
A Proactive Approach to Health • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Pilates for Muffin Tops! • Melinda Leas
Benefits of Ozone Therapy • Georgia Cold
Nine Signs of Ascending Times • Christopher Rudy
3 Dynamic Treatments for Face & Body Rejuvenation • Deborah Lee
Past-Life Regression? • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Weathering Seasonal Changes w/ Chinese Medicine • Valerie Schwankl
A Holistic Approach to your Animal’s Health Care • Karen Nowak
Medical Doctors Join Dynamic Health Technologies • Carol Wilcock, RN
Barron Trump—An Astrological Look at the President’s Son • Jean Hart
Practical, Self-Help Iridology • Marlenea La Shomb
Spring Bare-Root Planting • Marlenea La Shomb
Myofascial Release Techniques: “Feel to Heal!” • Mary Loveless

January – February 2017 • Vol 3, No 90

From the Editor...

Recipes—Moroccan Cinnamon Oranges • Janice Feuer-Haugen
A Journey to Authentic Living • Barbara Woodbury
Reconnecting with Your Spirit • Rebecca J. McNeil
Out with the Old—In with the New! • Marlenea La Shomb
Enjoying Cinnamon Oil throughout the Year • Maria Low
Colon Health & Cleansing • Amanda Kimmel
The Feng Shui of 2017...Year of the Fire Rooster! • Michele Lewis
Diatomaceous Earth for Your Animal’s Worming Routine • Connie Huft
Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Beekeeping—The Natural Way • Marlenea La Shomb
Transcending the Divide • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Seven Characteristics of Mass Ascension • Christopher L. Rudy
Aromatherapy for Winter Transformations • Deborah Lee
New Year’s Resolutions?! • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Toxic Beauty?! • Georgia Cold-Noble
How Trauma Can Affect Health &
Define Who We & Our Animals Are • Karen Nowak
Create a Life-Story Video • Dennis Davis
A Look at Melania Trump's Birth Chart • Jean Hart, Astrologer
Transcend Stress • Eva Vincent
A Headache in the Pelvis • Mary Loveless
Bridging the Gap Between Mental & Physical • Marlenea La Shomb
What’s a Breathwork Seminar? • Denis Ouellette
2017—A Year of Fortune! • Florence Guest

November – December 2016 • Vol 3, No 89

From the Editor...

Recipe—Balsamic Glazed Roasted Beet Salad • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Importance of Your Garden Soil • Marlenea La Shomb
Spiritual Support from the Wild Ones • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Gnomes—A True-Life Rescue Story • Barbara Michael-Grover
Indigo Biofeedback • CJ Puotinen for Diana Pearson
You’re Made for More... • Tera Wombolt
The Miracle Mineral You Aren’t Getting Enough Of • UndergroundHealthReporter
And IODINE—The Rest of the Story • Marlenea La Shomb

Circuit Training with the PILATES System • CJ Puotinen for Melinda Leas
What If We Could Change the World?—ACCUNECT® • Dr. Don Pilipovich
Top 10 Benefits of Juice Fasting • Georgia Cold-Noble
Emerging Blueprint for the Golden Age • Christopher L. Rudy
ROCKS—Why Do We Care About Them? • Barbara Woodbury
A Feel-Good Kind of Day • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht.
Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Essential Oils • Maria Low
The Feng Shui of Gratitude • Michele Lewis, CFSP
I Shouldn’t Feel this Way... It’s Only an Animal • Karen Nowak
Body Cupping Therapy • Deborah Lee
Myofascial Release for the HEART • Mary Loveless
Turmeric ‘Golden Milk’ Tea—Feel Years Younger after Drinking this Every Morning • &
Our Strength Is in Our Union—An Astrological Overview of the Work Ahead • Kathie Garcia
Happy Birthday to Me! • Florence Guest
Get Your Body Back! My Mind & Body Transformation • Laura Bolduc

September – October 2016 • Vol 3, No 88

From the Editor...

Naturally Delicious Recipes—Apple ’n Blueberry Flaxseed Muffins • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Choice • Jacque Chapman
Ask Connie—Dreamwork in Groups • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Accunect®: The Future of Medicine Is Here Today! • Jon Olsen
The Stars Don’t Lie—Trump Will Win the White House! • Jean Hart
Heart Health with Nitric Oxide (It’s a Gas!) • Marlenea La Shomb
The Zen of Beauty— Autumn Transformations • Deborah Lee
Healing Your Gut! • Amanda Kimmel
Fairies—True Life Stories... • Barbara Michael-Grover
Top 5 Reasons to Do a Liver Flush • Georgia Cold-Noble
SPX: Nature’s Supreme ‘Ultra-Food’ for Optimal Health • Christopher L. Rudy
LOST ANIMALS—If the Unthinkable Happens... and the Variables of Finding Them • Karen E. Nowak
Your Body Needs Attention! • Maria Low
Hypnotherapy: The Subconscious Mind Can Correct Any Problem
that the Conscious Mind Creates • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
SUPERFOODS—What They Are & Why You Need Them! • Denis Ouellette
Homebirth in Southwest Montana • April Mellito, LM, CLC
Montana's Ruling and the Impact Medical Cannabis Patients • Lionheart Caregiving
Theta Healing: Unlocking the Keys to the Universe • Vianna Stibal
Get Your Body Back! My Mind & Body Transformation • Laura Bolduc
What Is Fascia? • Mary Loveless
Here’s to Chi • Dezri Rochin, LMT
Medical Freedom Movement Taking Hold in Montana • Montanans for Medical Freedom Coalition

July – August 2016 • Vol 3, No 87

From the Editor...

Recipes—Hummus from Good to Great! • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Best Foods for Your Digestion • Amanda Kimme
Interesting Summer Uses for Diatomaceous Earth • Connie Huft, RN
Create Your Life Worth Living • Tera Wombolt
The Zen of Beauty—Summer Transformations • Deborah Lee
Friends Forever... • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
The Humic/Fulvic Missing Link: “It’s in the Leaves!” • Marlenea La Shomb
The Feng Shui of "Your Heart’s Fire" • Michele Lewis, CFSP
True Change • Jacque Chapman
Fairies—Yes, They're Real! • Barbara Michael-Grover
Benefits of a 5-Day Juice-Fast Cleanse • Georgia Cold-Noble
The Privilege of Fatherhood • Denis Ouellette
The 4 Directions of the Prime Directive • Christopher Rudy
Cat Training 101—Educating Dogs & Humans! • Karen E. Nowak
Supporting Your Health in Stressful Times • Maria Low
Herbs with Attitude of Gratitude—The Body Heals Itself • Elaine Rylin
Contributing Role of Stress in Disease • Dezri Rochin, LMT
Science of Cannabis: The Endocannabinoid System • F. DeForrest, BSN, RN
Cryptocurrency: What It Is & What It Offers • P. MacDowell & A. Hoag
Combining EFT & Emotion Code • CJ Puotinen
A Seminar on How to Breathe? • Denis Ouellette
Bladder Cystitis: MFR Treatment for Pain Relief • Mary Loveless
Who Are You Being? • Erin O’Brien

May – June 2016 • Vol 3, No 86

From the Editor...

Chocolate Chunk Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Nature’s Own Fertilizers • Marlenea La Shomb
Reversing Eye Diseases Naturally • Marlenea La Shomb
The Most Alive, Green, High-Protein, Plant Superfood that You Can Eat! • Brian Clement, Ph.D., LN
Investment of a Lifetime! • Paul MacDowell & Arlene Hoag
The Cooking of Humanity • Terrie Holscher
“GOD’S DIRT!”—Diatomaceous Earth • Connie Huft, RN
“I Need Some Down Time!” • Connie Myslik-McFadden.
Powerful Taoist Qigong for Women • Michele Lewis, CFSP
The Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy • Jody Mohoff, CST
Mastering Your Life • Erin O’Brien
Spring Cleansing—Renew Your Vitality! • Amanda Kimmel
Fertility Massage—Reopening the Channels of Creation from Within • Holly Edgecombe
Colon Cleansing: Top 10 Benefits • Georgia Cold Noble
Oncology Massage • Dezri Rochine
Chemtrails, Chem-Flu, & Non-Chemical Healing! • Christopher Rudy
What Rescue Animals Would Like You to Know... “I’m Not a Victim.” • Karen E. Nowak
Eucalyptus: The Miracle Tree • Maria Low
“Doctor, My Knee Is Killing Me!” • Rick Bittner, D.C.
A Holistic Approach to Living & Aging • Deborah Lee
The Master Designer • Bear McKay
Addressing Complaints of Hip-Joint Pain • Mary Loveless
Archetypal Tarot • Florence Guest

March – April 2016 • Vol 3, No 85

From the Editor...

Asparagus Ribbon Salad w/ Almonds • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Access Bars • Jacque Chapman
Low-Back Pain • Rick Bittner, D.C.
EMF Danger: The Cooking of Humanity • Terrie Holscher
The Feng Shui of Spring Cleaning • Michele Lewis 12
What’s the Universe Trying to Tell You? • Tara Maier
Opening to the Mystery of Who You Are • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Eat Fat, Lose Weight! • Robin Blanc Mascari
5 Ways to Boost Your Digestive Health • Amanda Kimmel
Parasites & Disease • Georgia Cold Noble
Herbs & Your Health • Paul Noble
Placenta Encapsulation—A Holistic Approach for the Postpartum Experience • Holly Edgecombe
Global TeLeCare Is Going Mainstream • Christopher Rudy
The “Do It to Me” Horses and People • Karen E. Nowak
The Power of Cedarwood— Past and Present • Maria Low
How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Seniors Get Off Prescription Drugs • Lionheart Caregiving
Relieving Chronic Pain • CJ Puotinen for Carol Wilcock, RN
Fusion of Chiropractic Care & Pilates • John Griffiths, DC & Jennie LaBuhn
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Pets • CJ Puotinen
Healing Is Voltage! How to Recharge Your Body-Battery • M. La Shomb
Scars & Scar Tissue • Mary Loveless
III – The Empress • Florence Guest

January – February 2016 • Vol 3, No 84

From the Editor...

Recipe—Crustless Quinoa Quiche & Six Tips for a Healthier 2016 & Beyond • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Kids & Chiropractic Care • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Pilates for Shoulder Problems • Melinda Leas
2016: The Year of the Fire Monkey! • Michele Lewis
Altered States of Consciousness & Our Spiritual Evolution • Tara Maier
Ask Connie—Pit Bull, Retriever, or Mutt? • Connie Myslik-McFadden
GMOs Are 125x More Deadly than Previously Known! • Denis Ouellette
Future Vision—The 2016 Long View • Christopher Rudy
Conscious Evolution & Rediscovering Ancient Secrets • Kathy Forti, Ph.D.
A Hoof in the Right Direction: Does Your Horse “Feel Good”? • Karen Nowak
Essential Oils for a Healthy Home Environment • Maria Low
What Is Holistic Health? • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Healthy & Doable 2016 Resolutions • Amanda Kimmel
Hyperbaric Oxygen for Closed Head Injuries • Carol Wilcock, RN
A Horse Lesson • Jacque Chapman
Biofeedback for Balancing the Brain & Body • Mary Clement, Ph.D.
Insights for Your 2016 Personal-Year Number • Barbara Michael-Grover
Herbs, Colon Therapy & Fasting for Your Health • Georgia Cold
Freeing Trapped Emotion with Emotion Code • Patty Johnson
Accessing Life’s Energy—Earthing & Other Tips to Access Life-Energy
& Stay Healthy This Winter • Marlenea La Shomb &

Breast Thermography: What, Why, How, When & Where? • Kathe Calcagno
2016—The Year of the Hermit • Florence Guest
Abdominal Discomfort • Mary Loveless

November – December 2015 • Vol 3, No 83

From the Editor...

Recipe: Cranberry Apple Ginger Chutney • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Avoiding Harmful Chemicals • Liz Cavin, ND
A History of Feng Shui Part 3 • Michele Lewis
Pilates for Scoliosis • Melinda Leas
Superpower of Wheatgrass! • Amanda Kimmel
Hidden Cause Behind the Repeated Mass Killings? • Denis Ouellette
The Gift of Being You • Jacque Chapman
Headaches & the Cranial Spine • Rick Bittner, DC
Autism & Hyperbaric Oxygen • Carol Wilcock, RN
When Mercury Is in Retrograde... Beware! • Catherine Nelson
“The Crash”—from “Great Stories from the Mountain” • Steven M. Webb
Starting Your New Dog Off on the “Right Paw” • Karen E. Nowak
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique • Tara Maier
The Numerology of Donald Trump • Barbara Michael-Grover
The 5 Elements, the Seasons & Transformational Cooking • Maria Low
Strengthening Your Energy Field • Marlenea La Shomb
Global Powershift & Quantum Healing • Christopher Rudy
Why I Love EFT • CJ Puotinen
Cellular Regeneration—Part 3 Darren Mellito
“Free at Last!” through Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless

September – October 2015 • Vol 3, No 82

From the Editor...

Recipe—Baked Apple Chips • Janice Feuer-Haugen
What Is Naturopathy? • Liz Cavin, N.D
Just in Time for School Where’s the Ritalin? • Marlenea La Shomb
A History of Feng Shui—Part 22 • Michele Lewis
PILATES: Intelligent Fitness • CJ Puotinen for Melinda Leas
Proper Food Combining • Amanda Kimmel
Helping Dogs & Cats Heal with Flower Essences • Steve Johnson
Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) • Carol Wilcock, RN
Ask Connie—GHOSTBUSTING! • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Cellular Regeneration—Part 2 • Darren Mellito
“Doctor, My Knee Is Killing Me!” • Rick Bittner, D.C.
JAZZERCIZE!—The Benefits of Group Fitness • Bonnie Hykes
“Picture Thinking...” Can Reading Be FUN Only Sometimes? • Elsie Johnson
Sonic Bliss Bath... An Experience of Sound & Vibration... • Will Hartzell
The Powerful Influence of AROMAS • Maria Low
JOHN OF GOD—A Spiritual Healing Journey • Laura Bushnell
Optimal Food Reserves: Savings, Health & Security • Christopher Rudy
ZEN & the Art of Home Maintenance • Kryssa Bowman-Wilmer
The Death of a Judgment • Jacque Chapman
Addressing FROZEN SHOULDER w/ Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless

July – August 2015 • Vol 3, No 81

From the Editor...

Curried Quinoa Salad w/ Cranberries & Toasted Almonds • Janice Haugen
Your Face Tells the Story • Deborah Lee
What Is Colon Hydrotherapy? How Does It Work? • Amanda Kimmel
A History of Feng Shui—Part 1 • Michele Lewis
The 4 Basics of Health • Marlenea La Shomb
Modern Hand Analysis—Emerging from the Darkness • Shyralee Mitchell
Cellular Regeneration • Darren Mellito
Raising Your Frequency with Essential Oils • Maria Low
Vaccine Side Effects for Kids and Adults— And How to Compensate for the Risks • Christopher Rudy
Exploring Voyager Tarot—The Hero’s Journey • Florence Guest
Silence & Sound Healing • Will Hartzell
Lionheart Caregiving—Compassion and Commitment • Lionheart Caregiving
Are You Using ALL Your Senses? • Laura Bushnell
A Radon Health Mine for Pain Relief • Elizabeth Kelly
Herbal Detoxification: The Body’s Power to Heal Itself • Elaine Rylin
Pain-Free with H-Wave • CJ Puotinen
Beautiful Beyond Compare • Jacque Chapman
Get Your Body Back! My Mind & Body Transformation • Laura Bolduc

May – June 2015 • Vol 3, No 80

From the Editor...

Recipe—9 Keys for Super Green Smoothies • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Spring Cleansing • Amanda Kimmel
Weight Training—It’s Not Just for Athletes • Bonnie Young
Straw Bale Gardens—Breakthrough Method • Marlenea La Shomb
Going It Alone • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Dyslexic Thinking—Both a Gift and a Disability • Elsie Johnson
Practical Applications—Why Hypnotherapy? • Walt Hopkins
Essential Oils for Man’s Best Friend • Maria Low
The Fool, The Magician & The Priestess • Florence Guest
Joint Pain, Deterioration and Inflammation • Mary Loveless
NAET for Food Sensitivities • CJ Puotinen
Integrated Holistic-Health Services: The New Paradigm • Christopher Rudy
Tapping to Improve Performance • CJ Puotinen
The Feng Shui of Where to Live? (Part 2) • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Beautiful You! • Jacque Chapman
What’s a Breathwork Seminar? • Denis Ouellette
You Are Destined to Have a Magical Life! • Laura Bushnell
Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks & Needles • Will Hartzell, MS, L.Ac.
Getting the RESULTS You Want in Life • Mary Clement, Ph.D.
A Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to Quality • Big Sky Gardens
EECP for Diabetes, Kidney Disease, ED & More • CJ Puotinen
A Salute to Elnora A. (Stenersen) Old Coyote • Denis Ouellette
The Healing Energy of Community • Bear McKay

March – April 2015 • Vol 3, No 79

From the Editor...

Recipe: Creamy Cauliflower Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Have You Got the SUGAR BLUES?!? • Bonnie Young
A Good Catch! Choosing Healthy Fish • Christine Foskett
Kids & Yoga • Regena Ozeryansky
Tarot for the 21st Century • Florence Guest, MA
Ask Connie—Tech Addicted! • Connie Myslik-McFadden
The Feng Shui of Where to Live? • Michele Lewis
Quantum Healing with Trinfinity8 • Christopher Rudy
Cleansing & Digestive Health • Amanda Kimmel
Appreciating Therapy Animals • CJ Puotinen
What Are Cannabinoids? • Lionheart Caregiving
First Things First • Jacque Chapman
Have You Awakened Your Water? • Heidi Chapnick, DC
Star Frequency Attributes • Linda Banks, a.k.a. S*NANDRA
12 Tips to Fight Fatigue • Samantha Hemmingway
Spring into JOY! • Maria Low
Weight ON... Weight OFF! The Hormone Connection • M. La Shomb
Transformations Start from Within • Deborah Lee
Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease with EECP • CJ Puotinen
Weight & Wellness • Dr. Sue Pollington
Incontinence, E.D. & Pelvic Inflammatory Disease • M. Loveless, PTA
The Missing Puzzle Piece • Bear McKay

January – February 2015 • Vol 3, No 78

From the Editor...

Recipe—Roasted Brussels Sprouts • Janice Feuer-Haugen
What Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise? • Bonnie Young
3 Ways to Shrink Your Waistline w/o Exercise! • Christine Foskett
NAET—An Unusual Allergy Treatment • CJ Puotinen
Are You Getting Enough Sleep? • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
TELOMERES • Patty Johnson
What Is a Breathwork Seminar? • Denis Ouellette.
The Power of Fear • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Feng Shui of the Chinese New Year • Michele Lewis
Internet Health Breakthrough w/ Global TeLeCare • Christopher Rudy
Colon Hydrotherapy—What to Expect? • Amanda Kimmel
A Peer Network for Healthy Minds & Bodies • Robin Johnson
Dairy & Diabetes • R.J., Emigrant, MT
Creating the Best Year of Your Life! • Yuryra Guzman
The Emotion Code & Trapped Emotions • CJ Puotinen
Enhancing Food & Beverages with Essential Oils • Maria Low
Exploring the Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy • CJ Puotinen
Using Cannabis-Infused Topicals • Lionheart Caregiving
Get Your Body Back! • Laura Bolduc
Choosing a Holistic Provider • Dr. Sue Pollington
Feeding Your Soul in 2015 • Bear McKay

November – December 2014 • Vol 3, No 77

From the Editor...

Recipes—Slow–Cooked Broccoli, Leek & Potato Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
A New HIIT to Enjoy! • Bonnie Young
Family Meal Time! • Christine Foskett
Unraveling Ties That Bind • From New eBook by Karen E. Nowak
A Native American Thanksgiving • Nancy Hufnagel
Ask Connie—Practicing Active Hope • Connie Myslik-McFadden
The Feng Shui of Christmas Trees • Michele Lewis
QUEST for the CURES: Common Sense May Be Uncommon
But That's Where the Cures Begin • Christopher Rudy

Holiday Gift Giving with Essential Oils • Marlenea La Shomb
Playing It by Ear–Auriculotherapy: A New Approach for
Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Dr. Paul Robbins

Access Consciousness: Have You Missed the Hot Blonde
in the Red Ferrari? • Jacque Chapman & Yuryra Guzman
Eating for the Seasons... Ayurveda Style • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture • Maria Low
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): Maximizing
the Body's Most Vital Nutrient • CJ Puotinen
You Don’t Need a Flu Shot • Dr. Sue Pollington
10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are
More Dangerous than the Flu! •

Cold & Flu Recipes • Kelly Needs
Myofascial Release® Treatment Centers • Mary Loveless

September – October 2014 • Vol 3, No 76

From the Editor...

Recipes—Peperonata: Italian Stewed Peppers • Janice Feuer-Haugen
TURMERIC: The Spice of Life! • Christine Foskett
Moringa ‘The Miracle Tree’ with 90+ Nutrients
& Get Your Body Back! • Denis Ouellette & Laura Bolduc

Intermittent Fasting... What Is It? • Bonnie Young
The Power of the Raindrop Technique • Maria Low
Letting Go... • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Robin Williams: Let’s Talk about Suicide • Dr. Sue Pollington
Net Reality & Social Conscience—
‘The Future Is What You Make It’ • Christopher Rudy
The Feng Shui of Flora & Fauna, Part • Michele Lewis
Herbal Recipes from History: Queen of Hungary's Water & Zoom! • Kelly Needs
EARTHING!... Getting Grounded to Mother • Marlenea La Shomb
BioMats vs. Heating Pads... What's the Difference? • Sarah Hannah
The Root and the Branch... Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin • Deborah Lee
Tips for a Great Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse • Heidi Chapnick, DC
10–Page Report– How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Why Insulin May
Actually Accelerate Death & Other Ignored Facts • Dr. Joseph Mercola

Medical Marijuana for 5 Common Ailments • Lionheart Caregiving

July – August 2014 • Vol 3, No 75

From the Editor...

Watermelon Salad w/Feta Cheese & Olives • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Summer is Finally Here! Are You Ready? • Bonnie Young
Wholeness & Wellness • Dr. Sue Pollington
Looking for Your Next Step in Healing? • Heidi Chapnick, DC
Adapting to Stress—Gut–Brain Connection • Christopher Rudy
Alzheimer’s Is Preventable! • Christine Foskett
NingXia Wolfberry: A Natural Superfood! • Maria Low
The Psychic You • Cheryl Barry
Tuning the Human Instrument • Marlenea La Shomb
Radon Health Mine for Pain Relief • Elilzabeth Kelly
BioMat’s Quantum Therapeutics • Barbara Ehrenfried
Feng Shui of Flora & Fauna • Michelle Lewis, CFSP
Organic Hair Color ... Why? • Deborah Lee
In–Joy Your Body • Yuryra Guzman
Why Do We Use Spices? • Kelly Needs
Herbal Detoxification: The Body Heals Itself! • Elaine Rylin
EECP: Risk Free Treatment for Heart Disease • CJ Puotinen
Sunlight—Our Ultimate Biological Nutrient • Nancy Hearn, CNC
A Retreat in Paradise • Victor Francs
Marijuana Reduces Alzheimer’s Progression • Lionheart

May – June 2014 • Vol 3, No 74

From the Editor...

Black Bean Quinoa Salad • Janice Feuer–Haugen
No More Bullying! A Tragic Loss
& One Father's Campaign • Nancy Hufnagel

Spring into Abundance! • Maria Low
Changing Your Mind About Money • Vuryra Guzman
Seasonal Transformations Start from Within • Deborah Lee
Lacto-Fermenting for Your Health • Christine Foskett
Ask Connie—Mirror, Mirror • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Food As Medicine • Dr. Sue Pollington
Book Excerpts—An Upraised Chalice: Adventures
and Near Death Encounters in My Search for the Brotherhood
of Light and What It Can Mean for You • Gene O'Neil

Qigong—Tapping the Healing Power Within • Michelle Lewis
Spring Has Sprung • Bonnie Young
Beyond Past Life Regression: The Power
of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy • Gwen A. Jones
What Makes a Marriage Strong? • Pete Bruno
Montana Musings—What an Amazing Time to Be Alive! • Christopher Rudy
Are Your Diet and Lifestyle Killing You? • Jeanette Cheney
Technology: A Tool for Natural Healing • CJ Puotinen
Mental Wellness Breakthrough! • Tammy Kevwitch
Cannabis–Derived Compounds Kill Cancer Cells
in Leukemia Patients • Lionheart Caregiving

March – April 2014 • Vol 3, No 73

From the Editor...

How to—Sunflower Sprouting • Janice Feuer–Haugen
The BioMat’s Quantum Therapeutics—State–of–the–Art
Technology for the New Millennium • Barbara Ehrenfried
The Health Benefits of Bone Broth • Christine Foskett
Detoxify, Renourish & Renew With Fasting • Jeanette Cheney
Gentle Essential Oils for Mother & Baby • Maria Low
What is Ortho–Bionomy? • Elizabeth Ann R. Bird
The 5 Gifts of the Spine • Heidi Chapnick, DC
Persistence, Insistence, Resistance • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Balance in the Core • Liz Allen, NCTMB, LMT
Your Colon & Immunity Against Disease • Christopher Rudy
Feng Shui~ The Healing Power of Wood • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Brain Gym Circuit for the Olfactory Cortex • Marlenea La Shomb
Your Hidden Challenges: Having 1, 2 or 3 as
Your Main Life Challenges—A Numerological Study
of Civil-Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks • Barbara K. Michael–Grover
Extra or Intro—Which –Vert Are You? • Ayesha Ashley
Unbridled Kindess • Jacque Chapman
Montana: Creating a State of Happiness • Tammy Kevwitch
How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Seniors
Get Off Prescription Drugs • Lionheart Caregiving

January – February 2014 • Vol 3, No 72

From the Editor...

Farro Vegetable Stew: Ancient Grain Rediscovered • Janice Feuer–Haugen
12 Ways to Keep Romance Alive • Mary Chatman
Beating The Winter Blues Naturally • CJ Puotinen
What Are Your Resolutions for the New Year? • Bonnie Young
Deep Connections: A Conversation with Heidi, DC • Heidi Chapnick, DC
Ask Connie—About SYNCHRONICITY • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Elevated Cholesterol: A Nonexistent Disease! • Christine Foskett
Universal Co–Creation in Our Global Village • Christopher Rudy, D.C.
What is a Breath–Work Seminar? • Denis Ouelletes
The Brain–Gym Circuit for the Motor Cortex • Marlenea La Shomb
"Nature's Living Energy" And What It Can Do for You:
Why Essential Oils Are Essential • Chad Cumin

Montana YewTips™ A Story of Sustainable Wildcrafting • Rus Willis
Core Shamanism Ancestral Wisdom, Power & Healing
for Our Times • Nan Moss & David Corbin
Free Mental–Wellness Forums in Bozeman • Marta Bush
BEAUTY CARE... It's More Than Skin Deep • Maria Low
Moringa ‘The Miracle Tree’ Contains Over 90 Verified Nutrients
& 539 Medicinal Activities! • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

The Heart of the Matter: Suffering Derives from Thought • Saharadevi

November – December 2013 • Vol 3, No 71

From the Editor...

Shiitake Mushroom Gravy • Janice Feuer–Haugen
A Gift from the Past... • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
The 6th Annual Thanks—4—Giving Clothing Giveaway • Reni Kessinger
Are We Over-Medicating Our Children? • Jacobus Hollewijn
Affordable Community Acupuncture in Bozeman • Zoe Strauss, LA.c.
The Diagnostic Power of Sound • Buffy Stiles
Holiday Derailment... Be Prepared! • Bonnie Young
Ayurveda Is for Everyone! • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
Let's Send Kids a Consistent Message • Christine Foskett, DC
Health Assurance: Better than Health Insurance &
Swedish Pollen Extract: Nature's Richest Food • Christopher Rudy

Herpes No More! • Ken Brown
The Feng Shui of The Gratitude Attitude • Michele Lewis
Brain Gym Circuit for Visual & Auditory Cortexes • Marlenea La Shomb
Give the Gift of Essential Oils Every Day • Maria Low
A Petition for an Independent Montana Study • Tammy Kevwitch
Unprecedented Times: Nov—Dec 2013 Portents • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
Steps to Knowledge to Serve the World and Its Evolution • Michael Farmer
A Horse Lesson & Access Consciousness • Jacque Chapman
Get Your Body Back! Zija® Weight Balance System • Laura Bolduc
Top 9 Foods to Avoid • Dr. Joseph Mercola

September – October 2013 • Vol 3, No 70

From the Editor...

Buttercup Squash Soup — Fall Gold! • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Swedish Pollen Extract:Nature’s Richest Food for Cell Replication,
Repair & Rejuvenation • Christopher Rudy
Exposing Über–dosing: Pills' Progressive Problems • Jacobus Hollewijn
Mental Wellness Breakthrough! Part 2 • Tammy Kevwitch
Ask Connie—The Gift of the Lion • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Why Do the Rich Keep Getting Richer While the Middle Class Keeps Getting Poorer?
—How to Protect & Grow Your Money • Paul MacDowell & Arlene Hoag
The Hot Water Routine—An Easy, Inexpensive Way
to Lose Weight & Release Toxins • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.

Steps to Knowledge: To Serve the World and Its Evolutions • Michael Farmer
The Powerful Influence of Aromas on Animals & People • Maria Low
1, 2, 3... CHANGE! Access Consciousness • Jacque Chapman
Diets, Diets, Diets! Which One Are You On? • Bonnie Young
Autumn Transformations for Health & Beauty • Deborah Lee
The Feng Shui of Food • Michele Lewis
To Health Practitioners: Integral Breathwork™ Seminar in Billings • Sharli Kiner
The Deception of Breast Cancer Detection • Robert Anderson, Ph.D.
The Meteor Shower...with Portents for Sept—Oct 2013 • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
What Massage Can Do for YOU and your DOG! • CJ Puotinen & Adele Delp
The Brain Gym Circuit for Eyes & Visual Cortex • Marlenea La Shomb
Branding Obesity as a Disease — Who Wins? • Christine Foskett, D.C.
The Promise of the Rainbow & Full-Spectrum Enlightenment • Christopher Rudy
The Jade Ring of Power Retreat: Awakening the Heart of the Jaguar • Will Michael
Oxymorons — “I Dunno... Why?” • Internet Troll®
Get Your Body Back! Zija® Weight Balance System • Laura Bolduc

July – August 2013 • Vol 3, No 69

From the Editor...

Natural Recipes — Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet • Janice Feuer—Haugen
Angelina Angst: Cancer Curse, Cure, or Confusion? • Jacobus Hollewijn
Why Choose Pasture-Fed Beef Over Factory-Farmed? • Christine Foskett, DC
Relationships University • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Cilantro Chutney–The Perfect Appetizer • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
NEVER Pay Retirement-Income Taxes Again–Legally! • P. MacDowell & A. Hoag
Myofascial Release®–Looking for the Cause of Pain • Terry Kennedy, MPT
Save Your Child from ADHD and Other Mood Disorders • Marta Bush
BRAIN Health for MENTAL Health • Diana Anthony
Your Unique Destiny... What's Happening Now? • Ayesha Ashley, M.A.
Journey to Bhutan: Pursuit of Global Happiness! • James Vollbracht
The Essential Difference–Understanding Therapeutic Oils • Maria Low
Swedish Pollen Extract: Boosts Cellular Energy • Christopher Rudy
Soul Soaring: A Healing Process • Christopher Rudy
The Gratitude Lift • Jacque Chapman
Let's Talk about GUILT • Virginia Ellen
Great Waves of Change Are Coming to the World • Michael Farmer
Feed Your Body What It Craves! • Kevin Casanova
Spiritual Help for the Burning West • Nan Moss & David Corbin
The Astrologer & You • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
A Survivor's Cancer Journey • Trudy Samuelson
Herbal Detoxification: The Body's Power to Heal Itself • Elaine Rylin
Just A.S.K.! AquaStretch Kinetics™ • Victor Francs, Ph.D.
The Brain Chemistry Diet • Marlenea La Shomb
Retreat: Awakening the Heart of the Jaguar • Will Michael

May – June 2013 • Vol 3, No 68

From the Editor...

Natural Recipes — Fennel, Apple, Jicama & Radish Slaw • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Ask Connie — Green–Eyed Monster • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Additives Worth Avoiding! • Christine Foskett, DC
NLND Health Pearl #27 — Wooing Women:
Healthy Hormones—Messy But Manageable • Jacobus Hollewijn
Trailblaze to Optimum Breast Health—Free Workshops with Dr. Christine Horner
A Stretching Riddle: What Action Does EVERYONE Participate In? • Olav Nordemann
Bozeman Activist Bicycling to D.C. with Petition for Sustainable
Bottle & Bag Initiatives • Wren Kilian
Mental Wellness Breakthrough! • Tammy Kevwitch
Holding Your Own Ground • Cheryl Barry
Seasonal Transformations Start from Within • Deborah Lee
How Is the Myofascial Release Approach® Different
from Traditional Physical Therapy? • Terry Kennedy, MPT
Spring Cleaning Inside & Out—The Power of Thieves • Maria Low
Growing Your Retirement Account • Arlene Hoag  &  Paul MacDowell
Your Body of Light & You • Jacque Chapman
The Work of Byron Katie: The Value of Our Judgments • Anne Haug
A Letter to Cancer Survivors • Trudy Samuelson
The Astrologer & You • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
The World Is in Great Transition... You Are Needed. Life Calls... Reclaim Your
Knowing. The Steps Are Here! • Michael Farmer
Change Is Inevitable—Growth Is Optional! • Sharli Kiner
Energy Fields that Heal • Mary Clement
Thai Yoga Massage • Kris Le Crozier, LMT
The Michael Material • Ayesha Ashley, MA
Homemade Yogurt—How & Why • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
Bringing Chi Home—Enhancing the Chi of the Front Entryway • Michele Lewis
Help from Angels • Misty Harding
Farmed Salmon's Hidden Super—Viruses • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Honoring Our Teachers • Bear McKay

March – April 2013 • Vol 3, No 67

From the Editor...

Recipes — Country–Style Whole–Grain Mustard • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Manly Men: Testosterone — Misunderstood
& Underappreciated! • Jacobus Hollewijn

Expanding Beyond Our Boxes • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Crystals: The iPad of the Energy World • Cheryl Barry
Phony Food Anyone? • Christine Foskett, DC
The Mouth–Body Connection–Part 3:
Gum Disease and Cancer •  Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS

Stretching Improves Circulation?... YOU BET! • Olav Nordemann
The Myofascial Release Approach for Pain
& Poor Functioning • Terry Kennedy, MPT
Balsam Fir–A Midwinter Boost! A Frigid Harvest
Yields Health–Enhancing Oils • Maria Low
"I Did What They Told Me I Shouldn’t Do"—
Interview with a Cancer Survivor • Trudy Samuelson

How Does It Get Any Better Than That: • Jacque Chapman
THE WORK of Byron Katie: For the End of Suffering • Anne Haug
Spring Has Sprung... Or Not, in the Case of "SAD" • Marlenea La Shomb
Starting Your Natural Health Journey • Sharli Kiner
And How Are the Children? • Dr. Patrick T. O'Neill
Exploring Alternative Medicine in Montana • Robert Personette
"Your Life" for Dummies • Ayesha Ashley, M.A.
Say NO to RO!–Reversing Our Opinion on
Reverse Osmosis • Arlene Hoag & Paul MacDowell

Ayurvedic Self–Massage: Simple, Luxurious & Healing • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
The 3 Sisters of the Tao • Michele Lewis
Qigong Master Returns to Montana • Michele Lewis
Montana YewTips™–Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia)–
Frequently Asked Questions • Rus Willis

THETA HEALING® • Kay Linda Walker
Equestrian Synergy™: Connecting thru Body–Mind Awareness • Carol Nichols
Finding Eternity in an "Instant" World • Bear McKay & Vicki Wiepking

January – February 2013 • Vol 3, No 66

From the Editor...

Recipes – Homemade Yogurt Cheese & Whey • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Ask Connie–Loving Anthony • Connie Myslik-McFadden
New Year!–New You? Changing the Status Quo • Jacobus Hollewijn
Prayer, the Healer Within & Your Dharmic Path • Lucas Mulvaugh
Top 3 New Year's Resolutions... FOR YOUR HOME • Christine Foskett, DC
The Runner's Stretch (even for non-runners) • Olav Nordemann
Does Time Really Exist? • LiLi Angelique
What's Inside of Us...TOXINS? • Dr. Paul E. Robbins
Beyond Words...You Being You–Access Consciousness® • Jacque Chapman
Craniosacral Fascial Therapy • Jenna Caplette
Change Your Water, Change Your Life:
Is Inflammation Hurting You? • Arlene Hoag & Paul MacDowell
Mouth–Body Connection–Part 2:
Healthy Gums/Healthy Heart • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS

It's Unnatural to Diet! • Marlenea La Shomb
Why I Don't Recommend Pork • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Massage–for Every Body • Tiara L Catey, LMT
Inner Strength–Outer Beauty • Deborah Lee
The Feng Shui of–The Year of the Snake • Michele Lewis
Remembering Our Unconditional Soul Identity • George Makris
Music & the Mind • Michael Koster, MS
Weather Shamanism • Nan Moss & David Corbin
Love the Divine...Mary Magdalena Speaks on Your Evolution in 2013 • Virginia Ellen
Psoriasis Disappearing • Tony & Dena Rae Buechel
Herbal Detoxification • Elaine Rylin
Zen & The Art of Energy Healing • Bear McKay
Success, Health & Wealth Secrets •  Mary Palkovich & Tammy Stineback

November – December 2012 • Vol 3, No 65

Naturally Recipes – Chocolate Pudding with a Secret • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Your Heart's Desire: How the Vowels in Your Name Reveal
Your Secret Wishes & Longings • Barbara K. Michael–Grover

The Gift of Silence • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
5th Annual Thanks–4–Giving! Clothing Giveaway • Joan McCorkhill
Fatigue Problems & Iodine Deficiency • Dr. Paul E. Robbins
Apple Cider Vinegar Keeps the Doctor Away • Christine Foskett, D.C.
The Importance of Your Immune System • Buechel & La Shomb
An Oasis of Peace in Bozeman • Becky Kronske
Change Your Water, Change Your Life: Part 27
Don't Just Survive the Holidays—Thrive Them! • A. Hoag & P. MacDowell
Feng Shui—Mirror, Mirror on the Wall • Michele Lewis, CFSP
The Salt of the Earth: The Wrong Salt & Dehydration • Marlenea La Shomb
The Benefits of Active–Isolated Stretching • Olav Nordemann
The HARD TRUTH About SOFT WATER • Peter Manka
THE LAST TIME! The Ending of Domestic Violence • Andrea Danielson
Creating a Vibrant Life: Keeping Your Heart Open • Susan Harrow
Mouth–Body Connection–Part 1:
Bacteria & Blood Sugar • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS

Eating during WINTER for Skin & Healthy Body • Deborah Lee
Kathryn the Grape Ripples Through the West • Kathryn Cloward
Building Healthy Cells #2: Supporting Cellular Nutrition • Toby McAdam
Big Miracles on a Long Journey • Michael Koster, MS
SUCCESS in 2012 • Bear McKay

September – October 2012 • Vol 3, No 64

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Easy Apple Butter • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Handling Hepatitis C: What Are the Options • Jacobus Hollewijn
Ask Connie — At a Crossroads • Connie Myslik–McFadden
"Earth's First Food" to the Rescue! • Michael Saeber
Is Your Tummy Bigger Than Your Butt? • Christine Foskett, BSc, DC
Are You Really Listening? • Michael Koster, M.S.
Where Do You Go? • Dr. Paul E. Robbins
Is There Anything Worse Than Kidney Stones? • Paul MacDowell
Theta Healing • Kay Linda Walker
Having It All! Introducing LifeWave® Patches • Jacque Chapman, MRET
Hypnosis: Just the Facts • Trese Martin, CHt
Active Isolated Stretching • Olav Nordemann
Might You Have Diabetes? • CJ Puotinen
Healthy Longevity in Five Naturally Easy Steps • Elaine Rylin
An Optimal Breathing Pattern:
What Perfect Breathing Looks Like • Denis Ouellette

Listening To Your Heart • Susan Harrow
Autumnal Eating for Radiant Skin & Healthy Body • Deborah Lee
Activation of The Sacred Seals • Virginia Ellen
Building Healthy Cells: Supporting Cellular Nutrition • Toby McAdam
Calling All Chocolate Lovers! • Marlenea La Shomb
For Me...There Was No Such Thing as Bipolar Disorder • Michelle Buckley

July – August 2012 • Vol 3, No 63

Recipe: Lavender Infused Honey Lemonade • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Still in Harm's Way: Our Soldier's PTSD & Suicides ...
Is the VA MIA? • Jacobus Hollewijn & Denis Ouellette

"Let's Go Earthing!" • Christine Foskett, DC
Stone Energy • Marlenea La Shomb
The Gift of Synchronicity • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Psoriasis Disappearing • Tony & Dena Rae Buechel
Can Ear Infections Have Lasting Effects on Learning? • Michael Koster
Change Your Water, Change Your Life: Part 25
Hydration 101 • Arlene Hoag
The Feng Shui of Summer... Sun, Sea and Swimming • Michele Lewis
Quaking Aspen: It's Ecology, Native-American Food,
Medicine & Uses • Elnora A. Old Coyote

Wide Awake on a Sea of Tranquility • Josh Kronske & Justin Gorgol
The Power of Commitment • Angela Patnode
Shamanism: Wisdom, Power & Healing
for Our Times • Nan Moss & David Corbin
Creating A Vibrant Life: Cultivating Your Relationships • Susan Harrow
"Free At Last!" Fast & Effective Treatment
through Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless, LMT
Herbal Detoxification: The Body's Power to Heal Itself • Elaine Rylin
With Excerpts from "The Essiac Report: Canada's Remarkable Unknown Cancer Remedy"

Organic Food? Yes! But Why Organic Hair Color? • Deborah Lee
Sleep Apnea & Cancer: The Unknown Link • Hillary Lampers, ND
How Healthy Are Tans? Sun Exposure, Sunscreens & Tanning Beds...
Oh Why? • Susan Evans, MD & Pat Craumer
Messages of the Inner Life • Vicki Wiepking

May – June 2012 • Vol 3, No 62

Recipe: Roasted Radishes with Umeboshi Vinegar • Janice Feuer–Haugen
The Man Behind the Curtain • Robert Worobec
Limit Sugar and Live Longer • Christine Foskett, DC
Things My Mother Taught Me • Internet Troll
Bringing Heaven to Earth 4-Day Retreat & Events • Virginia Ellen
Being Present in the Moment • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Immune Health with Beta Glucan • T. & D. Buechel, D. & L. Rowe
The Tomatis Method: Retraining Your Ear & Brain to Listen Correctly • Michael Koster
Sleep: Elusive Stress Reducer–Getting Great Shut-Eye • Arlene Hoag
Winter–to–Spring Eating for Healthy Skin and Body • Deborah Lee
Foods to Completely Avoice, to Shy Away From,
and to "Go For It!" • Russ Bianchi, Ph.D.
Summer Eating for Radiant Skin and Healthy Body • Deborah Lee
Breaking Through Excuses to Say YES! • Angela Patnode
Pain–4–Pleasure: Healing Hotspots with the ARP Wave System • Jacobus Hollewijn
Creating A Vibrant Life: Cultivating Your Creativity • Susan Harrow
Developing an Energy Toolkit • Sarah Louise Hannah
The EGG of LIFE: Part 2—What is the Avian Egg Extract Formula and
How Does It Help Renew Optimum Health? • Gloria Floren
Is Parkinson's Disease Caused by Impaired Detoxification? • Hans Conser
Choose Love: A Message from Archangel Michael • Cheryl Barry

March – April 2012 • Vol 3, No 61

Recipe: Lemon Curd • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Take to the Skies! • Robert Worobec
Starve Cancer by Feeding Your Body • Christine Foskett, DC
Not All E is Equal • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Starting An Early Spring Garden • David Ronniger
No Magic Pill, But Looze–It™ with Herbs & Nutrition • Toby McAdam
Detoxification: What's Real & What's Snake Oil • Hans Conser
Sleep: Elusive Stress Reducer–Getting Great Shut-Eye • Arlene Hoag
Winter–to–Spring Eating for Healthy Skin and Body • Deborah Lee
Living Beyond Belief! • Angela Patnode
Massage: Meaningful Touch for Well–Being • Dustin Fox, LMT
NeriumAD™: Anti–Aging Skin–Care Breakthrough • Donna Chimera
Creating a Conversation with the Universe • Susan Harrow
Bowel Battles ... Searching for Answers • Jacobus Hollewijn
Ask Connie–"Desperate for Romance" • Connie Myslik–McFadden
ASEA®–Health–Science Breakthrough of the Century • Joyce Cleland
Healing with John of God in Abadiania, Brazil • Jacque Chapman
The Egg of Life: A Key to Perfect Health • Gloria Floren
The Inner Life • Vicki Wiepking

January – February 2012 • Vol 3, No 60

Recipe: Roasted Vegetable & Lentil Salad • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Opportunity Knocking • Robert Worobec
Can ANGER Make You Sick? • Christine Foskett, DC
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Pines of the Rockies: Ponderosa Pine: Ecology, Native-American
Folklore, Food & Medicine • Elnora A. Old Coyote

"Free at Last!" An Intro to Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless, LMT
Oh, My Aching Joints! • Hans Conser
Stock Market Timing: Is It Investing or Gambling? • Alan D. Hearn
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy • Hillary Lampers, ND
EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques • CJ Puotinen
The Feng Shui of Winter Possibilities • Michele Lewis, CFSP
TOUCH – Why It's So Important! • Dustin Fox, LMT
New Year – New Vision: Creating A Vibrant Life • Susan Harrow
Montana»s Staff Safety: Our Need for a Safer Workplace • Jacobus Hollewijn
Catch the Wave! LifeWave® Patches • Jacque Chapman
A Deep, Dark, Ancient Healing Secret Sees the Light of Day! • Carol Brown
PROBIOTICS: Helping the Good Guys Win • Arlene Hoag
Trusting in the Goodness of Others • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Valuable Intentions • Vicki Wiepking

November – December 2011 • Vol 3, No 60

Recipe: Crispy Kale Chips • Janice Feuer–Haugen
True Bodybuilding • Robert Worobec
Say NO to GMOs! • Christine Foskett, DC
Tricky Triggers: Discovering Your
Call–to–Action • Jacobus Hollewijn

Sheets of Fire! • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
BONDS: Necessary Portfolio Ingredient • Alan D. Hearn
Breast Cancer "Pharmageddon" • Sayer Ji
The Feng Shui of Gratitude & Giving • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Physician Lauds Benefits of Enzymes and Probiotics •
Jeff Daniels, MD & Deirdre Thornton
The Top 7 Dietary Mistakes
That Healthy Eaters Make • Hans Conser, DC

Home Is Where the Heart Is • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Prevention Starts in the Kitchen • David Ronniger
Junipers of the Rockies: Early American Folklore,
Food & Medicine • Elnora A. Old Coyote

ENZYMES: Keys to Optimum Health • Arlene Hoag
Your Face Tells the Story • Deborah Lee
Universal Gifts of Abundance • Vicki Wiepking

September – October 2011 • Vol 3, No 59

Recipe: Old–fashioned Apple Crisp • Janice Haugen
Who's Got the Pain? • Robert Worobec
The Dark Side of Statin Drugs • Christine Foskett, DC
Two for One – Heart & Memory • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Keeping Our Relationships in Balance • Catherine Nelson
Aggravating Alzheimer's – Causes & Options • Jacobus Hollewijn
Speaking for Your Health – Toastmasters • Hale Thomas
How to Stay Hydrated Inside... When It's Dry Outside! • Arlene Hoag
Investing in Foreign Markets: Is It Right For You? • Alan D. Hearn
Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind • Jacque Chapman
Mustards of the Rockies – "Messin' Around
with the Mustards" • Elnora Old Coyote

Feng Shui: Summer–to–Autumn Transition • Michele Lewis
A Perfect State of Bliss • Theresa Johnson & Amanda Stover
Exploring Bioresonance Therapy • Lesya Zakharchenko, DNM
EGA™ True: Reversing the Signs of Aging • Karla Johnson
Getting into the Intuition Driver's Seat! • Vicki Wiepking

July – August 2011 • Vol 3, No 58

My Tabouli Recipe • Janice Haugen
Breathing Deeply! • Robert Worobec
USDA's MyPlate: A Better Guideline? • Christine Foskett
Making the Switch: Processed to Natural Food • Thad Mauney
The Draft Horses of United In Light's Sanctuary • Deborah Derr
Those Menacing Pelvic Floor Muscles • Jacobus Hollewijn
Feng Shui: Summer Vacations • Michele Lewis
Lessons from My Mother's Passing • Robert H. Douglas
AquaStretch Kinetics™ • Victor Francs
Miracle Stories from Three Health & Fitness Experts
Sarah Farmer, Richard Pruett & Jeremy Draper
STRESS & Music • Dustin Fox
Chronic Sinusitis & NCR Therapy • Hillary Lampers, ND
Roth IRAs: How & When to Use Them • Alan D. Hearn
Shopping Choices for Water • Arlene Hoag
Mineralizing Our Soil, Food & Bodies • David Ronniger
Homeopathy Works! • Michael Bashore
The Movement Within • Vicki Wiepking

May – June 2011 • Vol 3, No 57

Miso Vinaigrette w/Roasted Asparagus • Janice Haugen
Springing Forward • Robert Worobec
IODINE in the News • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Gender Bashing & Objectification • JoyRae Freeman
Slippery Sleep: To Zzzz or Not to Zzzz • Jacobus Hollewijn
Feng Shui: Consciousness Cleansing! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
The 4 Levels of Relationship • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Springing into Shape: "Functional Coffees" • Keri Langford
Thyroid Troubles – Despite Normal Lab Values?• Christine Foskett, DC
WESTERN CHOKECHERRY: Indian Folklore, Medicine
& Uses in the Rockies & Great Plains • Elnora Old Coyote

Are You STILL Drinking Diet Soda?? • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Health & Pain Relief: Sunshine Radon Mine • Lisa von Burkleo
What Doctors Say About Kangen Water™ • Arlene Hoag
Constipation: Problem & Solution! • Karen Drye
Create Life the Way You Would Have It! • Jacque Chapman
Changing Your Monkey Mind • Vicki Wiepking

March – April 2011 • Vol 3, No 56

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chowder • Janice Haugen
Fresh & Local for 25 • Robert Worobec
The Body Can Heal Itself • Dennis Davis
Cholesterol: Friend or Foe? • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
The Feng Shui of HAPPINESS! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Ask Connie – or the Love of Horse! • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Thai Massage: Yoga Without the Effort • Tamara Faust
The Paleo Diet: Eating Like a Caveman! • Christine Foskett, DC
Animal Communication Advanced Workshop:
 Counseling & Problem Solving • Barbara Thomas
Dangers of Soy: Especially Genetically Modified...
Especially for Mothers & Children! • Dr. Joseph Mercola
The Epigenetics of Nutrition • Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND
Improving Brain Power & Mental Clarity • Arlene Hoag
A Healer in Every Family • JoyRae Freeman
Songs of Hope • Jacque Chapman
Speaking the Body's Language: The Values of
 Muscle–Response Testing • Laurel Wolfe
HCG Weight Loss: 100% Effective! • Jerry Taylor, NMD
Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Making
 the Impossible Possible! • Vicki Wiepking

January – February 2011 • Vol 3, No 55

Recipe: Fresh Beet & Carrot Salad • Janice Feuer–Haugen
In Perfect Harmony • Robert Worobec
Hyping Healthcare: Will We Get What It Takes? • J. Hollewijn
After the Feast – the Cholesterol! • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Acupressure Tapping: A Universal Healing Tool • CJ Puotinen
Ask Connie – The Call of the Wild • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Investment Bubbles & How to Avoid Them • Alan Hearn
Health Freedom Is Our First Freedom • Christine Foskett, DC
Defeat Autism Now! • Dr. Jerry Taylor, NMD
Health Assurance: New Year Ideas for Wellness • Paul MacDowell
One Furry Package: Local! Recycle! Renewable Heat! • Kris King
Bearberry – "Kinnikinnick" ˜ American Indian Folklore
˜ Food ˜ Medicine ˜ Smoke • Elnora A. Old Coyote

A Resolution that Lasts • Jacque Chapman
Material Girl/Boy? – Are You "Conscious – Mate Material?"...
Were You a Holiday "Conscious Consumer"? • JoyRae Freeman
Head Trauma: The Silent Epidemic • Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND
Journey to the Present: Where to Be in the New Year • Vicki Wiepking

November – December 2010 • Vol 3, No 54

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash w/ Sautéed Vegetables & Cheese • Janice Haugen
Woops! My Bad! • Robert Worobec
Getting to the Underlying Cause: Emotional Freedom Techniques • CJ Puotinen
Can Food Really Do It? • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
A Haven from Abuse: Moving Forward & Staying Present • Jacque Chapman
The Feng Shui of a Good Night's Sleep • Michele Lewis
Ask Connie  – A Lion Dream • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Your Intimacy Scale: Joined at the Hip or Untethered? • JoyRae Freeman
Investment Bubbles: What Can We Learn from History? • Alan Hearn
Mammogram Mania: Whose Interest Is at Stake? • Jacobus Hollewijn
Are You Drinking Green? Devastating Impact of Bottled Water • Arlene Hoag
The One Command: Change Agent for Full Potential • Patrizia Johnson
Fall Forward and Enjoy Healthy, Functional Coffee! • Keri Langford
Trans Fats: The Hidden Killer • Christine Foskett, DC
Protandim®: Backed by Science and in a Class by Itself • L. Velger & D. Wood
The Sahaj Difference...Honoring Where the Body Leads • Vicki Wiepking

September – October 2010 • Vol 3, No 53

Delicious Recipes – The Healthy Peanut! Spicy Peanut Sauce • Janice Haugen
Who's In Charge? Dealing with Entitlement • Robert Worobec
Heart  – Centered Yoga/Tai Chi: Standing Shoulder Stand • William Star
The Rest of the Nutrients! • Thad Mauney, PhD
The FENG SHUI of "Back to School" • Michele Lewis
PROTANDIM®: Revolutionary Anti  – Aging Breakthrough! • L.Velger & D. Wood
Ask Connie –  Do You Feel... Overwhelmed? • Connie Myslik  – McFadden
It's Not Rejection... It's Selection! • JoyRae Freeman "The Cosmic Cupid"
Reiki Supports Animals in Transition – and their Humans! • Jodie Brenner
Investment Newsletters... Do They Offer Trustworthy Advice? • Alan Hearn
Functional Coffee –  Experience JavaFit® Yourself! • Keri Langford
Could You Have a Food Allergy or Intolerance? • Christine Foskett, DC
Vaccinate or Vacci  – NOT! Who Can You Trust? • Jacobus Hollewijn
The Winning Edge: Hydrate to Optimize Sports Performance • Arlene Hoag
Everyday Healing: Opened Up Every Part of My Life • Vicki Wiepking
The Amega® Zero  – Point Energy Wand • Venice Coates

July – August 2010 • Vol 3, No 52

True Love! • Robert Worobec
Multifaceted Magnesium! • Thad Mauney, PhD
Delicious Recipes – Basil, Summer's Perfume! • Pesto Trapanese • Janice Haugen
The FENG SHUI of Summer's Fire • Michele Lewis
A Radon Mine – A Safe, Natural Boost for the Immune System • Elizabeth Kelly
SYMBIOSIS in Nature Part 3: Yucca & the "Yucca Moth" • Elnora Old Coyote
Deal  – Breakers (or Makers...) Heavyweight Romance Factors • JoyRae Freeman
New Tax Reporting Requirements... Big Government is Getting Bigger! • Alan Hearn
Meet Me in the Present: Being in the Here and Now • Vicki Wiepking
Live the Energized Life! Amega® Zero  – Point Energy Wand • Karla Johnson
Medical Marijuana or Political Pot? An Outsider's Inside Scoop • Jacobus Hollewijn
Digestion & Acid Reflux: Dousing the Fires in the Belly • Arlene Hoag
Safe FUN in the SUN! • Christine Foskett, DC

May – June 2010 • Vol 3, No 51

Natural Recipes – Rhubarb Applesauce! • Janice Haugen
The Big Six  – Oh! Birthday Reflections • Robert Worobec
Yoga/Tai Chi/Chi Kung: Standing Sun Salutation • William Star
Mighty Mo Molybdenum! • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Feng Shui: Enhancing Your Love Life • Michele Lewis
Integrative Dentistry – Whole Body Approach • Judy Schaap
Revitalize Your Stem Cells & DNA • Michelle Allmendinger
What Causes Disease? • Georgia Cold
The Pyramid of SEX • JoyRae Freeman
Rejuvenate Your Body: FootZone Balance® • Elisabeth Skogen
SYMBIOSIS: Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly • Elnora Old Coyote
Transformational Healing: Conscious Living • Dayna Kopple
Our Confusing Hormones: The Adrenals • Jacobus Hollewijn
Characterology: Releasing Your Unique Gift • Vicki Wiepking
Soul Retrieval: Ancient Healing/ Modern Times • Sandra Corcoran
Allergies: Answers Doctors Don't Tell • Arlene Hoag
What Do You Truly Want? • Jacque Chapman
Your Organs & Emotions • Susan Brugge, Medical Intuitive
Healthy Habits to Improve Memory • Christine Foskett, DC

March – April 2010 • Vol 3, No 50

Recipe – Asparagus, Leek & Spinach Frittata • Janice Haugen
No Falling or Loud Noises, Please! • Robert Worobec
Yoga/Tai Chi/Chi Kung: Standing Hatha Yoga • William Star
Iodine's Valuable Functions • Part 2 • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
VACCINES: Prudent or Hazardous? • Georgia Cold
Yoga Nidra – Sleep of the Yogis • Judy Schaap
Feng Shui: Happy Spring! • Michele Lewis
Are You a Relationship Addict? • JoyRae Freeman
Passive Solar Energy • Scott Sery
Financial Reforms Could Protect Investors • Alan D. Hearn
SYMBIOSIS: Lichen, Algae & Fungus • Elnora Old Coyote
Our Confusing Hormones • Part 1 • Jacobus Hollewijn
Internal Gardening • Vicki Wiepking
Shirodhara: Heavenly Head Massage • Elaine Doll
"Watch Out for Gurus!&quoy; • Connie Myslik–McFadden
The Guidance Within – Untapped Resource • Sue Stodola
Phytotherapy: Balancing Hormones • Christine Foskett, DC

January – February 2010 • Vol 3, No 49

Blueberry, Toasted–Pecan Whole–Wheat Pancakes • Janice Haugen
Aged to Perfection • Robert Worobec
Yoga/Tai Chi/Chi Kung: Standing Hatha Yoga • William Star
Iodine's Valuable Functions • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
2010 Healing Intentions: 5 Steps to Success • Anne Sexton Bryan
Grass – Fed Beef – What's for Dinner! • Karen & David Shockey
Breast Thermography • Judy Schaap
Making Light Work of a Heavy Task • Barbara Thomas
Avoiding Mismatches with Conscious Mating • J.R. Freeman
New Tax Credits for 2009 • Alan Hearn
"Keeping Those Resolutions!" • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Fighting Fatigue! • Jacobus Hollewijn
Essence of the New Year • Vicki Wiepking
Hemi – Sync® for Health & Wholeness • Edy Harrington
Why Are You Tired? Solution to Energy Crisis • Arlene Hoag
Hemi – Sync® for Health & Wholeness • Faith Rose
Our Dumbed–Down Food Supply – Smarten Up! • Georgia Cold
5 Tips for Skiing Green • Jonathan Flikkema

November – December 2009 • Vol 3, No 48

Natural Recipes – Maple Pumpkin Pie! • Janice Haugen
The Children's Hour • Robert Worobec
Heart–Centered Relaxation–Meditation • William Star
All a Matter of Balance • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Healthy Holiday Eating Habits • Barbara Thomas
Rocky Mountain Subalpine Fir • Elnora A. Old Coyote
Lighting Up the Holiday Spirit • Martin & Julene Lisota
Detox Time! • David & Karen Drye
Health Care – Self–Care! • Jacobus Hollewijn
The Economy and Our Beliefs! • Asara Lovejoy
Creating with the Angels • Robin Reints
Angels Explained by Children • E–mail Inbox
True Angel Story... Saved from a Fall • N. Kolze & A. Kubal
The Feng Shui of... Seasonal Changes • Michele Lewis
Has GOLD Lost Its Glitter? • Alan Hearn
Ask Connie – "The Gambler" • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Balance Equals Bliss • Elaine Doll
The FLU vs. Your Immunity: The Winner Is? • Arlene Hoag
Experience BodyTalk™ at the Bodhi Tree • Josh Overcash
Holiday Presence • Vicki Wiepking
Gold • Ia, Creator of IntuologyNow
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection® • Ken & Faith Rose
The Forgotten Victims of Meth • Judy Schaap
Getting the Bugs Out • Georgia Cold
Save Energy: Winterize Your Home • Jonathan Flikkema

September–October 2009 • Vol 3, No 47

Natural Recipes –  Baked Apples in Apple Juice • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Slow–Food Revolution! • Robert Worobec
Two–Hand, Double–Good Breathing • William Star
Lodgepole Pine: Structures, Food & Medicine • Elnora A. Old Coyote
FEEL GOOD – Real Good! • That Mauney, Ph.D.
Integrative Healthcare at Bodhi Tree Wellness • Josh Overcash
Healthcare Reform Starts with You and Me! • Kris Zimmermann
Tips for Losing Weight & Staying Healthy • Georgia Cold
Behind the Red Nose – Diary of Bo–Ho–Ho the Clown • Judy Schaap
The Feng Shui of... Auspicious Directions • Michele Lewis
Evaluating the Need for Long–Term–Care Insurance • Alan Hearn
Ask Connie – Family Reunion Dynamics • Connie Myslik–McFadden
ANTIOXIDANTS: Major Players in the Cancer Solution • Arlene Hoag
Grandmother Flower: Shared Your Flowers Today? • Ia
FDA on Dental Mercury: Fails to Protect • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
Adrenal Fatigue – Are You Susceptible? • Holcomb Johnston, ND
YOUR ACTION NUMBER • Barbara K. Michael–Grover

July–August 2009 • Vol 3, No 46

Natural Recipes –  Slow–Roasted Tomatoes! • Janice Feuer–Haugen
What's Your Body Telling You? Body Quotient Quiz • Steve Sisgold
How Food Helps Resist Insulin Resistance, Part 2 • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Retirement Planning Basics • Part 3: Reverse Mortgages • Alan Hearn
The Bailout Buck Stops Here...On My Rebounder! • Charlene Murphy
Be a Proactive Health Advocate • S. Kennedy & A. M. Porter
Why We Love Kids... • E–mail Roundtable
The Feng Shui of Changing Your Reputation • Michele Lewis
LYME DISEASE: A True Modern–Day Pandemic ~
Part 2: Prevention & Treatment • Dr. Robin Thomson

Ask Connie – The Illusion of Control • Connie Myslik–McFadden
DIABETES: Can This Epidemic Be Stopped? • Arlene Hoag
Unseen Support • Ia, Creator of IntuologyNow
AquaBliss Comes to Montana • Victor Francs
Small Company Has BIG ANSWERS for Blood Sugar • Sissil Monson
Turning Fear into a Self–Healing Tool • Barbara Brennan
Wishing You a Healthy Liver! • Barbara Thomas
7 Ways to Greenify Your Workout • Green Directory Montana
Prunes Reversing Bone Loss • Dr. Susan E. Brown, Ph.D.

May–June 2009 • Vol 3, No 45

Natural Recipes –  Moroccan Carrot Salad • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Twitterin' Away! • Robert Worobec
Live Longer, Happier & Healthier – on Your Wood Deck! • Rain Zeccolo
How Food Helps Resist Insulin Resistance, Part 1 • That Mauney, Ph.D.
Maximixing Social Security Benefits • Alan Hearn
Going Out of Our Minds • Ia, Creator of IntuilogyNow
Poisonous Plants of the Rockies and Great Plains: Ecology
• Early American Folklore • Medicine • Cautions • Elnora A. Old Coyote

What is Real Wellness? • Georgia Cold
The Feng Shui of Your Back–Yard Garden • Michele Lewis
LYME DISEASE: A True Modern–Day Pandemic • Jacobus Hollewijn
Sleep Disorders Require Team • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
ERASING MEMORIES? • Kathryn Karjala
Animal Communication: Interview with Bob the Cat • Karen Nowak
The Underlying Cause of Illness • Barbara Brennan
10 Things to Do RIGHT NOW to Become Healthier • Barbara Thomas
24 Things About to Become EXTINCT in America •
Fun Facts: "What Makes Bamboo Green?" • Green Directory Montana

March–April 2009 • Vol 3, No 44

Natural Recipes –  Curried Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup • Janice Feuer–Haugen
CARRY ON! "You Mustn't Quit!" • Robert Worobec • Robert Worobec
Open Your Life to Abundance! • Kris Zimmermann
Two Proven Ways to Reverse Aging • Nancy Hearn
Cancer's Important Side Issues • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
I'll Have to Get Naked?!! What to Expect at a Spa • Sandalwood Health Spa
Water! Help for Alzheimer's & Memory Loss • Paul MacDowell
DANDELION: Ecology • Folklore • Food • Medicine • Elnora A. Old Coyote
Ask Connie – Choosing Love Over Fear • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Your Pythagorean Numerics Power Theme • Barbara K. Michael
Floating in a Chemical Soup! • Georgia Cold
The Feng Shui of Good Fortune in Hard Times • Michele Lewis
Health Pearl #5 – Challenging Cholesterol • Jacobus Hollewijn
Healing the Fears That Hold Us Back • Barbara Brennan
"Rewire" Your Lattice for the Higher Energies • Tamara Rackham
Mushrooms in My Tea? Thanks! • Cindy Rademacher
Retirement Planning Basics • Alan Hearn
Choose a Color... But Make Sure Your Paint is "GREEN!" • Rain Zeccolo
Intuitive Energy Healing – "The Greening of Health Care" • Bear McKay
THREE SIMPLE WAYS To Change Your Life! • Pamela Berger, LMT
9 Ways to Greenify Your Pets • Green Directory Montana

January–February 2009 • Vol 3, No 43

Natural Recipes –  My Mother's Chicken Noodle Soup • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Trial by Fire, Part 2: "To My Brother Joe" • Robert Worobec
Cultivate Gratitude for Greater Wellness • Nancy Hearn
Can Nutrition Change the Course of Cancer? • Thad Mauney, Ph.D.
Ask Connie – "What Do I REALLY Need?" • Connie Myslik–McFadden
DEHYDRATION: The Underlying Cause of Many Illnesses • Arlene Hoag
Labor of Love Prenatal Yoga, HypnoBirthing® and Infant Massage • Sara Rossi
Happiness Is Contagious... Well, Duh! • Denis Ouellette
Astrology of MONEY & POWER: The Mighty Are Falling; We Can Rise! • Kathie Garcia
Toxic Waste & Noxious Wildlife... How Vital is Your Colon Health? • Barbara Thomas
Sweet from the Inside Out! • Georgia Cold
Why Is Happiness So Elusive? • Barbara Brennan
Reducing Your Electrical Carbon Footprint • Alan P. Carter, P.E.
Reframe Your Reality! Reach Full Potential with Self–Enablement • Tamera Rackham
SAVE on TAXES with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) • Alan Hearn
No Fluoride in My Tea, Thanks! • Cindy Rademacher
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
Achieving Holistic Wellness in Ten Simple Steps • Jan Brooks
Ten Reasons to Shop Locally in Montana • Green Directory Montana

November–December 2008 • Vol 3, No 42

Natural Recipes –  Ruby Poached Pears with Berry Sauce • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Time to Forgive • Robert Worobec
The Crash of 2008 – Now What? • Alan Hearn
Feng Shui: Facing Life with Good Chi! • Michele Lewis
12 Effective Ways to Avoid Colds or Flu • Nancy Hearn
PLosing Weight by Drinking Water! • Arlene Hoag
Oregon Grape – The Holly of the Rockies:
Ecology, Folklore, Medicine & Food • Elnora A. Old Coyote

Can Liberty Thrive? • Kathie Garcia, Three Magi Astrology
What Will We Drink? • Georgia Cold
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue: The Stress Factor • Dr. Bruce A. Nelson
10 Ways to Consciously Raise Your Personal Vibration • Arran Anderson
9 Attitude Adjustments to Get Thru the Financial Crisis • Denis Ouellette
Water from Air... What a Concept! • Isabelle McNeil
That Magical Holiday Energy! Diamond Feng Shui • Kris Zimmermann
Is Your Thyroid Thriving? Behind–the–Scenes Look • Jacobus Hollweijn
GREEN POWER – Less Watts, More Trees • Alan P. Carter
Zrii – Drink in the Light, Splendor & Prosperity! • Barbara Ehrenfried
Finding Grace in Life's Greatest Challenges! • Barbara Brennan
Green Tea: The World's Healthiest Drink • Cindy Rademacher
Inflammation & Disease • Pamela South
'Tis the Season...for REBOUNDING! • Charlene Murphy
Toxic Waste & Noxious Wildlife...Your Colon Health! • Barbara Thomas

September–October 2008 • Vol 3, No 41

Naturally Delicious Recipes –  Horiatiki Salata! Greek Village Salad • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Beginnings – Part Two • Robert Worobec
Inflation: The Silent Wealth Killer • Alan Hearn
Feng Shui: From Summer to Autumn • Michele Lewis
Cottonwood – King of the Great Plains & Rockies! – 
Ecology • Indian Folklore • Medicine & Uses • Elnora A. Old Coyote

Ask Connie – Mask of Perfection • Connie Myslik–McFadden
November 4, 2008 ~ The Astrology of Election Day The American–Aquarian Ideal • Kathie Garcia
Green Lighting – Is There Such a Thing? • Alan Carter
Meet Your Appendix • Georgia Cold
The Greening of...Your Body! • The Oxygen Factor
1) Avoiding Disease by Breathing Better
2) Intro to Ionized, Hexagonal, Alkalized Water
3) MMS (ClO2): Pathogen Killer! • Denis Ouellette

Herpes No More! Kenny Brown
Holism vs. Specialization Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Healing Our Animals: Perspective and Self–Empowerment Are Key! • Karen Nowak
Electromagnetic Energy Regulation: Natural Self–Healing • Kelli Robinson
Revolution in Emotional Stress Release with Rapid Eye Technology (RET) • Jacque Chapman

July–August 2008 • Vol 3, No 40

Naturally Delicious Recipes –  Jade Salad with Soba Noodles • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Through a Weather Glass, Darkly • Robert Worobec
Let There Be Sunlight! Our Ultimate Biological Nutrient • Nancy Hearn
The Feng Shui of Real Estate • Part Two: A Lingering Past • Michele Lewis
Debugging Narcissism • Ron Sterling, MD
A Healthy GI Tract – Your Bottom Line! • Christopher Rudy
“Facing Up” to the Challenges of Life • Barbara Brennan
Is Your Financial Advisor Qualified? • Alan D. Hearn
Toxins in Our Food • Georgia Cold
The Heavy–Metal Mouth: Mercury Amalgam Fillings...
Are They a Smoking Gun in Your Health History? • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
Ask Connie...Less Stress Pleeeze! • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Find That Quiet Place – Go There Often • Pamela Berger
Tips for Getting BAC to Health! with Bio–Algae Concentrates • Rodika Kiriac
Enhancing the Energy of Your Yard & Landscape • Kris Zimmermann
Change Your Water –  Change Your Life!
Part 2: Antioxidants – Your Fountain of Youth • Arlene Hoag
Health Pearl #3 – Is Your Thyroid Thriving (Part 2: The PMS Connection)? • Jacobus Hollewijn
Holy Cow! What Was That? My Story with Dr. Miller's Holy Tea • Barbara Thomas
Come, Let Us Reason Together • Kathie Garcia
A National Treasure: Discovering Health & Pain Relief
at The Sunshine Radon Health Mine • Lisa Beck
AquaBliss™ Comes to Montana • Victor Francs
“We Love You Too” – My Experience of PRH Creative Expression in Nepal • Jennifer Thompson

May–June 2008 • Vol 3, No 39

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Roasted & Marinated Beets • Janice Feuer–Haugen
My Leap of Faith • Robert Worobec
Spring Cleaning “Gone Green!” • Keyadani Wiebe
The Feng Shui of Buying Real Estate • Michele Lewis
Debugging The Handshake • Ron Sterling, MD
Health–Centered Dentistry – Oral Health for Every Body • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
Ask Connie...My Grizzly Dream • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Let's Get Real About Real Estate! • Alan D. Hearn
The Two Sides of Soy • Georgia Cold
Your Electromagnetic Brain! • Mary Montgomery & Tamera Rackham
Wild Peas of the Rockies...Early American Folklore for Poisonous Plants
of the Rocky Mountains & Great Plains • Elnora A. Old Coyote

The Rife Biofrequency Machine: A Lost Discovery Has Re–emerged! • Nancy Hearn
Experience Balance in Your Life! • Kris Zimmermann
Change Your Water – Change Your Life! Acidity, Body pH & Your Drinking Water • Arlene Hoag
Health Pearl #2 – Is Your Thyroid Thriving (Part 1)? • Jacobus Hollewijn
Astrology: Journey to Hope • Kathie Garcia
Smoother Menopause with Bio–Algae Concentrates (BAC) • Roland Thomas, BSc, ND
Healing Footprints on Paper – Art Therapy • Lesya Zakharchenko
Forgiveness as a Foundation for Healing • David C. Lewis

March–April 2008 • Vol 3, No 38

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Braised Tuscan Kale with Roasted Garbanzos & Garlic • Janice Feuer–Haugen
New Foods for a New You! • Robert Worobec
Ask Connie... “Green–Eyed” Love (About Jealousy and Possessiveness) • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Feng Shui: The Power of Color • Michele Lewis
Debugging “Growing Up” • Ron Sterling, MD
Headaches & TMJ • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS
Parasites Exposed • Georgia Cold
The Truth About Your Inner Child • Barbara Brennan
Is the Stock Market Too Risky? • Alan Hearn
My Regenesis Story • Christine Shull
Your Subsoncsious Relationship with Money • M. Montgomery & T. Rackham
Spring Cleaning – 12 Body Rejuvenation Tips • Nancy Hearn, CNC
A Summer Camp for Healers! • Bonnie Johnson.
Great News for Diabetics & Pre–Diabetics • Dr. C. L. Kennedy
Making Sense Out of Those Food Labels! • Shelly Neff
Energetic Space Clearing • Kris Zimmermann
Take Control of Your Life with Galvanic Treatments • Dianne Wandruff
Health Pearl #1 – Nutritious Nutrition? • Jacobus Hollewijn
The Perkl–Light™ Portable Energy Spa • David A. Thomas
Your Astrological Sun–Sign Life Themes • Kathie Garcia
Introducing AmpliFire™ – The Healthy Energy Boost • Kevin Barry
SCENAR! – Effective Russian Space–Age Bioenergetic Medicine • Lesya Zakharchenko
The Skin You're In – And What You're Putting On It • Carol Clouse

January–February 2008 • Vol 3, No 37

Naturally Delicious Recipes – “A Time of Comfort” – Blueberry BranAppleNut Muffins • Janice Feuer Haugen
Hope Springs a Kernel – And Finding Your “Inner Butkus”! • Robert Worobec
Ask Connie...Post–Holiday Money Blues • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Infinite Love & Gratitude – Reconnect, Balance, Thrive! • Dr. Darren R. Weissman
Debugging Extreme Moodiness • Ron Sterling, MD
The Healing Power of Systemic Enzymes • Nancy Hearn, CNC
Subconscious Mind: Renaissance in Cellular Biology – How Energy Psychology Works • M. Montgomery & T. Rackham
Maximizing Your Inheritance • Alan Hearn
Fortifying & Cleansing to Fight Colds & Flu • Georgia Cold
Activate Your New Year's Resolutions! • Kris Zimmermann
Sagebrush Country! Native American Folklore & Usage of Sage • Elnora A. Old Coyote
Understanding Illness through Constellations • Diane Yankelevitz
It's Time for Reiki! • Ginger Keck
2008: Passing the Torch from Fire to Earth Energy • Kathie Garcia
Water, Water Everywhere, But Often We Forget to Drink • Eunice Farmilant
The Oneness Blessing • Gia Combs–Ramirez

November–December 2007 • Vol 3, No 36

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Roasted Sweet–Potato Purée with Fresh Orange Juice • Janice Feuer Haugen
There Is a Season – Adjusting to the Ebb and Flow of Our Lives • Robert Worobec
Move – Breathe – Be to the Rhythm of Life! • Charlene Murphy
10 Guidelines for En–LIGHTEN–ment in the New Millennium • Swami Beyondananda
Debugging the Holidays • Ron Sterling, MD
The HARA LINE: Time to Examine Our True Intentions • Barbara Brennan
Animal Trophies: How Do Skins, Horns, Taxidermy Effect Feng Shui? • Michele Lewis
Loving Your Body: Understanding Female Imagery – Enhancing Your Mental Health • Eunice Farmilant
Fleecing of the American Investor – Part 3: Insurance • Alan Hearn
Are You Being Poisoned? – Handling Toxins • Georgia Cold
“Going Holistic” What Does It Mean? • Marlisa Papp
Ask Connie...  “Just Friends??” Primary and “Secondary” Relationships • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Echinacea: Panacea of the Western Plains • Elnora A. Old Coyote
How to Activate Balance and Harmony for the Holidays • Kris Zimmermann
Your Numerological Name Theme • Barbara Michael
Staying in the Light! • Beverly (Hickey) Jorgensen
One Disease & One Health! [About Bio–Algae Concentrates (BAC)] • Roland Thomas, ND
Inner Connection – The Power of Body–Mind [About Network Spinal Analysis (NAS)] • Dr. Donald Epstein
Birth Doulas: Myths & Facts • Marianne Donch

September–October 2007 • Vol 3, No 35

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Savory Zucchini Pancakes • Janice Feuer Haugen
Gangway! – Slowing Down Our Mile–A–Minute Lives • Robert Worobec
The Rainbow Diet for Cancer Prevention & Recovery • Nancy Hearn
The Soul Garden: A Celebration of the Authentic Masculine • Matthew Marsolek
Debugging Caregiving • Ron Sterling, MD
Why an Auric Detox Is Vital to Your Health • Barbara Brennan
Your Power Theme: Determining Your Life–Path Birth–Force Number [Numerology] • Barbara Michael
Fleecing of the American Investor – Part 2 • Alan Hearn
Energy Dowsing • Kris Zimmerman.
Be Thankful ... Really! • Gary Scott
Açai Berry: The #1 Super–Antioxidant • Sarah Elizabeth Willmore
Ask Connie...“Hunting for My Husband!” • Connie Myslik–McFadden
“Getting the War Out” – New Paradigms for Healing Post–Traumatic Stress • Denis Ouellette
Low–Level Laser Therapy • Sherrie Cameron
Bugs in the Gut: Some Good Bacteria – Some Bad • Georgia Cold
The Feng Shui of Damage Control! [Feng Shui to Counteract Water Damage, etc. to Your House] • Michele Lewis
Peppermint Oil Tips • Andrea Brothers
The Marvelous Migun® Massage Bed • Marcia Ann Evans
All–Natural, Preservative–Free Skincare! • C.W. Clarke

July–August 2007 • Vol 3, No 34

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Roasted Summer Vegetable Tart • Janice Feuer Haugen
Keep Connected... Life's Connections Are Worth Maintaining! • Robert Worobec
Summer Nutrition Tips • Nancy Hearn
Are Your “Batteries” in Backwards? Resetting Your Energy System • Kathryn Karjala
Yellow, Pink & Blue People! • Ron Sterling, MD
Why Like Attracts Like – and Its Opposite! • Barbara Brennan
AquaBliss™ Comes to Montana • Victor Francs
Fleecing of the American Investor – Part 1 • Alan Hearn
Do You “Believe In” Hypnosis? • William A. Michael, Ph.D.
EPFX/SCIO: A New Wave of Energy Medicine • Patrizia Johnson
Ask Connie... “Beyond the Affair!” • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Ten Steps to Stop Procrastinating • gia combs–ramirez
Nature's Pharmacy – The Univera™ Story • Charlene Murphy
Personal Transformation through Holotrophic Breathwork • Patrick Marsolek
What's in Your Water? Critters to Avoid Drinking... • Georgia Cold
The Feng Shui of House Plants and Flowers • Michele Lewis
Practical Probiotics: Tips for Getting Good Bacteria • Rebecca Kinman
The Honeybees are Buzzin' – But Are They Disappearing? • Rev. Linda Rouse
Folk Remedy: Oil Swishing • Dr. F. Karach

May–June 2007 • Vol 3, No 33

Naturally Delicious Recipes –  Healthier Peanut Butter Cookies • Janice Feuer Haugen
Do Your Want to Know a Secret? • Robert Worobec
Spring Cleansing: It's Time to Alkalize & Energize! • Georgia Cold
Depression Kills • Ron Sterling, MD
Learning from the Dark Angel of Depression • Barbara Brennan
How Can I Tell If I'm Stressed? ...Ha Ha! • Kathryn Quinn McBee
The Dandelion's Springtime Gifts • Rebecca A. Kinman
Become a Money Magnet! ~ Part 3: No More “Money Victim!” • Alan Hearn
FENG SHUI Q&A: Creating Sacred Space • Michele Lewis
Ask Connie!... “Bridge Over Troubled Water” • Connie Myslik–McFadden
KIDS' PROVERBS & A Mother's Journey • Anonymous
The Bliss of a Simple Salt Bath • Andrea Furber
Understanding the Other Side: Book Review: The Other Side by Sylvia Browne • Linda L. Ulrich
ECKANKAR – The Light & Sound of God • Norman Lee
How to Increase Fat Burning by 30%! • Shane Ellison
Herpes No More! • Kenny Brown

March–April 2007 • Vol 3, No 32

Naturally Delicious Recipes –  “Meal–in–a–Bowl” Quinoa Salad • Janice Feuer Haugen
Creative Healing – The Arts' Role in Personal Healing •   Robert Worobec
Natural Heart Health • Dr. Jamie McManus •
A Proposal from Creech [Animal Communication] • Judith Bohr
Debugging Forgiveness • Dr. Ron Sterling •
Healing the Wounds Around Love & Sex • Barbara Brennan
Laff–Guarding the Spirit • Kathryn McBee •
Helping Man's Best Friends with Essential Oils • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
The Awakening Time • Phyllis Lefohn
Become a Money Magnet ~ Part 2: Your Money Blueprint • Alan Hearn
FENG SHUI Q&A: De–cluttering! • Michele Lewis •
Ask Connie!... About Relationships! • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Soda Pop and Potato Chips – A Closer Look • Lorene Cron, Dennis Meizys
Emotional Freedom! • Kathryn Karjala
Coping with Stress in the Wireless Age • Olivia Hoyt
My Fibromyalgia Miracle! • Jacqui Wandersee
Healing Family & Business through Systemic Constellations • Diane Yankelevitz
Dynamic Digestive Transformation • Georgia Cold
The Making of a Completely Preservative–Free Skincare Line • C.W. Clarke
Groundbreaking Stem Cell Science • Christian Drapeau
Seabuckthorn – Berry, Berry Powerful! • Nancy Hearn
CELLULITE... Can I Give It Back? • Barb Price
Herpes No More! • Kenny Brown
Constipation... The Straight Poop • Denis Ouellette

January–February 2007 • Vol 3, No 31

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Creamy Mashed Rutabagas • Janice Haugen
Keep in Touch! The Importance of Touch in Human Relations • Robert Worobec
Weight Loss! Top 9 Tips for the New Year • Nancy Hearn
The New Norris Hot Springs! •   Joanne Gardner
The History of Candles – And the Future, Out w/ Paraffin, In w/ Soy! • Marlenea  La Shomb–Moore
Relationship as a Spiritual Path • Connie Myslik–McFadden
Love is.... Amusing Definitions of Love for Valentine's Day • Kids
Local Athlete Finishes First in Class in Moab's Adventure Xstream •   Henry Kriegel
The Lullaby Connection... Solacing Souls with Song & Scent • Karyn Grant
The Secret to Unleashing a New YOU in 2007! • Barb Price
Feng Shui Q&A: Artwork in Your Home for Good Energy • Michele Lewis
Manifesting Your New Year's Resolutions • Rev. Linda L. Rouse
Become a Money Magnet! • Alan Hearn
Wisper Beyond the Veil – An Animal Communication with Deceased Pet • Judith A. Bohr
What Manifesting Abundance is Really About  • Barbara Brennan
Debugging Overeating: The Emotional Component • Ron Sterling, MD
Invisible Dangers of Our High–Tech World: Are Cell Phones Bad for You? • Olivia Hoyt
The Universal Speed Limit: Reasonable & Prudent • Steve Guettermann
Whitehall Trucker Loses 25 Lbs. in 30 Days; Levels at 45 Lbs. Off (Isagenix™) • Jerry Reher
Numerology 2007: Discover Your “Personal Year” • Barbara Michael
Laughter... It Really Is the Best Medicine! • Kathryn Quinn McBee
Childhood Obesity Report •

November–December 2006 • Vol 3, No 30

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Cranberry & Apple Holiday Cake • Janice Haugen
Connect the Dots... Why Too Much Media Exposure Can Be Numbing for Us • Robert Worobec
Holiday Gift Giving with Essential Oils • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
Feng Shui Q&A: Understanding the Five Elements • Michele Lewis
Acid Should Run Batteries, Not Bodies! A pH Primer • Ken Mueller
“Do Toxins Cause Disease?” • Georgia Cold
Get Outdoors! The Importance of Exposure to Earth's Magnetic Field • John C. Ledbetter
The Sacred Wax of the Honeybee • Rev. Linda L. Rouse
High Sense Perception: The Vital Tool in Energy Healing • Barbara Brennan
The Sugar Epidemic: Fifty Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health • Nancy Hearn
Holiday Stress Solutions • Barb Price
Good News: Bananas! Incredible List of Benefits •
Bad News: Hot Dogs & Processed Meats (Nitrates & Nitrites) • Dr. Robert O. Young
Delicious Vegetarian BLT Recipe • Chef David Klein
Get a Jump–Start on the New Year! Rebounding for Your Health • Charlene Murphy
For a Tax Break, Open a Health Savings Account • Alan Hearn
Debugging Partner Conflict: A Guide to Smooth Relationships • Ron Sterling, MD
Getting the Sexes Together – Its About Where You Breathe! • Denis Ouellette
“Much More Than Weight Loss...” My Isagenix™ Testimony • Andrea Burke
Club Moss Being Studied for Alzheimer's • News & Observer

September–October 2006 • Vol 3, No 29

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Summer Sweet Corn Chowder • Janice Haugen
Three Easy Pieces of the Puzzle on How to Improve Your Health • Robert Worobec
Living Energy Heals! The Aqua–Chi Footbath • Barb Price
Feng Shui Q&A: Introduction to Creating Good Energy in Your Home • Michele Lewis
Why Healing Symptoms Is Never Enough • Barbara Brennan
Autism & Alzheimer's: The Destructive Duo of the Mind • John C. Ledbetter
An Intensive in the Science of Energy Healing • Gia–Combs Ramirez
Vibrational Communication with Animals • Karen Nowak
Debugging Retirement: Preparing Psychologically for “Down Time” • Ron Sterling, MD
Double Your Vitality & Heal Yourself by Breathing Better • Denis Ouellette
The Fountain of Youth • Georgia Cold
Natural Home Care with Essential Oils • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
Energy Shortage! Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Disease • John Neustadt, ND
Are Buried Emotions a Threat to Your Health? Try Quantum Violet Focus! • Karen Strickland
Are Your Running on ACID? Let's Find Out... • Denis Ouellette
Understanding the Air & Fire Elements • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

July–August 2006 • Vol 3, No 28

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Guacamole! • Janice Haugen
Up, Up, and Away! Tips for Smoother & Healthier Air Travel • Robert Worobec
Organic Gardening with Essential Oils • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
The Power of Music to Heal • Dustin Fox
Loving Yourself (It's Where You Have to Start) • Barbara Brennan
Summer Healing – Getting the Bugs Out! (Primer on Parasites) • Georgia Cold
2012 Mayan Prophecy for a Modern World • Shaun Martinz
“I Lost 25 Pounds in 30 Days” (Isagenix™) • Jerry Reher
The Earth's and Our Body's Health–Enhancing Electric Fields • John C. Ledbetter
How Healthy Is Your Home? Removing Toxins & Chemicals for a Safer Home • Nancy Hearn
Debugging Treatments for Depression (Natural & Pharmaceutical) • Ron Sterling, MD
The Spirit of Liberty (Resurrecting American Idealism) • Nancy Hufnagel
Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide • Steve Guettermann
Zeolites: Unloading Your Body Burden (Cellular Detoxification) • Pat Craumer
Antibiotics: Friend or Foe? (Probiotic Support) • Charles Smith
Budge the Pudge! Weight Loss through Far–Infrared Therapy • Barb Price

May–June 2006 • Vol 3, No 27

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Time for Spring Greens! Sautéed Spinach with Garlic • Janice Haugen
Put Them All Together: Ode to Mother & “Mothering” • Robert Worobec
5 Common Nutritional Myths: Fats, Cholesterol, Grains, Calories, Sweeteners • David Nelson
How Patient Power Is Changing Breast Cancer Care (Natural Alternatives) • Barbara Brennan
The Stress Factor (Impact of Stress on Our Lives; What to Do About It) • Dustin Fox
Meditation – It's Not What You Think! • Boyd Badten
Cleanse to Lose Weight! (Isagenix™) • Margaret Martell
Immunosurveillance & Immunotherapy – Your Immune System's War on Cancer • John C. Ledbetter
Small Acts of Kindness: A Relief Worker's Experiences in Louisiana • Susan Rangitsch
Dear God... (Prayers Penned by Kids) • Kids
The Power of Marine Plankton (Frequen–Sea™) • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
The “Skinny” on Body Wraps: Lose Inches Today! • Barb Price
Environmental Dowsing (It's More Than Finding Water!) • Pat Sams
Debugging Hoarding: Understanding this Common Behavior • Ron Sterling, MD

March–April 2006 • Vol 3, No 26

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Chocolate (or Carob) Chip Cookies – “Delish!” • Janice Haugen
Trial by Fire: Navigating Life's Challenges • Robert Worobec
Staying Well in a Toxic World! • Barbara Price & Georgia Cold
E3Live™: Back to Our Original Design: Interview w/ Dr. Gabriel Cousens • Eliot Jay Rosen
Embrace Health! One Boy's Answer through the Limbic Arc System • Marlenea La Shomb–Moore
Bob Dylan & the Direction Home • Nancy Hufnagel
Is Your Sleep Getting Ruined? • John C. Ledbetter
Jumping for Joy and Health! (Rebounding) • Charlene Murphy
The Best Health Tonic in the World! (Your Own Life–Force Energy) • Steve Guettermann
Debugging Self–Esteem (It Doesn't Always Mean Self– and Other–Respect) • Ron Sterling, MD
My Body and the Three Little Pigs (Are You Made of Straw, Sticks or Brick?) • Margie Dettmann, RN
Detox & Be Free! • Carol Kukes
SOY: Health Food or Industrial Waste? • David Nelson
Optimizing Digestion for Optimal Health • John Neustadt, ND
Food for Your Heart • Nancy Hearn
The Liquid Nutraceutical Revolution! (Eniva™) • Laurie Velger
A Barkin' Bakery? (Baked Treats for Dogs) • Lisa Harvey
Sacred Unity: Shamanic Divination and Healing • Nan Moss & Sandra Bellingham
Breathwork – A Seminar on How to Breathe? • Denis Ouellette

January–February 2006 • Vol 3, No 25

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Couldn't Be Easier! Vegetable Soup with Lentils • Janice Haugen
Are We “Immune” Yet? – Tips for Strenghtening the Immune System • Robert Worobec
Qigong – Tapping the Healing Power Within • Michele Lewis
E3Live™: Earth's First Food to the Rescue! Our Vanishing Oxygen Supply • Michael Saiber
The Power to Heal Is In Your Hands! • Barbara Brennan
Seven Ways to Boost Your Immunity • Nancy Hearn
My Own Life Coach! • Mary Lou Morris
An Intimate Journey – The Rolf Method of Structural Integration • Gypsy Cloud
Heavy Metals... Are They In Your Life? • Georgia Cold & John Neustadt, N.D.
The Ugly Truth About Milk • David Nelson
Immune Science: Boosting the Body's Natural Interferon (NutriFeron™) • Dr. Bruce Miller
Feel Like You're Losing Your Spark? • Michael Lang, N.D. •
Your Immune System: Helpless or Helpful to your Lifelong Health? • John C. Ledbetter
Mindfulness & Peace of Mind • Steve Guettermann
Sowing, Doughing & Growing @ Wheat Montana™! • Colette Hahn
The Solution to Electro–Pollution: How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation • Perry Lau
The Secret Life of Animals (Non–Verbal Animal Communication) • Nancy Hufnagel

November–December 2005 • Vol 3, No 24

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Give Thanks for Cranberries! Triple–Cranberry Sauce • Janice Haugen
Got Any Spare Change? – Going with the Flow through Life–Changing Events • Robert Worobec
Turn Off Your Hunger Switch! (Understanding Fats and Leptin) • Nancy Hearn
The Creation of Energy – Electrolytes Are Minerals! • Margie Dettmann, RN
Debugging Ageism (The Psychology of Age Discrimination) • Ron Sterling, MD
Myopractics – America's First Bodywork • Dennis Davis, MT
Synergy Healing Arts & Rapid Eye Technology • Jacque Chapman
The Avian Flu – It's Not Just for the Birds Anymore... • John C. Ledbetter
Chemical Warfare on Your Skin & Hair! (Part Two: Avoid Chemical Poisoning) • Laura Bolduc
3 Simple Ways to Change Your Life! • Pamela Berger, LMT

September–October 2005 • Vol 3, No 23

Naturally Delicious Recipes – Fresh Tomato–Cucumber Salsa • Janice Haugen
It's Not Where You Start – It's Where You Finish! • Robert Worobec
Organic Mattresses Today • Dennis & Leora Hornick
Balance Your Biological Terrain! • Hollis Jones
Depression & Your Heart • Ron Sterling M.D.
Family Soul Healing • Diane Yankelevitz
Network Spinal Analysis: Allowing a Higher Level of Human Function • Jenny Thomas
VivaTouch™ Is Here! (Bio–Interactive Technology) • Inger Lise Dahl
Our Crystalline Nature (The Use of Intent to Create Change) • Steve Guettermann
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™: The Science of Energy Healing • Gia Combs–Ramirez
Inner & Outer Nutrition for Your Skin (Usana™ Sensé™) • Carole Wilkinson & Johanne Lebeau
Hexagonal Water & Your Health (Vitalizer Plus™) • Glenda Ranttalo
What's Your Body Burden? (Isagenix™) • Kjersti Cote
Improve Your Energy & Vitality! • Nancy Hearn

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